Today I will be introducing one of the most luxurious and premium skin care ranges you will ever come across, and it is none other than THE GINZA COSMETICS, the highest skin care line by Shiseido.

You might or might not heard of it before, and it is so exclusive that it is available only in Japan. Nowhere else in the world!! It’s been getting so popular in Japan that I have heard tourists raiding the store and bought them in cartons!



Interestingly, this line is named after the flagship store by Shiseido, called “THE GINZA”, located right in the center of the upscale Ginza district.


I’m sure you all know about the brand Shiseido. I myself own some of its cosmetics products. But coming to the flagship store is an entire different experience. Everything is about… class.

I was introduced to Chen, a beauty consultant who can speak mandarin, (although she can speak Japanese just as well!) so if you are worried about language barrier, no problem. They also have english-speaking consultant readily available to serve you. 🙂

So this is the whole range of THE GINZA COSMETICS!

These two bottles, are the king and queen of the series. I had a shock when I was told the price. These are the only two bottles other than your cleanser. One for day, and one for night. All you need is one drop of the concentrated essence to complete your beauty regime!

I tried it on

And this set is sold at… 180,000 yen.

When I save enough money… when I save really enough money, I will come for you.

Miss Chen helped me with trying out all the products! #kiasufakesingaporean

She was really gentle and thorough with all the product explanation, overall I think all customers would be very at ease shopping at SHISEIDO THE GINZA! Of course it is not a Japanese culture to hard sell their products to push sales, feel free to try out with no obligation 🙂

After visiting SHISEIDO THE GINZA!, you should definitely check out Shiseido Parlour Ginza, just right across the road, for some seriously tantalizing sweet treats!

I was told that Salon De Cafe, a cafe upstairs, is the cafe for many Japanese girls. They dream to be brought here, to indulge in the ultimately luxurious Ichigo Parfait, and I also heard that many wedding proposals happened here!!

Classic Mont Blanc.

My Christmas Special. These were what we have back in December 2016 from their Christmas menu!

If you happen to be in Ginza, please do not miss out this legendary hangout!


And now… let’s get back to THE GINZA COSMETICS

For those who are looking for more affordable cosmetics for daily use (obviously not everyone can whipped out 180,000 yen in an instant T_T), here are my recommendations!

THE GINZA Creamy Cleansing Foam

THE GINZA COSMETICS is made to suit all skin types and all ages, because the ingredients they use focuses on building one’s skin immunity to fight the damages the harsh environment can do to our skin. I feel that it suits busy city girls the best, because we are often surrounded by pollution and harmful particles in the city!

This cleanser will help to remove toxic substances on skin with its rich bubbles, and it feels so gentle of soft on your skin! After cleansing with it, my skin feels very clean yet well-moisturized, which is what you want for a cleanser.

It is priced at 6000 yen for 130g. Pretty affordable for a premium skin care line I’d say!!

THE GINZA Clarifying Lotion

This is another star product from THE GINZA COSMETICS series. Inside this pretty light blue bottle is lotion that exfoliates the skinʼs surface cells that helps transform dull skin into clear translucent beautiful skin! Soak a special cotton pad (see below) with the lotion and gently swipe your skin with the pad after washing your face.

This bottle is sold at 12,000 yen for 200ml.

This bottle is sold at 12,000 yen for 200ml.

This special Refining Cotton (60 pieces) to be used together with the Clarifying Lotion.

It is a high quality cotton pad that is soft like feather, made with a silk blend base that serves to gently exfoliates dead skin cells off your skin, revealing a skin like it has been reborn.

It feels sooo good!!! I am quite particular about cotton pads because the cheap ones always end up leaving fine cotton fiber on your skin that could be quite annoying. This Refining Cotton leaves your skin feeling super smooth and clean!

I’m using only two products yet I feel that my skin is getting clearer and less dull! If only I have the entire range T__T.

And.. the good news!


THE GINZA Selection (CLEAR SKIN) “Limited Edition”

Starting January 21 2017, THE GINZA COSMETICS is coming up with a very limited edition value sets that includes the following products:

THE GINZA Deep Cleansing Oil (full size)
THE GINZA Creamy Cleansing Foam (full size)
THE GINZA Clarifying Lotion (full size)
THE GINZA Refining Cotton (full size)
THE GINZA Energizing Lotion (52ml)
THE GINZA Moisturizing Emulsion (42g)

at a special price of 24,000 yen! So if you are visiting Tokyo end of January, don’t miss out this chance!!

You can purchase THE GINZA COSMETICS at the following places:


7-8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
[TEL] 03-3571-7735 [Business Hours] 11:00AM-8:00PM

THE GINZA Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel Arcade 1-1-1 Uchi-Saiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
[TEL] 03-3503-7971 [Business Hours] 10:00AM-7:00PM

And also selected duty free shops in airports all over Japan, view the complete shop list here:


More info on SHISEIDO THE GINZA here!