Finally! Writing this post makes me so happy ❤︎

This is a photo post on all the breathtaking pink blossoms in Japan this spring.

Osaka Castle

Number76 Company Trip I

For 4 years in a row, Number76 has been organizing their annual company trips to Japan! I didn’t get to join the first one in 2014 because I just gave birth to Junya. For the first 3 years they went to Tokyo, so this time they decided to do it a little differently and travel to Osaka instead, during the sakura season!

The group was huge (80 over staff!!) so they split into 2 batches at different timing, and I was so lucky to be able to jojn both ❤︎

The thing was, the blossoms were blooming late this year, and there was no full bloom in sight in Osaka and likely not when the staff arrive 🙁 . We had a big hanami picnic crisis. No hanami = no picnic T_T.

The danna spent one whole morning and cab around town and miraculously he found a few blooming trees right in front of Osaka Castle. And there was a nice spot for picnic!!

It still was a long way until full bloom but good enough! 😀


Some of the blossomed petals. ❤︎

Went there super early to chup seats lol. We found (chupped) a great spot to accommodate over 30 people.

Sakura’s first hanami!!

Trying all sorts of angle to capture the pink in the sky ^^

With Cheesiepetit.

Snack snack snack snack!!!

Catering for the picnic OMG would you look at that???? Best picnic ever!!!

Hahahha everyone was busying taking photos, even some tourists came over and asked if they could take pictures 😂.


Number76 Company Trip II

Second week! This week we held the hanami picnic inside the castle since majority of cherry blossom has started blooming!

With the rest of Number76 staff.

Family shot ❤︎

All of us were dressed in pink border!


Haha #notsureif peace of two year old 😂.

Say hi pls


Love this shot so much!!! Taken by Amy with her iPhone 7 plus’s portrait mode.

A nice view of Osaka Castle.

iPhone portrait mode for Amy.

Junya’s selfie.

Snacking non-stop!

Hanami dango

Junya eating Babystar. Sakura wants some pizza.

Celebrate April babies’ birthday!


Shinsaibashi, Osaka

On the last few days of our stay in Osaka, it was finally reaching full bloom. This is a shrine near our apartment. When we first came it was bare!

And now it’s all pink ^^

We went back to Tokyo after that so that was the only full bloom we saw in Osaka.



Kyoto was no where near full bloom either during our visit, but the botanical garden had lots of different cherry blossom species (just like the Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo!), so you are bound to see a few shades of pink even if your hanami timing is a little off. The early bloomers or late bloomers will be there to welcome you.

This was one of it.

And a super pink one.

One right at the train station.

Got my hanami and hanami dango Gotochi Kitty from Kyoto.

And this kind of hanami, wherever, whenever. lolol. I want to bite that cheek. *bury lips in*


Roppongi Midtown

Roppongi Midtown is actually one of the best, yet pretty well kept secret when it comes to hanami in Tokyo. While Yoyogi, Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen and Nakameguro is definite the top hanami spots in Tokyo, you also risk getting push off into the river by a wave of overly excited tourists or get poked in the head by few thousand selfie sticks.

Midtown though, was so, so so peaceful and quiet, and I could not spot a single tourist in sight. Nobody tried to climb a sakura tree nor shake the tree branch to create sakura rain. It was the best kind of hanami.

You can sip champagne with an uninterrupted view of the blossom. How can life be so perfect?

Sakura tunnel

I was sighing in awe the whole time.

We were a little late as it was one of the last few good days for hanami before the storm blew it all away.


By Theta

Spotted some green sprouting already!

Almost time to say good bye…

I loved that place so much that I went back again the next day and met up with Stella from Indonesia. All these pictures below were taken with her awesome camera!



Musashi Kosugi

It was my last day in Japan and this was my last by-the-way hanami when I went for a work meeting.

The trees are now a mix of equal pink and fresh green.

See you again, next year 🙂


Wanderzoom Family Photoshoot

And the best photos for this trip was of course, our family shots taken by a professional photographer in Japan, booked via Wanderzoom, a vacation photography platform.

I was so glad we did this because nobody else could ever help us take such nice pictures and of course it would be impossible to import a photographer from Singapore haha.

Our Wanderzoom photographer from Kyoto, S.S, turned out to be one of the nicest photographers I have ever worked with. We booked a 3 hour session with him, but he ended up spending the entire day with us T__T. So we really did take a lot of great photos. And Junya warmed up to him very quickly (since he brought bribes for both cheesiepetits haha) and that resulted in many natural, smiley photos 🙂

Sharing some of them here!

magic moment lol

Behind the scene video:


That’s all for 2017’s hanami. See you again next year!