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This post is all about the pure nature of Rovaniemi, where you can set on a journey of peace and calm. There are lots of excursions you can try in the summer time, here are some:

Summer Night at River by Lapland Safaris

Our second day in Finland, we are on a boat!

The cruise started at night – 8pm. It was a refreshing ride on a traditional riverboat along River Kemijoki, surrounded by beautiful summer scenery.

Minutes later we arrived at Kotisaari Island, a really really tiny island located just outside the city center. It’s so small that there are only one house, one tavern and a sauna. It used to be the meeting point for lumberjacks of Rovaniemi. And now it has turn into a peaceful retreat for tourists who are looking for some really, really quiet time.

Midnight sun – at about 10pm.

You can only access this little island by boat, operated by Lapland Safaris. Really exclusive!

From inside the small log house.

Our host cooking a very traditional Lappish dinner for us!!

All grilled in a large iron pan, we were served grilled salmon, potato patties (so, so yummy!!!) and some stir-fried long beans.

Our midnight lunch. It was delicious.

There was even dessert and hot tea after!


Floating by Safartica

So… two days after, I joined another adventure with Safartica, and we drove quite a long way to a remote lake side with tiny log houses. What were we gonna do?

Rest your mind in the wilderness.

So… I was told to put on this bright orange huggggge suit. Now I look like some kind of mascot.

It says “survival suit”. What exactly are we gonna do?

Who are these orange people???

We floated.

In the lake.


Floating away in the middle of an arctic lake gazing the sky into the midnight sun, experiencing nature from a fish perspective.

The bright orange suit is completely waterproof, it also help you stay warm when entering the lake.

Team orange.

After that we had hot berry tea by an open fire, and I went blueberry picking. There were really everywhere, so much that I couldn’t believe back home I was paying RM20 for a tiny tiny tiny box!!!

Free berries. By Finland.



On the last day, I was done with all the itinerary and I had a whole afternoon of free time. I took a short drive to a nearby river.

And went for sauna.

Apparently people go for a swim after enjoying the sauna. I dipped my toe into the water and I was like, “nope”. I think I just have different skin from the Finnish. Haha.

Berries are free but well, I don’t mind paying if you pick them all for me!!


That’s all for this time! Next up is Santa Claus and artic animals ^^