Tokyo might be known for its wacky Harajuku fashion and sometimes over-the-top street styles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect piece that your wardrobe is missing.

We know some of the big brands – CDG, Yohji Yamamoto, UNDERCOVER, Mastermind Japan, just to name a few. Here, I would like to share a few fashion shopping spots – a newly opened high–end concept store in Ginza, a vintage clothing store loved by all the stylish youngsters from Harajuku, and a classy European-style select store.

And to navigate between these trendsetting hangouts, an app would definitely help ease your travel worries – the Tokyo Metro App for tourists.

Tokyo Metro App

Intimidated by the spiderweb-looking subway map?

Here’s the app you need. Simply search for “Tokyo Metro” or “Tokyo Subway”, and download the following app onto your smartphone.

It has a complete subway map for Tokyo, and it’s extremely helpful that you have it with you, so that you don’t have to flip open that brochure all the time.

The best thing? Simply key in the current station you are at and also your destination, and it will show you the complete route and also travel time needed.

For example from Omote-sando to Ginza

You can take the Ginza Line towards Asakusa with no transfer needed, and the journey will take 13 minutes at 170 yen. Of course the price doesn’t matter if you are using the Tokyo Subway Ticket for tourists!! ^^



Ginza Station (G09/M16/H08)

(4 min walk from Ginza Station Exit A4)


The first place I visited for shopping was Ginza Six one of the largest and newest shopping complexes in the Ginza area of Tokyo.

Breathe the glitz and glamour upon exiting the Ginza station!

Although Ginza is Tokyo’s most prestigious district with an array of luxurious brands, I was actually delighted to find out that Ginza has very affordable fashion brands that meet everyone’s budget too.

For example UNIQLO. This affordable mega fashion brand has its enormous flagship store in Ginza, which can boast of being the largest in the world. There’s also GU, H&M and Zara, if you are looking for styles that meet your budget.

Ginza Six, the latest and largest mall that I have mentioned earlier, boasts 241 stores, 121 of which are flagships, and many brands have produced special lines exclusive to Ginza Six.

Such as these Yayoi Kusama’s special polka-dotted pumpkins made for Ginza Six.

SIXIÈME GINZA is a new concept store launched by Daimaru Matsuzakaya, located on the second floor of Ginza Six.

It is separated into six different areas: Dress up, Daily Town, Cozy Relax, Travel Active, Gift, Promotion.

It offers various types of authentic, quality and first-class products carefully selected from Japan and abroad, so you can be sure that things you find here are unique and one of a kind.

They have their own original line too!

Check out their elegant and sleek accessories in the Travel Active area!

I really like their Cozy Relax section, where they display the most exquisite personal goods such as toothpastes, fragrance and tea & spices.

Fragrance jewels with a premium price.

The Dress Up area is perfect for ladies who want to add a feminine touch to their sophisticated dress-up style for special occasions.

Other than fashion, one thing that is worth noting is that Ginza Six also offers international visitors a variety of services from its multilingual tourist information center and 24-hour convenience store, Terminal Ginza.

On the last day of my trip, I actually had a problem – I shopped too much and I didn’t want to carry my luggage everywhere for my work appointments. So guess what? I found out that Ginza Six offers baggage storage and delivery services, so I actually had my luggage delivered from Terminal Ginza to Haneda, and I could travel hands-free. Perfect idea.

Google Map Route:


Meiji-jingumae (Harajuku) Station (C03/F15)

(3 min walk from Meiji-jingumae Station Exit 4)


Omotesando-Harajuku is hands down my favorite shopping spot! And to access both, the perfect subway station is Meiji-Jingumae (Chiyoda Line and Fukutoshin Line), strategically located right in the heart of these two fashionable areas.

Omotesando is an avenue lined with Keyaki trees, which will turn beautifully yellow as fall arrives.

Capturing sunset.

This is Flamingo, a vintage fashion chain that recently opened their latest store in Omote-sando.

Look out for the giant flamingo statue in front of the store!

The shop is located at B1, and a walk down the stairs reveals the American-style used clothing store with affordable prices.

Mannequins are donned in early autumn coordinates. Looks like khaki trench coats are trendy again!

I was appreciating all the little details and the effort they put into the shop decor.

You can’t go wrong if you just go with the entire outfit displayed by the stylish shop assistants.

Expect to find a mix of retro pieces, antique dresses and lacy numbers.

The changing room corner is super adorable too.

While the ladies section remains feminine, men won’t be bored too, with a whole selection of casual street pieces made for men from top to toe.

Google Map Route:

Shibuya Station (G01/Z01/F16)

(9 min walk from Shibuya Station Exit 13)


Keshiki is another used clothing store, but focusing on European styles that are more sleek and polished. You may even find a few pieces for that formal occasion.

The shop interior and display exudes a sense of raw individualism.

While their collections are focused more on men’s style, I have heard that they have a loyal female shopper fan base who are ready for that edgy look. I for one loved this (oversized) denim jacket that comes with a very reasonable price tag (8000+ yen).

I loved how I couldn’t even tell that most of their selections are vintage, given how each piece feels brand new and is so refined to the touch.

Google Map Route:

In the next post “Halal Souvenirs”, I will be sharing some souvenirs you can bring back from Japan for your family and friends. Stay tuned!

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