So everyone comes to Japan for cherry blossom viewing during spring seasons. Summer seems to be a less popular period when it comes to getting in touch with the nature, especially under intense heat.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t come to Japan during summer time!! (<start of brainwashing session> lolol) If you happen to visit Japan in the sunny season, other than Hanabi Taikai (fireworks shows), Natsumatsuri (summer fest), beach and sea, you may also want to go sunflower viewing!

Yes, if you miss out Sakura, go for Himawari. Haha.

A stalk of Himawari on our dining table in Kamogawa Grand Hotel.

We were checking out of the hotel to return to Tokyo that morning.

Very summery outfit. ^^

There are many massive sunflower fields throughout Japan, some boast of their millions of sunflower plants for a breathtaking panorama view of vivid yellow. Famous fields includes Akeno Sunflower Fields in Yamanashi prefecture, and various other spots in Hokkaido.

We didn’t have the time to travel too far away, so we decided to go to one that’s the nearest to us. And it turned out that in Setagaya, a nearby neighbourhood in Tokyo, there’s a mini sunflower field!


Kouchan No Yasai in Setagaya

It’s really really mini so you can’t expect an arial drone shot of you getting buried in a vast field of green and yellow against blue sky. But… I’ll take what I could get!!! It’s good enough for me. Hahaha.

Feel the summer breeze…

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day so the sunflowers were a little moody.

Photo op starts.

This was the biggest, upward-facing stalk I found!

Haha I was trying to make it look like it’s me and Sakura against Sunflower Infinity.

My spring-time flower woke up in good mood!!


Please don’t do that, Sakura.

There was a nearby playground too that you can bring your kids (if any) to.

This year I hope that we could go to a bigger Sunflower field!!