Yes yes yes we all have a million things we wanna do when we finally visit Japan!

What’s the first thing you wanna do the moment you set foot in this amazing land of the rising sun? Hunt for the best ramen in town! Start shopping until you drop right away! Go see famous sight seeing spots! Go up Tokyo Tower or Sky Tree!

Yeap yeap we are all very excited. But… there’s just one problem.

You are stuck with your huge luggage.

Sure you can leave it at your hotel, but it will be a hassle to travel all the way just to store your luggage there especially before check-in time, and head out again. So much time wasted.

Or… you can lug it with you to a train station (imagine all the staircases up and down) and leave it in one of the lockers (if any of them is available). But… at the end of the day you still have to get back to that same station to retrieve it. That’s quite troublesome, too.


What if.

Somebody can take over your luggage at the airport, keep it for you while you go shopping/sight seeing right away, and then when you return to your hotel, your luggage is right there waiting for your return?

Yes. That awesome someone, is Yamato Transport.

The travel theme today is “Enjoy Hands-free Japan”, an effort from Yamato Transport together with the Japan Tourism Agency to create a stress-free and more enjoyable traveling routine for all of us Japan lovers!

What is Yamato Transport?

Well, you may not have heard of Yamato Transport, but I’m sure you have seen this!


TA-Q-BIN! The two black cats logo!

Also known lovingly as Kuroneko (black cat) in Japan.

(By the way, the story behind this logo is that just like how a mommy cat would carry her baby kitten carefully and full of love, Yamato Ta-Q-Bin aims to transport your parcel with utmost care.)

I have used TA-Q-BIN many many times before in Japan, and its service is simply unbelievable.

Did you know that you can schedule your parcels to be delivered at a specific date AND TIME?

“I want my parcel to reach me on Friday, in the morning or 2-4pm!” – Yes, that’s totally possible!!

Next year, year 2019, Yamato Transport will celebrate their 100th anniversary!! Yamato is Japan’s No.1 delivery service that’s safe, secure with a loooooong history. You can be assured that your parcels are in good hands.


How To Travel Hands-free?

You can look for a Yamato Transport baggage service counter throughout Japan. You can check the counter list here.

In Tokyo, they have it in Haneda Airport, Tokyo Station and Ginza.

So yes I tried it for the first time!

I landed at Narita Airport and took a direct train to Tokyo Station. If you land at Haneda airport, you can head straight to the counter!

Here’s the counter at Tokyo Station, Marunouchi North Exit, Baggage Service Counter.

Yes I’m here to enjoy hands-free travel!!

With Japan’s No.1 door to door delivery service – TA-Q-BIN!


And here’s the procedure!

1. I met their friendly, English-speaking staff, and I gave him the address that I want my luggage to be delivered to (my hotel!). He looked the hotel up online and double confirmed that it is the correct address.

2. I then fill out my details such as recipient name (myself), phone number and such.

3. Your luggage size will be measured.

4. Weight will be taken. The fees depends on both the luggage size and weight.

5. You make payment, and then you will be given a receipt.


That’s all!



Enjoying Tokyo

I did a little shopping in Tokyo Station (It’s huuuuuuuge and there are lots of amazing shops there!)

Tokyo Station

I really recommend this shop called Amano Freeze-Dry Station which I chanced upon by random walking around, it is located at Kitte Granche building.

They sell all sort of rapidly freeze-dried food such as miso soup and all sorts of other soup, and even nyumen noodles and rice toppings!!! All you need is hot water and you have a quick hot snack/meal in just 10 seconds. Life cannot be more convenient that this omg. It also makes perfect emergency food so I bought lots of these to stock up at home!


Imperial Palace

I then walked to the garden of Imperial Palace, the residence of Japan’s Imperial Family. It was my first time! This is Meganebashi (Eyeglasses Bridge) that resembles a pair of eyeglasses with its reflection in the water.

It’s a really serene oasis getaway from the usual Tokyo buzz.

And then… guess where I went?


Tokyo Tower

Hello!! The last time I was here was 6 years ago!!

And celebrating 60th anniversary!

Went allll the way up this time!

Forever in love.


Haha I never dared step on this glass panel ok. Some teenagers came by and started stomping on it omg it gave me a heart attack!!

A cute puzzle I spotted at the souvenir store. The kanji says “Tokyo”. Wait… what??

It makes Tokyo Tower!!! 😱 *mind blown*


Hoshinoya Tokyo

And then I headed to my hotel to check in at 7pm (a hotel on my bucket list!!! You can check my recent IG post for more).

And… my luggage was already waiting for me in my room!!

It was a perfect day. Landed Tokyo in the morning, enjoy a whole day of shopping and sightseeing hands-free, reached my hotel and have allll my stuff ready for me.

(Note: For same day delivery, please check with the counter for the cut off time. For Tokyo Station it was 11am so make sure you head there early!)


Other Services

Other than having your luggage delivered to your hotel upon arriving, Yamato Transport also provide other useful services such as:

1.Luggage delivery between hotels

Changing hotel and have tons of luggages? You will not have to lug them into crowded trains or buses anymore!

2. Luggage Storage and Tourist Information

If you are looking for just a temporary storage, you can leave it at the counter while receiving useful tourist tips!

3. Luggage delivery to the airport

This time, send your luggage back to the airport!! You may have shopped waaaaay too much and don’t want to drag them with you the entire trip, so you can send them in advance to the airport you will be departing from. Do note that you need at least 2 days in advance for this service.


Let’s enjoy Japan and feel like this ~


For more information, visit:

Yamato Transport- Hands-free Travel