A quick photo post on my trip to teamLab Planets in Toyosu, Tokyo!

I’m sure you would have heartd of teamLab by now especially if you live in Singapore. teamLab is an art collective founded in Japan and has now expanded to various countries abroad including China, Singapore, USA, France and more. It’s founder, Toshiyuki Inoko, born in 1977 in Tokushima, Japan, founded teamLab in 2001 and his primary mission was to connect nature with people.

Most people know its permanent exhibition named “teamLab Borderless” in Odaiba, Tokyo. But if you look at its homepage, you will discover many new and upcoming permanent or temporary exhibitions all over the world, including other parts of Japan like Kyushu, Kanazawa, Himeji and more.

Today I will be sharing about teamLab Planets in Toyosu, a pop-up exhibition happening from now until fall in 2020. So if you are in the metropolitan city, make sure you pop by before it is over!

Hit your quota of Instagenic fix here at temLab Planets!

It’s a massive hall considering that it’s only a temporary exhibition.

It’s just right opposite Shin-Toyosu Station.


Tips for visitors:

Remember to wear comfortable pants as you will be walking into almost knee-high water so make sure your bottom is loose and can roll up above your knee. Also, avoid wearing short skirt as part of the exhibition’s ground is made of reflective glass so what you are wearing underneath may be exhibited to the rest of the visitors in the hall XD.


The Infinite Crystal Universe

teamLab’s concept bases on “ultra-subjective space” by immersing one’s whole body into the art, resulting in the the border established between oneself and an artwork to become ambiguous.

There are a few installations in teamLab Planets with different theme, and I think one of the most popular and photogenic here is this beautiful light room embellished with crystals from ceiling to floor.


Free Floating

My favorite is the space filled with light-filled balloon-like spheres. The color changes everytime it comes in contact, whether pushed, touched, or collides with other spheres.


Dance of Koi and People – Infinity

This is where things get interesting as you will walk into a huge pond filled with digital Koi fishes that dance around you.

Japan’s omotenashi. A staff who hands you a towel to dry your feet as you walk out from the pond.


Falling Universe of Flowers

In this colorful dome, you can relax and lie down and just stare at myriad of floral patterns spreading out into the universe. The artwork is rendered in real time and changes continuously caused by any interaction with the humans.


I really love teamLab. I think it has opened up my mind about art appreciation.

Traditional art museums usually require you to remain silent (with deep appreciation by sometimes nodding to yourself lol), but teamLab creates a whole new playground for every individual, whether art-conscious or not. You are allowed to talk, take photos (lots and lots of them!! As long as you don’t stall the rest of the visitors waiting to do the same), touch the exhibition, and really just immerse yourself with this new universe created just for your unique experience.

We all love pretty things, and here at teamLab you get all the prettiness you can ever find in one space, while allowing yourself to truly interact and enjoy with the artwork.

I’m really looking forward to visiting all other teamLab museums in other parts of Japan!



The ticket fees vary from seasons and time so do check out their website for more!