Quick omiyage shopping haul post! The usual every time I come back from Japan ^^.

Most of the items are from combini, Akachanhonpo (baby products), Don Quijote!

First there’s world yummiest granola – Furugura from Calbee. The usual version is sold in Singapore but I have not seen these editions yet. On the left is 20% less carb version and on the right is a seasonal edition Tropical Coconut flavor.

Everyone’s favorite snack Cheeza in diffrent cheese flavors.

Hunted for this eye cream for a friend as she said it is quite good, so got myself a tube too. It’s only 1000+ yen!!

Random cosmetic goods from drug store.

The most popular sun block in Japan now!! The latest version (white) is baby safe, and the gold packaging is water proof. 

Saw the TV commercial for this product and I was immediately sold. New spray-type dish detergent. Especially useful for bottles, tumblers, cups and dishes where sponges are difficult to reach.

Aojiru (green juice) from Yakult and placenta jelly I tried a few years ago, I *think* I feel that my skin did become better so bought it to try again!

65pcs mask cuz it’s sooo cheap! 300+ yen for a whole box!!

All of these are around 100 yen. White sesame seed, dried black fungus and chili flakes.

Lemon juice and salt lemon paste from Hiroshima.

Anpanman toddler scissors for Junya.

New clothes for Sakura!

Sakura’s food! The ones in a tube are vegetable and fruit puree.

These are steamed vegetables that makes cooking for baby sooooo easy! It’s ready to eat/add to food and is the right texture and size for baby from 9 months onwards. (For younger babies you just have to mash it).

Shimajiro! Shimajiro stick boro, and curry for 1 year old and 3 year old. Perfect for Sakura and Junya.

Instant cake set!!

For Sakura’s birthday. Since I’ll be too lazy to hold a party for Sakura, these will be perfect for a simple home party for the family. ^^

Chopsticks for different people haha. Sumikko Gurashi chopstick for an adult friend, Hello Kitty and Plarail training chopsticks for friend’s kids, and Frozen advanced training chopstick for Junya.

Then….. we have ALL THE PINK SAKURA STUFF!!! 😀

Kyoto Sakura Konpeito (a type of traditional Japanese rock candy).

Preserved sakura petals. You can use it to make tea/confectionery.  ^^

To be honest I have no idea what this is at all. It is supposed to be a supplement but… for what? It doesn’t really say. @.@. It just says it is a sakura fragrance capsule that will turn you into an exquisite Japanese beauty who exudes the scent of cherry blossom lololol. OK BUY. #marketingwin

Sakura jelly and puddin with sakura petals in them.

Sakura (packaging) baby cheese and rose beauty candy.

This year’s spring kitkat is Sakura Sake flavored!

And lastly, many, many many many new Gotochi kitty to my collection. ♥

I have sooooooo many other posts to share! One by one slowly. ^^