Here’s a yummy post!

Things we ate last December:

Ichigo Binge

Ichigo. I basically binged on Ichigo every day until cannot. Because once we get back to Singapore, everything would be 3 times the price XD.

Usually at the ichigo section in supermarket they also sell condensed milk (in a tube) and recently a new way of eating it is with sweet milk powder for extra calcium. I tried but I still prefer eating Ichigo on its own! Japanese strawberries are too sweet to be laden with more sweet stuff.

Mister Donut

Snoopy and Pon de Ring! I hate donuts (so oily and the sugar coating is just… gross) but Mister Donut is the only donut I’ll eat. Plus it’s too cute!! Pon De Ring is totally not oily at all! It has a mochi mochi (spongey/chewy) texture and I love!!

Typical Breakfast

Tamago-In Onigiri and Ichigo mixed juice and… just ichigo.


I see that Baked Cheese tart shops are popping up everywhere in KL but most of them are not baked but faked lol. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart is not from Hokkaido (it’s by Secret Recipe) and Tokyo Secret’s only secret is that it’s not at all from Tokyo (it’s from Hong Kong).

This. Is the real deal. I have yet to try BAKE in Singapore, does it taste the same as the ons in Japan?

Early Christmas Cake

Every year our family will get a simple ichigo shortcake for Xmas.

This time it is Ichigo tart, you can inject strawberry sauce into the cake 😛


I don’t know why but I was craving Siew Mai so badly! This is a 4-in-1 set: Original, Kurobuta, Ebi and Scallop siew mai. Yums!


Went into this Izakaya after we discovered that the garlic steak place we badly wanted to go was closed.

Motsu-ni (braised cow insides)


Porcini risotto and assorted ajillo!

Ajillo seems to be a very trendy food in Japan now. I tried making it at home with the oven (I don’t own any skillets) and it’s easy and super yummy!

Fresh oysters!!

The 小瓜竟然 fell asleep half way through dinner lolol.

Sea God Ramen

Kaijin (literally Sea God) ramen again cuz I missed those huge hamaguri so much. That’s Junya watching live hamaguri in the tank.

Mos Burger

HAHAHA CANNOT SEE ANYTHING. This is for the danna. Instead of buns it’s all lettuce!


The classic 4 Japanese Chinese food: Subuta (our Ku Lou Yok), Ebi Chili (Sweet and Spicy Prawn), Chinjyaorosu (青椒肉丝) and stir fry seafood with broccoli.


Our regular dinner place with NALU staff. Gomi san was showing Junya new PPAP video.

Dejima san was like, let’s count your hair. lolol

Gomi san & Sakura

“Huh I can see mama sitting over there. So who… is the one holding me??”

Raw cow something something. Forgot what it was haha.


And then my shopping haul! A bit bohliao but don’t care, including all anyway 😛

One of my fav snack, now in Cookie and Strawberry edition!

Calbee Furugura, possibly the yummiest cereal ever. I was browsing some Japan daigou app and this item seems to be one of the most requested item for daigou!! I was wondering why so I bought it. And then I got so addicted omg. In Singapore you can get it from Tampopo!!!

Shimajiro Vegetable Boro

Baby stock in powder form!!

Nabe cube – hotpot stock!! Tried it once and loved it!

Apparently this cup noodle was voted the most 想吃 (want to eat) in the world, and it is a representative from Hong Kong -Hot and Spicy Seafood.

Then I got Junya a Nissin cup noodle Tomica too 😛

Rilakkuma wet wipes.

100 yen shop in Japan!!!!

Non-oil, non-salted tuna to make baby food.

I think I mentioned before but this Glico butter cookie is so good??! This is the caramel version. Super yummy too!!

Organic takenoko

New makeup

Seasonings (Singapore also can buy but much cheaper to buy in Japan!)

Kakkonto is a traditional medicine to treat common cold, just in case! Since I can’t take medicine now cuz I’m still nursing Sakura.

New iPhone case!

Shoes for Sakura since Junya also has a pair! 😛

Ok that’s all! Rushing off to cook dinner haha.