This post is a brief account of our family trip to Hakodate!

This was summer 2017, almost a year ago.

Previous post was on Aomori.

We spent one night in Aomori, and ambitiously thought about visiting Hakodate, Hokkaido, since it only takes 1 hour 6 minutes!!! That’s the time it takes from my home in KL to travel into town haha.

We left our resort, Aomoriya and headed to Misawa Station with the resort’s shuttle bus.

Transit at Hachinohe, bound for Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto.

Bought this salted scallop, I used it as topping for my Ochazuke, it was so good!

Reached Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto and wait for the local train to Hakodate station.

Two of them rest in one stroller during the ride. ^^


Hakodate Station

And… we are in Hokkaido!!! <3

It feels a little surreal, I haven’t been back to Hokkaido for so long, and it’s nice to be here in the mid summer! Best weather in whole Japan at that time haha.

View right outside of Hakodate station. Such a pretty city!

The danna brought us to Ajisai, a super famous ramen chain from Hakodate. Singaporeans!!! Now you can enjoy it at Hokkaido Marche in Orchard Central (next to Donki). Even though I live in Singapore somehow I still feel envious hahahha. You guys really have all the best of Japan!

Shoyu base.

Shio base. I love it!!

Ah gyozaaaaaaa my fav.




We checked into a ryokan with private in-room onsen! (Forgot the name, let me check and update again)

(updated: I have managed to find out the ryokan’s name!!!)

Nagisa Tei Hakodate

It’s a small, cosy tatami-style room, and…

Tada… a small onsen bath in the room, OVERLOOKING THE OCEAN!


So so so so amazing.

Junya happy relaxing.


Hanabi Taikai

We are really so so lucky, we came here right in time for their fireworks festival, and the best way to view it is from Mt Hakodate.

Dinner was Jingisukan (Japanese grilled mutton). I usually don’t eat mutton but Jingisukan is not bad!

This is the limit of my photography skill haha. Lugging two children with no tripod, this was the best photo of the fireworks show. Needless to say it was super amazing in real life.

Two best night view in Japan checked – Mt Inasa in Nagasaki & Mt Hakodate. Next one to conquer is Mt Maya in Kobe!

Back to ryokan and everyone passed out haha. This is the best view in the world for me. ^^


Hakodate Asaichi

You can’t leave Hakodate without visiting the morning market!

It’s true that it has gotten a little touristy, but I totally don’t mind it, the food is still super fresh and affordable, even the touristy vibes is something to love.

300 yen Yubari melon ^^

Such a huge piece!

Uniiiiiiiiiiii. If i’m not mistaken this was 1000 yen. Can’t be any fresher!

The danna ordered abalone!

Super recommend the Hokkaido white corn! Eat it raw instead of steaming. ^^


Kaisen Don

The famous Hakodate specialty – Kaisen Don. You’ll be spoilt for choice! I’m usually the greedy one to order all-in-one bowl.


Hehe mine. ALL IN!!!

Danna’s bowl.

Sakura sharing mine.

Love all the children’s book in the restaurant!

This mini Salmon Ikura bowl is for Junya.

He finished the WHOLE BOWL. Ball ball (ikura) will never go wrong. The danna was so amazed that he had to take a picture.


Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

Beautiful, relaxing, and great for shopping.

There are museums, restaurants, specialty shops, souvenir shops… The perfect place to hunt for omiyage to bring back home before leaving Hokkaido. ^^


I bought like over 10 Hokkaido Gotochi Kitty here! Haha the wordings in Chinese XD.

Kimono Hello Kitty. I bought a cute Kitty yukata for Sakura here.

Love the subtle placement of the friendly canine!

Stopped by the famous patisserie, Petite Merveille for tea time.

Mel Cheese dessert set at 900 yen I think. Very worth it!

Kaisen don again… anyone?

But it’s not the usual one you expected.

It is made of… sweets.


The canal is also nice to stroll about.

Lots of picturesque spots for Insta-worthy photography.


That’s all for Hakodate. ^^

Update again soon!