Yeap yeap yeap, we have all heard of the hipster cold pressed juice that are selling everywhere which are also often ridiculously priced. Just how different these juices are compared to all the traditional juices we order from hawker center?

I had a traditional juicer at home, but admittedly I have used it maybe like, twice. 5 years ago. It is soooooo much work to prepare and such a chore to clean and the amount of wastage of fruits is quite a pain. In the end I decided that buying boxed juice is much more cost-effective and convenient.

But recently I started thinking about juicing again. I cook mostly at home now and I’m constantly concerned about fruit and vegetable intake for the family. Junya eats quite a fair bit of vegetables but strangely he is not a big fan of fruits (other than strawberries and raspberries haha. Such a girl! :P). Also, of course he won’t be a fan of raw vegetables, but he would gladly gulp down a glass of vege smoothie in no time!

So CREGO comes just in time as the perfect addition to my kitchen.

CREGO – the ultimate way of juicing

Mind you, this little machine is pretty heavy, that’s because Juicifier’s motor weighs 30% more than some models from other company, and it comes with a 10 year warranty. 10 years!!

I have started using it regularly now and I must say that I am very impressed and very pleased with the experience.

Here are some of the recipes I have tried!

Green Juice

Recipe: 4 apples, half a pack of celery, 2 cucumbers, 1 lemon (peeled).

I am making for the whole family so feel free to adjust the amount!

One of the best things about CREGO Juicifier is the wide inlet!! (This picture is to show you how whole green apples can fit in the inlet, you should insert your fruit one by one ^^)

This means no more cutting up the fruits!! You can simply put your fruits as a whole (yes, without even peeling the apples. Citrus fruits should be skin-off) and it saves so much more time!

A whole stalk of celery too with no problem!

Look at the amount of juice!!!! It got me almost 1 litre of green juice, which is not very possible compared to if you use a traditional juicer.

The pulp also feels much drier, which means that more juice has been extracted and the wastage is significant lesser.

The next question is, can you finish so much juice at once?!

Now, that is the beauty of this Juicifier.

Think about the apple juice you order at mamak or hawker center. I’m sure you notice how when it is brought to your table, half of it has already turned “clear”, leaving a layer of green sediment below and brownish foam on top.

That is because the juice is already oxidized almost immediately and nutrients have been destroyed. (Gasp! So what’s the point of drinking juice!! T_T)

This is how my green juice looks. Absolutely as beautiful as those cold-pressed juice posters. And it is all home made!! 😀

CREGO says that its juices’ shelf life is 72 hours. Which sounds superb to me because that means I can juice more at once and keep it for a couple of days!

Let’s see. I juiced it at 12 noon, and store it in the fridge.

At 6pm, it still looks as fresh as ever!! No sign of oxidation whatsoever!

What sorcery is this?!

Apparently Juicifier’s multistage auger and strainer extract juices just like how we masticate fruits, preserving the enzyme and phytonutrients, whereas high speed ordinary juicer’s blade will generate heat and destroy some of the nutrients.

Red Juice

Recipe: 3 red apples, 1 carrot, 1 lemon

Another thing I like about juicing is that you get to consume the fruits/vegetables you wanna get rid of quickly! I bought a large packets of carrots and I got bored with cooking them and it was sitting in the fridge for a long time, so I juiced it as a perfect solution!



Pink Smoothie

Recipe: Half pack of strawberries, some raspberries, 1 banana and half cup of milk

CREGO also comes with two types of strainer: fine and coarse. With the coarse strainer, you can make smoothies!

Just put everything in and pour in milk little by little.

And enjoy your delicious home made smoothie!


Almond Milk

Did you know?? You can even juice almonds and soybeans!

All you need is a bowl of almond soaked overnight.

And just put it in together with water.

Amazing and easy peasy!

You get a glass of milky, nutritious almond milk!


Adding home made slow juices to our table everyday! I am really happy that now our family can have healthier options right in our own home!

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