Have you ever wished you can drive in the comfort of your own car and say hello to free-roaming wild animals in close proximity?

Fuji Safari Park lets you do just that.

I love the zoos and Junya even more so, so I try to bring him to see all the animals. Having been to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, it is quite hard to top them, but Fuji Safari exceeded my expectatation of a safari. As usual I thought we have to line up for the tickets, then go on a caged jeep and drive by to spot animals from far away.

But no. All we did was purchase the tickets (no queue), and drove our car right into the safari, from the beginning till the end. You can have your own rave party in the car if you want.

We had such a great, great time.

It is day time so all the animals are as close and real as they get. Sometimes we even have to stop our car to give way to animals crossing the road.

You still can choose to sit in the safari jeep, and the benefit of that is that you get to feed the wild animals (lions?!) so they come right next to you. The downside is that you will be covered in a cage. So now you are the zoo animal lol.

When my Pokemons were still alive. The virtual and the real… is confusing this world. What power will Nidoran use?

Tiger thinks he found a fatty yummy prey.

Come sit on my shoulder.

Ok enough of Pokemon liao. Later you all laugh at me. This was a couple of months ago when I was still trying to catch em all XD.



is this a…?

Oh deer. I goat it wrong again.


This is getting irrelephant.

And rhino you are getting bored of this.

But just bear with me for this last one, and I’ll paws right here.

Al-doe it’s still very tempting…

Cuz I am really fawn of all these cheesy puns.

Ok no more.

Anyway I love the the environment. It was like suddenly I was in the middle of a savannah. Then a fairy-tale like forrest…

There’s also a petting zoo!

Baby JunJun in a pocket.

The bunny house.

Where you get to feed, touch bunnies of your choice. There’s also a feline and canine house. All with a separate entrance fee.

You guys smell good. Wallaby my friend?

We all want different things in life.

A family portrait. Three babies, one stoic bear.

For lunch/dinner we drove to a nearby sushi shop Numazu Uogashi, it is under the same group as the one I raved about earlier in Gotemba.

And it is just as good, if not better. Minus the crowd!!

With Eve and family.

Uni was on everyone’s list.

Hamaguri was to fix my craving.

Specialty of the day.


Eve’s crab miso soup.

Inverted tamago sushi.

Maguro 3 types.

Ika, Takowasabi and tako.

Aburi Engawa, our favorite of all time.

I usually don’t like the non-aburi Engawa because if its chewy texture, but this one was so surprisingly good!!! It is rubbery but the more you chew the more it melts in your mouth and gives a buttery aroma… so goood!

Ok that’s all!! It’s 00:51 so the ending will be a crappy one.

Happy that we had a new adventure. Super worth it, recommend it for everyone who loves animals!