In this post I will be sharing some of the halal souvenir finds, certified with the halal mark, so that Muslim travellers can now have better selections when it comes to bringing some gifts from Tokyo for their family and friends back home!

Retro Style Ginza Line

The first stop was Asakusa station, and I took the subway from Omote-sando station.

There are the Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line and Chiyoda Line in Omote-sando station.

If you are a fan of Japanese trains, you should definitely check out the retro-style train on Ginza Line!

Waiting for my train. (remember to stay behind the yellow line!)

Did you know? This Tokyo Metro 1000 series is a new train type introduced in 2012, a modern rendition of the original 1000 series trains introduced in 1927. The design is finished in a lemon yellow livery applied using vinyl sheets, evoking the appearance of the original 1000 series trains.

I love it!!! I think since most of the trains nowadays are sporting an ultra sleek, futuristic look, it’s really heart-warming to be able to feel a sense of nostalgia.

And intentionally missed my train for this photo. Haha.

So yes, I then hopped on the next train (which came in just a few minutes later) on Ginza Line and headed over to Asakusa.


Asakusa Station (G19/A18)

(2 min walk from Ginza Line Exit 1 or Asakusa Line Exit A4


Asakusa is a world-famous sightseeing spot, and you can easily access it via the Ginza Line by subway.

The entire area around the station is a world for you to explore.

And first, the typical tourist photo in front of the symbol of Asakusa – Kaminarimon!

And then a selfie.

The Nakamise Shopping Street is the place where you can find most of the typical traditional Japanese souvenirs such as traditional costumes, wooden dolls, folk art products and more.

And then another rare selfie.

One of the most famous snacks sold here is Kaminariokoshi – the Thunder Rice Cracker, a traditional Japanese sweet that is representative of Tokyo.

The store that I visited was Tokiwado, an old confectionery shop that has been operating for over 250 years!

Over here you can find a variety of traditional sweets, some of which have the halal sticker pasted on the packaging.

Chulala is a Kaminariokoshi with maple and coconut flavor.

This Thunder Rice Cracker is made by roasting steamed sweet rice to pop, mixing them with other ingredients such as peanuts, and forming them into a square with sugar and starch syrup.

This was the one I picked for myself, it is an assorted Kamonariokoshi with different flavors, and this giant pack only costs 540 yen!

4 different flavors in one pack – white sugar, matcha, black sugar and seaweed.

Look for the halal mark when you do your shopping! If you are not sure, simply ask the shop staff and they will be more than happy to help you out.

If you fancy, you may also go to the roof top for a sweet session while enjoying the buzzing atmosphere of Asakusa. My new friend Akane and I ordered the shaved ice since the weather was still pretty hot.

Mango and matcha!

Google Map Route:



Asakusa Station (G19/A18)

4min walk from Ginza Line Exit 1 or Asakusa Line Exit A4


So I have had the amazing Ouka Halal Ramen the other day, and I thought, how great it would be if there was also instant ramen to bring the Japanese comfort food back home with you!

Well, the good news is, there is!!

Introducing Samurai Ramen, the non-animal, non-alcohol and no-MSG ramen.

So the thing is, Samurai Ramen is only available online, and two other places in Tokyo. It was quite some work to hunt down the place that sells it.

Well luckily we encountered Sekai Cafe by chance, and right at Asakusa too!! (it’s just a short walk from Tokiwado Kaminariokoshi.)

Yes!!! Found it! One pack is selling for 800 yen, that’s equivalent to a bowl of ramen in a usual ramen store.

This Samurai ramen is not only halal, it is also vegan, given that its stock is carefully cooked with only vegetables and spices.

So yes, here’s your halal and vegan ramen for everyone!^^

Did you know? Samurai Ramen has opened an outlet in Aeon Tebrau City in Johor Bahru!! I just found out from their website and it was such a surprise! Let me know if you have tried it and your verdict. ^^



While we are at it, I’d just like to also quickly introduce the cafe that sells Samurai Ramen.

Sekai Cafe is a halal cafe with an aim to serve anyone including people who have dietary restrictions because of religion, ideology or allergies.

It has obtained the halal certificate from Japan Halal Foundation.

Ah. Spotted the import-from-Malaysia ketchup and chili sauce! A taste of home!

I had a small break there and ordered my very fancy grapefruit juice, straight from the whole fruit.

Other than food, they also sell Muslim-friendly accessories. These are sooo cute!

And it’s also very thoughtful to have a prayer room in the cafe itself for Muslim customers.

Google Map Route:


By the way!

I forgot the name of this shop, but there’s a cute little store just next to Sekai Cafe where I found my snow globes!!

I collect snow globes from every country I visit, and I was quite sad that Japan is not really big on snow globes as souvenirs compared to other countries. But there, I found it!! 😀

There’s even a sakura series! ❤︎ I bought the one with cherry-blossom tree. ^^

There’s also an ultra cute space where you can DIY your own personalized snow globe (with hand-written messages and even photos!)

And that’s all for now.

Up next in my “Heritage Sites” blog post, I’m going to introduce some less known cultural/heritage spots that are not to be missed! Stay tuned.


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