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Yokosuka (横須賀)

It is my first time to Yokosuka, a city in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is most well-known for its history as a naval port. There are lots to see and do here such as Memorial Ship Mikasa, Yokosuka Military Port tour, Yokosuka Port Market and more.

Today we are going to Kannonzaki, a resort park with art museum, spa, hotel and stylish restaurants!

Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel

This is our accommodation of the day.

It’s a hotel with a relaxing ambiance as you get to enjoy spa and bath at the spa facility before indulging yourself in delicious course dinner.

Snow Peak Glamping

The most notable feature of the hotel is its glamping site called Snow Peak Glamping Keikyu Kannonzaki. I’m seeing that glamping is getting really popular in Japan especially in preparation for summer time.

This is one of the Jyubako (trailer house) designed by international architect Kuma Kengo.

Here’s how it looks inside!

Glamping #ootd time haha.

Accommodation in Japan is getting more and more interesting. Other than the usual business hotel and traditional ryokan, now we have more options such as glamping by the seaside. It would make perfect family trip in summer for BBQ fun too.

Back to Kannonzaki Keikyu hotel for dinner!

Dinner at Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel.

Chanwon ate daikon for the first time in her life and she liked it. Haha.

Check out also SPASSO (Spa of Sea Side Ofuro, haha so cute!!)

Resort-style spa!

There’s also Japanese-style spa and as a hotel guest you can enjoy for free! ^^

Yokosuka Museum of Art

Within walking distance from the hotel is Yokosuka’s famous Museum of Art.

If you love art and architecture, you will love this place. I don’t want to pretend like I know art because I don’t, but I really do love this museum.

This is my artsy attempt haha. How? Got feel or not. The guest was sitting alone at the Italian restaurant looking out (longingly?) at the window. I don’t know the person and he doesn’t know me. Just a random moment caught. I think that’s art. HAHAHA.

Roof top view. Across the ocean is Chiba’s Kisarazu (which I just went a week ago) and Tokyo (which I will be going the day after). It makes a perfect triangle between these three neighbouring cities. 3 prefectures in one glance.

Find many different contemporary art displays in the museum.



On the final day we arrived at Yokohama. Yokohama needs no introduction – the second largest urban city after Tokyo. (3.7 million urbanites!!)

It is one of the most sought-after cities to live in Japan, and people in Yokohama loves Yokohama. They probably have the highest pride of their home city among Japanese people haha. It’s true, people who live in Yokohama don’t wanna live anywhere else. And I can see why. It has most things Tokyo has, plus a little bit of extra cheerful free spirit and relaxing vibes.

I am really happy that this trip I managed to visit some of the places I have never been before in Yokohama!


Sankeien 三渓園

I have not heard of this garden before. Now I am convinced that there are more than one beautiful gardens throughout all Japan’s 47 prefectures. #OneLifetimeIsNotEnough.

I keep visiting Japanese gardens these days. Starting with Tokyo’s very own Rikugien, Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen, Okayama’s Kourakuen, Kagawa’s Ritsurin Garden, and today, Yokohama’s Sankeien.

I also love how affordable these gardens are. How do they even manage to maintain such a massive garden with such extensive gardening work with just a small amount from the ticket sale??

It’s hard to take attractive photos at Japanese gardens because they must be appreciated as a whole, in real life. So, please visit Sankeien.


You can have a tea ceremony session in the garden.

I recently have new found respect for tea ceremony masters after I watched a Japanese movie called Nichi nichi kore kōnichi (日々是好日)” in one of my flights. When translated in English it means “Every day a good day”.

I did not understand why tea ceremony had to be the way it was. To be honest it was kind of stressful because of how meticulous you must perform every single action (with grace), even as the guest you are also expected to behave a certain way.

But after watching the movie, I think I understood a little.

Every day a good day. That’s the ultimate meaning behind a tea ceremony, I guess. Appreciation of life, every fleeting moment, your surrounding, yourself.

And I was surprised when the teacher told me that Sankeien is the filming location for some of the scenes in the movie!!! What a crazy coincidence.


Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Can you name all your country’s aquarium? Singapore? Yes. Malaysia? Yes.

Japan? Impossible.

Did you know? Japan is the country with the most amount of aquariums in the world. There are more than 100 aquariums in the entire country – which means that there are more than 2 aquariums in EACH prefecture in average! Hokkaido has the most (14), with Tokyo taking second place (12). Isn’t that crazy?!?!?

It is said that there are about 400 large-scale aquariums in the world. And more than 100 of them is in Japan. Japan owns a quarter of the aquariums in this world???

Anyway, conclusion – Japanese LOVES aquariums. And Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is one of the top aquariums in Kanto area.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is not just an aquarium, it’s a resort + theme park and one of Japan’s biggest!

The most famous residents here are the two ultra adorable Beluga Whales.

Giant tako.

World’s largest crab. Seriously it is so huge I bet one crab leg also you cannot eat finish.

Penguins ^^

I am really fascinated. How are aquariums maintained? What do all these fishes eat? Do they eat each others? Or are they fed food from outside? What if they get old and die? I just think about the massive knowledge and skill needed to keep tens of thousands of these marine animals alive and I have only respect for aquarium staff. It’s no easy work for sure.

The park is also good for #ootd of course.

Before the dolphin show starts.

I know, shows like these are always controversial and I am often criticised for supporting and promoting animal cruelty whenever I post anything animal-related. Sled dogs, elephant rides, zoo visits…

I respect all opinions and causes in the world. Everyone is entitled to believing in something. Straw, no straw, plastic, no plastic… etc. Just like I believe in insisting to order only the portion of rice you can finish and ask for no rice if you are on a diet instead of leaving it untouched even if you pay for it, and also that eating only egg white and throwing away egg yolk is unacceptable even if you are on a protein-only diet. But not everyone feels the same. Some believe that we should respect individual’s right to eat only what they want to eat.

We are all learning. But I can feel how much the trainers love their friends and the marine pals looked really happy.

Random shot haha.

Lunch in the park! Mine was Shirasu Croquette set meal! Very balanced meal! 😀


Royal Wing Cruise

We ended our day the royalty way – dinner cruise! 😀

Welcome onboard – Royal Wing Cruise!

The best way to get a feel of Yokohama as a port city is to join one of its many luxurious cruises! Royal Wing is one of the most popular cruise ships in the bay city and you can go for a 2-hour dinner cruise while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Yokohama’s cityscape.

Nautical charm!

There are 2 timings for the cruise for dinner – 5:10-7:00PM and 7:40-9:30PM.

I’d recommend 5:10PM in winter time, although it’s a little early for dinner, you get to enjoy both the gorgeous sunset and mesmerising night time skyline.

The dishes served are Chinese style, and I LOVE IT! I love Chinese food in Japan very much haha.

This millefeuille omelette is my favorite. So rich, fluffy and full of umami!

After dinner, do go out to the deck for a fabulous panorama view of  Yokohama Bay.

The iconic ferris wheel Cosmo Clock 21 at the background – once the world’s largest clock (still is? I’m not sure!)

I don’t know why but I think Yokohama has a very retro romance to it despite all its very futuristic-looking architecture at Minato Mirai.

Beautiful! I love Minato Mirai!!

View from my hotel – Royal Park Hotel. Minato Mirai means “Harbour of the Future”. I like the sound of it.

Till I see you again, Kanagawa Prefecture!