Junya turns 2 years 7 months today, and Sakura is 8 months old now.

I don’t usually find them looking alike until I see the pictures of them together. Sometimes if I put Sakura next to a younger picture of Junya, they look like the same person.

See this? Hahaha.


Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

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This month is the month of independence for Junya. I feel like he is graduating slowly from my embrace, and it is a little exciting yet scary…

New School

Of course the biggest news this month would be him going to a new school! This was the first day! 劳动到 the whole family to send him in the morning lol.

I stayed with him for the first day and second day.

Third day in school. I was worried so I followed along. But when we reached the school I just shoved him into the door and run off lol.

This isn’t his first school experience, so I think he adapted rather okay. This morning when we told him it’s school time and he told us “I want to go shopping. After that we go back home.” lolol. And then he looked teary but went onto the stroller anyway.

Now papa sends him to school before work and I pick him up after school. Everything worked out really well!


JunJun’s Bedroom

Junya now has his own room!!

We figured he is big enough to sleep by himself so we picked a house that has an extra room for the kids (Sakura will join once she graduates from boobs!) (… or so I wished).

This is his first day on his own exclusive bed and I was so so worried. I prepared myself for many many many different stories to coax him to bed, and also mentally prepared myself to wake up multiple times a night to tuck him back to bed. The first two nights were horrible. He sort of had night terror and started screaming in the middle of the night, it took us a long time to calm him back to sleep.

And then from the third night onwards, something strange happened.

I think he secretly prefers to sleep next to us (just like how he secretly prefers not to go to school than to go to school lol), but he dragged his sleepy self to his own bed and fell asleep there. No protest, no whining.

And then in the morning when I woke up, I found him next to me. In my room on my bed. And it happens thereafter, every night without fail. I will tuck him to his own bed, and end up having him next to me in the morning. He quietly slips into our sheet every night without waking anyone up at all @.@.


He is very proud of his chopstick skills now so he requests for chopsticks instead of spoon even for rice. God bless whoever invented the training chopsticks.

Brush Teeth

He also graduated from Toothbrushing video time. Usually we let him watch Shimajiro while I brushed his teeth for him. But this month he learnt how to brush his own teeth and also gargled (previously he just ate all the toothpaste haha). He found it really fun.

The brother

He is given responsibilities. There is only one of me, so sometimes I had no choice but put my faith in my 2.5 year old to watch over his infant sister.

Some of his responsibility include stuff like, “Please show Sakura how to use the toy!” “Please watch Sakura and don’t let her roll off the bed. If she almost roll off you call mama loudly ok!! (when I had to step away for a few seconds)” “Go go go go go pat pat Sakura!! (when she wakes up crying)”… etc.

And he surprises me sometimes with his reliability as a brother. He called out to me a few times when Sakura moves where she shouldn’t, and pulled away a cable from her and told his sister off “NO THIS ONE CANNOT EAT SAKUA!!!” lol.

Sakura gets increasingly active and curious so she often wants to grab his toy. That is when he gets upset. Like any other parents would have said, “please share your toy with your sister” will never, ever work. So I changed it to, “please find another toy for Sakura”. And then he would pause and ponder very seriously for a good 10 seconds, before grabbing a pack of wet wipes for her. Lolol.

So… toys he has carefully curated for Sakura include diapers, socks, or whatever in the vicinity that is the opposite of a toy. But ok. We need to learn how to be creative with toys, right?


JunJun Says

1.*turning an IKEA screw on his Tomica* “I take out the tyre. Please don’t disturb.”

2. This one is a little… inappropriate to blog about but it was really too funny not to share. One day I was bathing him and asked him to soap himself, and he started touching his… boy stuff (the ones that come in pair lol). He touched for a long, long time, feeling them, looking very very serious.

I thought I just ignore him since it happens all the time to boys his age. And then after fiddling them for another while, he finally looked up and said to me in a voice like he has discovered a new scientific breakthrough, “edamame.”

I was stunned for a few seconds. Huh?! “Mama, touch. Edamame.” 

I did. And it felt exactly like edamame. So now uhm… his boy stuff has got uhm… a new name.


For Sakura

Sakura turns 8 month today!!

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Hello! ^^



Poor napper

Sakura has always been quite ok with sleeping/napping. Not that I want to haolian but she really is one of the babies who sleeps through the night at 2 months lol. Buuuuuuuut since about a few weeks ago she is complete horrible at staying asleep. I guess it has something to do with her separation anxiety.

Compared to Junya she has milder separation anxiety. Junya started his stranger danger stage at 6 months. No stranger, including Papa can touch him. I could not even step away to go to the toilet for a minute.

Sakura though, lets everyone hold her, but not too long. She is quite ok with papa (but not too long too lol). She is also capable to play by herself (for about 5 minutes) as long as I am within her sight.

But recently she wakes up multiple times during just one nap T___T. I don’t know how but babies are so amazing at knowing when the mother leaves them. When I sleep next to her, she will never ever make a single tiny voice. But when I am not around, somehow she knows and would wake up repeatedly, screaming to look for me!!! The moment I creep back next to her she is okay again -_-.

I tried to put her down gently, and then move away from her literally inch by an inch, and replacing myself with a soft bolster. So she would be hugging the bolster instead of me lol. Then I run off to do my thing, only to have to return to her wailing again just minutes later.

Basically even just to wash the dishes, I have to do it at a few intervals. Sometimes cooking half way have to switch off the stove and attend to her, then re-heat again. Nobody can blame me for shitty dinner. Blame the baby -_-.

(Okay you know what, I just found out already wrote the same thing last month. This is what happens to you after you have babies. Fish oil. I need a better brain.)


Nom Nom

She started eating a little more now! She seems to like non-food more than food though.

Or foot. HAHAHAH.

She also learns how to drink with a straw quite good now!!


Sitting & Crawling

She can also sit and play now. She also started crawling (on her tummy), although very slowly 😛


I Want It!

She is now being more expressive at many things, which means… she can protest now. With a loud voice 😛

When she reaches for something not safe to put in the mouth and I snatched it away, she will now have a mini tantrum. Previously she would just stare blankly and be like oh okay. Now it’s gone. Haha. But at this stage it’s a piece of cake to distract her. Ahhhh what a sweet, sweet stage of babyhood. I will cherish it dearly now. XD


For Mama

Same old, same old.

I thought that after Junya goes to school, I would have all the time in the world to do my own things, including sitting down to write proper blog posts. But I was probably naive XD. I forgot I have a baby at home. Haha.

Anyway I am writing this while Sakura is napping now at 11:41am. She already woke up twice crying for me. Let’s see if I can finish this post by noon. 😛

Evolving PokeMOM

It is a busy month for the danna. He is mostly at work including weekends, so when I have to run chores, I have to do it by myself too.

There’s a first time for everything, so here’s my first MRT with two kids. Easy peasy lol. We went to DAISO for shopping and I ended up buying so much!!  Can you imagine how awkward: one kid sleeping in the stroller and another on my chest and a million shopping bags and I was trying to get into a cab but before that I have to remove the sleeping toddler from stroller, put him in the cab, fold the stroller and put it into the trunk, shove the shopping bags in… while trying not to wake both kids up lol.  Everyone was looking like me with a bit of pity lol they wanted to help but I guess they didn’t know how? (Cab driver didn’t come down to help) Lol. But it’s okay!! I GOT THIS. I’m an evolved PokeMOM now. 😀

I think I’m going to get into the routine soon enough, and would be able to find more time to blog!! I have a million things to share!! This blog won’t die just yet!!!!!