Here I am at 23:36 trying desperately not to fall allseep, but I really really owe this blog a new entry. On my To-Blog-List there are 6 posts that I really wanted to write, and I am clearing with this one first.

Photo post on #Tokyolife, December 2016.

Forever in love.

I have travelled with two kids for at least 7? 8?… (more?) times so far, and one would think that I am probably a #PokeMOM Go pro at this by now, but you never know. I am still trying very hard to level up each time, because the level difficulty also gets increasingly high.

The challenge this time: Conquering Winter.

First of all, after putting the two kids’ winter outfits into the luggage, there’s literally no space for mine. You really need mad packing skills right here.

Secondly, (all of you from the tropics) please imagine now, the kind of things you need to prepare and bring along for your two kids in winter weather for even just a short outing. Yea I know right? You need a freaking truck just for those stuff.

Thirdly, please imagine wrapping your baby up like a bak chang (rice dumpling) and then wrap your baby bak chang around you, before wrapping yourself like a huge bak chang, and then having another medium-sized toddler bak chang tagging along everywhere.

And then now, please imagine that, your bak chang baby has pooped and is fussing about it. Warm inside under layers and layers of bamboo leaves.

Done? Yeap. That was tough, wasn’t it. Phew.

Ok now you are completely out of the mood for shopping and you just need a cup of hot drink and throw yourself on the couch like Gudetama. After you have found a cafe and settled down, your bak chang toddler has pooped.

Sounds awesome?

Yeap. Welcome to my #Tokyolife Winter 2016.

Omg I can’t believe I digressed so far, when this was supposed to be a quick, half-arsed photo post. Like, BAM BAM BAM paste the photos and throw myself on bed and just pass out blissfully. Nope I guess not? I think I’m too good at blogging for my own good. Or I really, really need some caffein right now. Except that I am caffein intolerant. Even if I am not I am not supposed to take it either or else my baby would be up all night.

Ok you know what?


Sakura is getting big for that bassinet!!

She has very sensitive skin, upon touching down the airport and out of the aircraft, she immediately got that rosy cheeks every mother in tropical country is obsessed with.

It got rosier and rosier. To the point I wanted her to stop getting any pinker because it was a sign of dry skin. Any more roses and the skin is gonna start peeling. I had to apply slabs of cream to keep her skin moisturized.

Our apartment.

This looks like a week worth of laundry? Guess again. It was what I prepared for the next day’s outing. The 3 of us. Yes, those are our bamboo leaves. We are the fatty, fragrant bak changs.

The floor was cold and I was too kiam for heater and we didn’t have a carpet so that is Sakura’s improvised playmat.


You can never see your shirt’s logo because your baby always does that.


Trying miserably to twin with your baby. And you end up wearing bedroom socks because you are too lazy to change.


Same bedroom socks again HAHAHAH. Please pretend that you never read this.


pink <3

For those who have read my review of Hairbeauron on Instagram, actually there’s another secret called the Hairbeauzer. Basically a hair dryer using the same bioprogramming technology. I bought it buuuuuuuuut unfortunately I could only keep it for Japanese use because of the voltage difference T___T.

First time using Hairbeauron!! You can still get it from Number76!


Here’s what we do at home:

Eat and watch TV.

Just… watch TV. Floor potato.

Cuddle and watch TV.


That’s all for Tokyolife. At least for today because if I continue with the food pictures I will end up having to cook something at midnight and won’t be able to finish this post.

So… another day!