Quick post!

Since we are staying nearby and I’m still all #pokeMOMgo crazy, we visited the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. This post is for all Pokemon (or PokemonGo) fans!

I remember going there when Junya was 6 months old. The danna asked, “is Pokemon popular in Malaysia?” (He probably thought it would be a good topic for me to introduce to my readers) I shrugged and said probably not. But I’m glad there are maybe more people will find this post useful now! 😀

Located on the second floor at Ikebukuro Sunshine City.

Have you caught em all?

Pikachu X Charizard

Start shopping!!

A quick glance around the shop you will find a great variety of Pokemon plushies of different sizes and designs.

Pikachu in disguise.

Seasonal Pikachu

Halloween Pikachu.

This is the best souvenir you can buy for your Pokemon-crazy friends back home!! Pikachu cup noodle with Pikachu kamaboko, only 130 yen!!!

Furikake for your kid’s lunchbox.

Pokemon miso soup with Pokemon kamaboko.

I looooove this!! It’s a balancing toy where you try to stack Pikachu all over a sleeping Snorlax on a hammock.

Chopstick training toy with Pikachu beans.

Lots of fashion items too!

Pikachu phone case.

iPhone charm.

I love how they even manage to create traditional Japanese print out of something so cute and kiddy!! This is my favorite series!!

Soooooo cute T_T

Pokeball wind bell <3

Pikachu is usually loud and colorful but if you prefer something pastel this corner would be perfect for you!

Sweet and girly, almost Sanrio-like.

Pikachu in Pokeball cup

If you have extra coins to spare, there are also Gatcha gatcha machines outside!

And Pokemon arcade games.

Was busy catching this little monster lol.

And of courseeeeee

There’s a pokestop AND a Gym right at the center!!


Also, in the same shopping mall on the basement floor there’s a cosmetic shop called It’s Demo, they are selling a Pikachu collaboration series that is super kawaii!

Pokemon LOVE It’sDemo

Eevee and friends

Body tattoo

Phone case

Lip cream

Bought Junya the big fluffy plushie too!

More info on Pokemon Official Store!