This post is about Tokyo Station. Yes there’s a railway station called “Tokyo Station” in Tokyo, and it is the busiest train station (with most trains – the one with the most people is Shinjuku Station) in Japan with over 3,000 trains operating everyday! How crazy does that sound!

Well, Tokyo Station is more than just a station. It is a small city on its own. Even if you are not using it to move to another city/prefecture, it is worth traveling all the way to Tokyo Station just to spend an afternoon eating and shopping.

And that was what we did with extra 2 hours before boarding our Shinkansen to Niigata.

The most exciting part of Tokyo Station for people who love cute character has to be the Tokyo Character Street. It is located at the basement of “Yaesu North Exit”. Tokyo Station is huuuge so if you are not sure just ask the information counter.

Tomica Shop

We headed straight to Tomica Shop because that’s Junya’s favorite!

Wa wa wa I was probably more excited than him!

All the Tomicas you ever need!!!

JAL and ANA sets too!

A whole diorama cityscape right under your feet!

Junya didn’t want to leave that place 😛

Tomica ramen!!!

Star wars special

Death Star special

Even TsumTsum Star Cars!

And lots of other cute TsumTsum

Dream Tomica series is my fav!! It is a series of dream collaboration with other brands including Sanrio, Nissin, Disney, etc…

Got this for Junya!

Plarail Shop

If your kids (or you :P) love trains, there’s also Plarail shop for endless track systems!

Shinkansen sneakers!!

Super cute!


Ekiben Ya Matsuri

Do check out this bento specialty shop for your lunch-to-go for the train ride!

Ekiben Ya has more than 150 types of bento from all over the country for your selection.

You can refer to the food sample at the entrance. All of them looks soooo good!

Shinkansen bento

Snowman bento, Uni gohan… *drool*

Hello Kitty Daruma bento!

Rilakkuma bento ^^

In the end I picked the Hayabusa Shinkansen bento for Junya!

That matches our train.

For me I had the Kinmedai Aji Kurabe (3 types of Kinmedai) bento.

Super yummy!


Junya reached for the dessert right away XD


Here’s a short video on our adventure in Tokyo station!

Update again soon! ^^