Hi everyone, my name is JoRin.

I’m an imitation of the famous Jolin Tsai. Yes, i am a fake. But I really don’t mind copying her shamelessly. To begin with, it’s really easy to be like her. You just need a certain hairstyle that involves some sorta side bangs and outrageously elaborated fake nail tips (some fake tits would do good too) and BOM you are a Jolin Tsai. 

Secondly, if copying her means i stand a chance to win a Sony PS3, or an iPod touch, or some godknowswhat mysterious gifts, i’d be more than happy to do so. Well, let’s see.

 I copy her hair.

jorin by you.

I copy her style.

jorin3 by you.

I copy her poses.

jorin7 by you.

I copy her long legs.

jorin5 by you.

I copy her nails

jorin8 by you.


I copy her reducing her name to just her initial: J. (Mine is R, i case you haven’t realized. *R*) (And btw *R* means roll eyes, R style.)

But then since i am a genuine fake (if im allowed such oxymoron), i decided to call myself JoRin for the time being. Well, at least until the party is over, anyway.

Heck, i even copy her to have a white fluffy dog.

jorin4 by you.

Even my dog copies her dog. Same expression. 

So i guess, yes, JoRin would be going to Nuffnang Music Bash 2009. Another Maxis Broadband party after last year’s successful Wild Live Party.


Date of Event : 4th of April 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 6pm till 10pm
Venue : Maison, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, KL
Dress Code : Musician Celebrities


Dress up as your favorite artist and express your favorite music genre. Mine is a Taiwanese vain pop star and i am going to win the The Most Uninspiring Blogger Award. 


Eh but such award actually exists okay. So it is fair. Everyone has a chance, whether your post is crap or gold. I’m going to win the freaking Sony PS3!!!

Even before the party starts, you can blog your way to winning wonderful prizes liao. There’s one Grand Prize aka The Most Creative Blogger Award, and The Next Big Hit Blogger Award, both get to win an awesome handphone.

In the party itself, there are more prizes to win! If you have been to Wild Live last year you will know how it works la. Of course, since it is a live  blogging party, the best blog post written during the time of the party will receive a Canon Digital Ixus 870 IS.

But i guess you have one less competitor ahem. Because JoRin would be totally bimbotically cautious with her outrageously elaborated acrylic nails with butterflies and roses and whatnot, chances are breaking her nails on her keyboard would be the last thing she wants to happen.

Still, you got to fight with her to win the best whatever, because she is awesome. Check out her latest album.

jorin82 by you.

Nah this is JoRin VS Jolin.

jorin81a by you.

Not one, but two.

jorin13 by you.

I impressed myself. I love Photoshop.

Nah this is JoRin VS Jolin.

jorin000 by you.

Check out Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 for more info.

See you guys there!


Signing off,