Actually this post is about the most loved castle in Japan, Himeji Castle, and the most coveted beef worldwide, Kobe Beef. But it was also my birthday. So I win the title. But I still love you, Himeji Castle and Kobe Beef. You are welcome.

So for the past two days (31st March and 1st April) we had been traveling to different places in the Kansai region to fulfil my #47prefecture life mission. We had another day free for traveling, but I couldn’t decided where to go. Okayama for fruits? … Wakayama? It’s kind of a very unpopular place for tourists but that’s exactly why I wanted to visit, because I’d probably not get many chance to do it 😅. Hmmm… perhaps the lake in Shiga?

In the end we went to bed without a decision. And I was secretly in shock because… the danna really went to bed without wishing my happy birthday (it was past midnight).

(It was past 1st April midnight so it couldn’t be a joke anymore.😒)

I sighed in my heart, but I didn’t take it very seriously. I mean, coming from the danna who doesn’t even remember his wife’s phone number, this is nothing much of a surprise. Never mind la. I am already very used to being forgotten 😒.

Maybe tomorrow he will suddenly remember and feel very guilty about it. Then I can guilt-trip him into changing Sakura’s diapers for the next 3 months wahahaha.

2nd April

We woke up, I settled the kids, and the danna told me that we were going to Himeji. Ok boss.

So we took the train to Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture!

Solving an early sibling situation, ep.1 “Why Is My Ticket Bent“.

“Really? Let me have a look.”

“Oh it IS bent! Let me unbend it.” *works magic*

“There you go!”

Yeap. That’s how you solve a train ride crisis.


Himeji Castle

The most spectacular castle in Japan that has gone through a major renovation 2 years ago. It’s sparkly perfectly white and beautiful.

It was a perfect sunny day too!

Ooops. Photobombed by Himeji Castle at the background lol.

The castle has one of the most famous cherry blossom views in Japan, and sadly it was still too early. That was one lone sakura tree quietly blooming though.

Cute little blossoming buds

Himeji Castle in full bloom is supposed to look like this:

Managed to catch my version:



Quite nice what. ☺️

And that was our hanami at Himeji. Admiring from afar.

Snack time: Road side oden. Yummy!!!


Kobe Beef

The danna was really looking forward to eat his Kobe beef for lunch. He actually worked in Kobe for four years as a stylist many years ago, and he knows all the best eats here so I was leaving the entire itinerary up to him. We took a train to Kobe city.

Two days ago we just had Matsusaka yakiniku in Matsusaka, so we were really excited to do a comparison. I mean, what a luxury to be able to even have this comparison done!!! 😀

Seriously, Kobe is full of Kobe beef restaurants. Left right up down center all Kobe beef. All of them looked pretty touristy because of the Chinese menu they have. Sometimes I feel a little bad because whenever I see Chinese translation I sort of automatically assume that it is a less authentic business that thrives on tourists’ impulse. But the danna said this one is pretty much the real deal. My bad.

Honestly I don’t even really know the restaurant’s name. The shop front shouts “THE KOBE BEEF”. Wa very direct lol. So yea I think that’s the restaurant’s name? Haha.

It was quite a fine-dine setting so I was very cautious with photo taking. Who knows the chef immediately shove this plate in front of us and asked us to take photos. Really, this Instagram generation is changing the world.

Award-winning Kobe beef. Yeah baybeh. Come to mama’s tummy!!

Starter – beef consomme and salad.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. That was my tastebuds moaning in pleasure.

The end.


HAHA it was a bit potong steam ok honestly, like… how come end so fast??? The beef was of course, extremely delicious but… it was so little!!!! In case you misunderstand, of course it is not just that 4 pieces la. It’s Teppanyaki style so the chef grills while you eat, and keep refilling your plate so I couldn’t get a full picture of the whole course.

I paid about 19000 yen for this, so if you ask me for a verdict, I say Matsusaka Yakiniku, any time. It feels waaaaay more value-for-money in terms of quantity. Quality wise… I’d say my tongue is not godly enough to pass a judgement yet. 😛

After lunch we went for a stroll in Kobe city.

Oh ya, noticed that I said “I” paid? Yeah, I was feeling really generous so I treated the danna (and Junya and Sakura haha) and was feeling very superior about it lol. So that when he finally realize that he had missed my birthday I’d be like, nah, you are welcome😊😊😊😊😊 <– like this. HAHA.

We went shopping a little until evening, and it was time to head back to Osaka. At this point I have already given up to have my birthday even celebrated today judging from how things are going. But I was really having a great time! My intestines are happily digesting those fatty Kobe morsels right now. I mean, I AM LITERALLY SMILING INSIDE.

On the way back to the train station, we passed by a public park with little kids performing, and there was a huge ass banner at the background that says, 2ND APRIL, AUTISM AWARENESS DAY 2017. So I actually can’t resist the temptation to throw him a hint, so I casually mentioned, “look!” and pointed to the banner and then told him about an acquaintance who has an austistic child. He had a glance and just casually ackowledged. I was getting close to feeling disbelief because… even looking at the date means nothing to him? 😂 So yea. The day has come. This is what 5 years of marriage does to you.

By the time we reached Osaka station, it was almost 7pm. The danna asked what I wanted to eat so I said ramen (I was really craving for ramen). He said ok. Then we took a taxi and I was busy posting pictures on Instagram.

And then the taxi dropped us at Ritz Calton Osaka.


Where’s my ramen?

Before I could delete those ???? hovering above my head, I was promptly escorted into a fancy Italian restaurant with designated seat and a beautiful pink bouquet on the table.

Wait, is this…



It was all along planned, after all.

Now *I* am the one who felt guilty for thinking that my husband would forget about my birthday. He has just turned the whole table around.

Fine. I lost. Again.

Danna: 923876481491

Me: 0

Anyway, I asked the danna why he pretended to not remember my birthday?!!? Is this some new twisted romantic trick?!

He said, “no I wasn’t pretending anything in particular.”

Omg… Was it a test?? A test to see if his wife is those crazy type that would go berserk over a forgotten anniversary?? Luckily I didn’t fall for his trap!

Now I think that marrying this man is very stressful lol. I have to constantly think in multiple layers because that’s how his brain works. Layer after layer after layer. Sooner or later my brain is gonna turn into Baumkuchen. (The hole in the middle is for blanking out during moments like these.)

It was a happy ending for my birthday this year. The Italian dinner was lovely.

Full menu as below. I’m lazy to type out every single dish so you could refer to this course menu:

(click to enlarge)


Happy birthday to mama.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wa suddenly very awkward to see my own face so big.

Yeap. That was the story of how my husband did not forget about my birthday.