This is another cheat post because I think I’m losing my mojo a bit lately haha.

Plus I wrote one fake post PLUS a real, long post last month that isn’t about unicorn cupcakes and donut floats, so I think it’s ok. 😀

Here are the old posts you can read instead of this one.

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For Sakura

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Instead of a whole month, here’s what happened today. Junya turns 4 today. And Sakura is 2 years 1 month old.

Had a lunch date with my Mama tomo (mommy friend) Yuri. Junya was treated Strawberry tart. ^^

Came back home to play with not-so-baby-but-totally-looks-like-baby Sakura and baby Elsa.

Went to play at the pool in the afternoon.

Dished out the cake I ordered very last minute in the evening. It totally didn’t look like a birthday cake for a 4-year-old boy. It’s purple because Junya’s (current) favorite color is purple, and Ajisai (hydrengea) is a June flower. I mean it cannot always be about cherry-blossom-themed all the time haha.

Everybody’s birthday is Junya’s birthday. Junya’s birthday is only Junya’s birthday. Haha.

But meimei gets to blow half a candle lol.


Super last minute birthday presents – new backpacks. Sakura gets one too as a replacement gift because she totally didn’t receive any present on her birthday. Worst mom and dad ever lolol.

But I hope they both are proud of their not so perfect mama and papa.