Here’s a pretty rare cosmetic review, and today I’m introducing a Japanese brand (of course) – Chacott for Professionals.

Chacott was founded in Japan since 1950, so the history dates waaaaay back. Let me straight up tell you why this brand is so unique – Chacott prides itself in its non-chemical, highly safe ingredients that it is suitable even for children.

Wait what?? Children wear make up???

Yes. Pick your jaw up from the ground now and let’s look at the background of the brand and you will understand why.

If you’d take a look at Chacott’s website, you will understand that Chacott originally started out as a company selling ballet related products, including stage make up. It was highly raved by professional dancers and performers for its flawless and super long-lasting finish that the brand has gained fame even among regular consumers in Japan.

It’s really popular for kids to learn ballet in Japan and of course, in many other countries including Malaysia and Singapore too. As mommies we would definite love children-safe make up product for their precious stage moment!

(Each and every ballet shoe is handmade with love and care. I just have so much love for shokunin (artisan) culture in Japan.)

Well you may have an impression that anything that’s made for stage tend to be heavy and thick, honestly I had that doubt too. Indeed, we might not need all its products for our natural every-day look, but it would be wise to utilize a product or two for that perfect look especially if you live in countries with all-time summer weather or if you often have to deal with makeup disasters due to humidity and heat.


Chacott Enriching Foundation

I am confidently introducing only two products today – Chacott Enriching Base and Loose Powder.

Chacott has a range of foundation products including stage foundation, but getting these two star products in your hand will be more than enough.

Chacott’s Enriching Base comes in two tones: Natural Beige (blue label) & Beige (orange label, newly launched color).


Both the tones look identical apart from the label at the back, so make sure you pick the right one by identifying the package box.


The Ultimate Nude Look

My make up is always pretty light, but today I’m challenging the ultimate nude look, using only Chacott’s two products, eye shimmer, cream cheek and lip gloss.

The base comes in a tube, the texture is slightly creamy, made with non-chemical ingredients only, and comes with SPF37/PA+++ so it’s powerful enough for tropical climate.

Here’s a tone comparison for your reference.

812 Natural Beige is light beige color for a brighter look

813 Beige, a newly launched color gives a neutral skin tone for natural bare-skin look.

I am naturally quite tanned, so I’m using 813 Beige.

You’d think that cosmetic made for stage make up must be super heavy in coverage but tend to make your skin look cakey as well.

What I noticed is, the Enriching Base gives really good coverage for a base make up enough to cover up flaws, yet offering a translucent look that even on super close up shot you don’t even notice the pores! (By the way I never edited any flaws off my face in all the photos!)

Here’s a comparison of BEFORE and AFTER.

I’d highly recommend having this not just for every-day make up but for that big day too – when you have to do a photoshoot, up-close filming, or on occasions where you are not allowed to Meitu or Beauty Plus your skin haha.

Completing my nude make up look with a dash of eye shimmer, cream cheek and nude lip gloss.

The final product I use is the Enriching Powder, a multiple award-winning loose powder for many years consecutively and is still very highly ranked in the loose powder category. In fact, if you just do a quick search on Google, this is the best-selling product everyone is raving about!

The tone I am using is 773 – Clear.

It comes in 3 different tones: Natural, Clear and Ocher.

For people who are not sure which color suits them most, “Clear” would be a safe option! However it takes a little more time to blend so if you would like instant blending well, pick Natural or Ocher.

For “Clear”, the powder has a white appearance, but it doesn’t make you fairer – it simply serves to finish off your make up by retaining moisture from your skin while absorbing sweat and oil as you go on with the day.

That’s the magic! True enough, I shot these photo early in the morning, and then I had to go on with my daily life – picking the kids up under the scorching sun, cooking lunch in kitchen heat and sweating all the time – my make up miraculously still had not melted. At all. In fact there’s also no oily, greasy look on my face, it remained matte and most importantly, I had not notice any fine lines from the creasing of other thick make up worn over time and facial expressions, which I am most concerned about.

It’s non-drying at all which sounds like music by Nakata Yasutaka to my ears – my skin remains moisturized thanks to its amino acid ingredients in actively retaining moisture in skin.

I think it has done the pretty much the impossible – preventing your skin looking greasy over time AND keeping it dewy till the end of the day. I am impressed.


Thankfully I don’t have major skin troubles, but I do have fine lines, and tiny spots all over. I also don’t like the visible veins on my cheek. Chacott’s Enrichign Base + Powder alone are able to cover them up while letting me enjoy that translucent natural look.


And this is it. My ultimate nude make-up look.

Flawless, fine like ballet dancers.

If you are thinking of trying it out, here’s a… ok I know it’s quite anti-climax having raved so much about it.

Well… it’s available only in Japan right now.

But the good news is, now you have ANOTHER reason to visit Japan hahahaha.


Here’s where you can purchase it:

Chacott Stores (from Hokkaido to Kyushu!!)
Tokyu Hands

I heard that it is sold in Tokyu Hands Singapore, so Singaporeans can try heading there and have a look, but of course if you are traveling to Japan it’s best to purchase it there (you can enjoy tax-free at some stores so do look out for it ^^).

There’s also a webstore selling not just cosmetics but ballet and dance-related products too!