This was last July 😳.

Although not a popular tourist area, if you have been to Tokyo, you have most probably been to Chiba before.

Narita airport is in Chiba. So is Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea. Other attractions worth visiting include Inzai Moff Animal World and Mother Farm.

This time around we visited Kamogawa in Chiba. What’s fun to do there? Honestly, probably nothing much, haha. But the danna wanted to surf, and Chiba has some of the best surf spots nearest to Tokyo.

Nevertheless we still had a great time and I think the trip was really worth it for a few things:


That alone is probably worth everything. Good waves = happy husband = happy family. Haha.


Kamogawa Grand Hotel

This is a western-style hotel with spacious rooms. Our room has a pool+sea view, and it is HUGE!!!! Huge by Japanese standard haha. I am so used to business hotels where you can’t even find a place to fully open your luggage case (yeap yeap yeap, I see some of you nodding here), this… is heaven.

Size of a suite room!!

Perfect for family vacation! It’s impossible to find something like this in center Tokyo unless you are ready to spare a month of your salary. That’s why we love traveling out of Tokyo ^^

Yes pool for you tomorrow! 🙂

Slippers specially prepared for our family.



We headed out for supper the first night. And I had my favorite grilled Hamaguri clams! Yums.

Pork belly with sunny-side up.

Fried garlic wrapped with shiso with miso dip.


Relax time

While the danna was out catching waves, we were busy snacking in hotel room and watching tv haha.

Sakura just turned one that time!

And then go get ready for pool/sea.



A beach front hotel means you can go play sand and water whenever you like, and rinse off at the gate before returning to hotel = NO MESS.

I think I have whined many times about how I’m very annoyed by the whole sandiness of beach fun haha. I’m just happy that I don’t have to deal with sand in the towels, car, bag, inside food packets etc -___-….



If you don’t like the sea you can pick the pool too, while pretending you’re out at the sea lolol.


Private Onsen

Rarely in Japan do you get to soak in onsen right next to the ocean. What’s more if it is private!!!

It’s quite a rare sight!

This is the private bath you get to rent for you and your family for a limited time. It has a large changing space and a rest area up on the attic.

Family shot haha.

Yes yes now you’re asking who took this photo for us right? I’ll leave it up to your imagination lolol.


Hotel Banquet

I love having dinner in hotel! No fuss, and it’s usually semi fine-dining in a casual atmosphere. (Some ryokan allow you to wear the Yukata they provide in your room while some don’t, please check with the hotel. Kamogawa Grand Hotel is western-style so no in-room yukata was allowed in public area.)

Course dinner ^^



Kinmedai omg my favorite T___T

Grilled Abalone


Beach Fireworks

The biggest reason why we picked this hotel was that there were fireworks happening nearby where you could view right at the hotel beach!!!

If you have been to Hanabi Taikai (花火大会, Fireworks shows) in Japan, you will know that it’s no easy feat. Firstly you have got to beat the 1000000 other people (depending on how popular the show is) for a good viewing spot, often in scorching heat, and even if you find a perfect spot, you’d better pray that you don’t get a full bladder soon lolol. Not to mention to rush for the train among the 1000000 other people once the show finishes.

And also you get such an up-close, completely unblocked view of the hanabi!!!

From my camera roll! ^^


That’s all for today.

Next up maybe… Aomori!