Hello! I brought Cheesiepetits to Bali for a 2-week-long resort holiday last month, and many people have been asking me how I pack for the kids when I travel, so here it is!

This is not a “how to” guide, but a “how I” kind of post, so feel free to take any tips you find useful or share your pro mommy tips with me! ^^

Summer holiday luggage

So! Usually I will bring one large-size luggage, one side for all my stuff, and the other side for all Cheesiepetit’s essentials.

1. Light Clothings

Summer holiday is sooo much easier because the clothings are light, and you only need one layer of clothes, but under hot weather the kids will also sweat a lot so make sure to bring extra change of outfit! I usually pick the lightest materials that are airy and cool. Of course there’s also swim wear, sun hats, swimming hats and sunglasses.

2. Clothing organizer

These clothing net organizers are perfect for travel! I got them from Muji and it comes in different sizes so you can categorize different items such as clothings, inner wears, socks, etc. I also always pack an extra organizer so fill up the worn clothes for laundry.

3. Diapers!

1-week trip

And here comes the most difficult part -diapers! If you have kids who are still wearing diapers, you are probably in a dilemma whether you should pack for the whole trip or get it from your local destination, because well, these little disaposable baby panties do take up space!!

For me, I always pack all diapers with me if it’s a 1-2 weeks trip because I can never be sure if we have time to get the diapers from local stores and more importantly, if they carry the brand I use (MamyPoko!).

So exactly how many do I pack for a one week trip?

Sakura is still on diapers, nowadays usually she only changes twice a day, which is when morning time she wakes up, and evening time after shower. So for a one week trip, I will pack 2 per day, which is 14, and I will add 3-4 extra one for emergency use haha. It is amazing how long these MamyPoko Air Fit diapers last! Sometimes a diaper lasts an entire day without any leakage at all. It’s really my best bet for traveling.

For Junya, he’s still on diapers for night sleep, so I pack 1 per day for the trip – total 7.

By the way, he’s growing bigger but no worries!! There’s XXL pants from Mamypoko that fits bigger kids up to 25KG!!


Two weeks trip

So, what if we are staying longer than 1 week? How about a 2-week trip? Can I still fit all the diapers in?

Well, I will need 50 diapers if we are traveling for 2 weeks. That sounds like an awful lots of diapers! Can I fit them all in??

Yes it is possible! I managed to fit 40 diapers just using roughly a quarter of the space, because MamyPoko Air Fit is super soft and thin while being ultra absorbant, so it is extremely space-saving!

And then I’ll place another 10 (or more!) on top of everything before zipping the net up, that way it serves like a soft bubble wrap to protect the items too (especially if you have fragile items like camera, bottled shampoo, etc).

I don’t even have to take the trouble to buy a vacuum bag to pack the diapers (of course if you are packing more than 50, you can consider using a vacuum bag!)


4. Miscellaneous 

Of course you have the rest of the travel essentials such as wet wipes, oral care, body care (baby vaseline/ baby sunblock), mosquito repellent, medicines and thermometer, etc.

I usually will put them in a pouch and stuff it inside the sun hat.

5. Your child’s best friends

They are each other’s best friends but we still have room for more, so here jumps in Stella Lou and Gelatoni.


6. Child’s Backpack

I make it a habit for Cheesiepetits to bring their own backpack onto the flight, and inside each of it contains:

1.Water bottle
2.Coloring book and color pencils
3.Jacket (airport and airplane could be cold!)
4. Change of diaper
5. Wet wipes
6. Hand sanitizer
7.Their pick of favorite toys
8. Snacks
9. Plastic bag for trash and soiled diaper


So that’s how I pack for the kids for a 1-2 week long holiday! How about you? Share with me if you have other useful tips!^^