my name is slowly disappeaRing

February 6, 2009 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

is my MSN nick (and this is a pointless post).

This is like the, spur of the moment kind of thing. Something you feel like doing but dunno why kind of thing.

I think i am slowly melting away.


This is an official announcement. Please do not call me Ringo anymore.


My name has melted to Ring. Or Rin. I can’t decide. Seems like the shorter the better.

Because i got sick of explaining my name to people. Especially to Japanese people.

(Once and for all, please do not ask me this again) In Japanese Ringo means apple. TK calls me Ring because he prefers my real name, which ends with “Ling”. And you know the missing pronounciation of L in Japanese so everything with L becomes R. Hence the name Ring. Then again in Japanese character there’s no such thing as a G ending so it’s literally Rin in writing. りん。Geddit? (Ok nvm.)

So yea. I like Rin very much but i have trouble pronouncing it. Is it reen? Or rin as in “sharing” and “caring” without the G? But i think would like people to pronounce it the Japanese way, which is, a cross between “Ling” and “Ring”. Diffiucult leh. But you must learn!

So please call me Cheesie/Ring/Rin in the future. 

Eh hold on. I might change my mind. I might further reduce the letters and i might be Ri in the future (Like Ok So-ri), but it’s kinda funny. Does it sound better as ree , or rye?

Oli said,

Your name will slowly disappear until only *R* is left

Oh it is so funny. It’s an inside joke. Ok la i’ll see if i can explain the insidejokeness successfully. It’s liddis one. On MSN right my favorite emoticon is the roll eye yellow man. rolleye0001.gif I use it so often (almost abusively) Oli got supper annoyed so he disabled emoticon on his MSN so whenever i roll eye him it won’t show up. So then i replaced it with typing *R*.  And Oli is very mean.


Anyway my friends are very concerned about my melting name. They said, “i’d start getting worried if your nick changed to “disappearRin”  and  “we’re gnna make sure you don’t lose your name “. You know like, in Spirited Away, Chihiro lost her name (along with her childhood memory) and became “Sen”. In American Gods too, Shadow gave his real name away when he walked the underworld path to death.

Then again, Ring Tan sounds like Zero. Then then again, Ling Dan never got zero. He freaking beat Lee Chong Wei and won a freaking gold olympics medal.

Anyway, say hi to Ring/Rin.


(I’m serious)



(Until i change my mind)


PS: Go buy some clothes from Wardrobe. Got new items!!

PS2: I swear rolleye0001.gif is soooooo addictive, and it annoys the hell out of everyone. Try it!!! =D

88 responses to “my name is slowly disappeaRing”

  1. cindy says:

    gosh…the ring tan really is funny…is it a pun?? but it’ll be quite unique to have a name call ring…

  2. Kerwin says:

    Ringo! :p

    If your name keep getting shorter and shorter, why not you prolong it? then it takes longer time for it to disappear. Right? Ringosaurous. Ringoroundandround. Ringringwhosthere.

  3. PUiMUN says:

    haha. nice post R ! I shall call myself M too. XD. Still, I prefer the letter J. Sounds cool to me. and I was laughing all the way reading your post. *winks* !

  4. Angela says:

    Hello rinrin!!! rinrin sounds cuter…can I call you rinrin?? LOL!!

  5. Lungiman says:

    hehe reminds me of Ringu (d Jap horror movie) 😀

  6. yumii says:

    Okay~ hello, Ring~san!!!
    actually i realised it from the caption on those purikura! =D

  7. lol says:

    I suggest you and PUiMUN join K (2008 superstar) to form a singing group…

    J.K.R. sounds better than S.H.E. right?

  8. MeeMee says:

    hehe.. hello Ring! 🙂 I think I like Ringo better tho.. has a nice ‘ring’ to it. but up to u la.. it’s ur name after all.

  9. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Hello I am Yee Hou,

    Please call me Yeeh wtf.

  10. So in the end we call you Arrrr ah?

  11. Aaron says:

    はじめまして こんばんは リんさん。

  12. Chriso says:

    I know right i’m always a victim of your roll-eyes mostah >_>

    oh. and btw please don’t DisappeaR. (notice your name just disappeared)

  13. blah says:

    ring ring! go answer the phone lah~

  14. DjdRifT says:

    ring tan = zero
    i prefer rin thou.
    sounds hawter.

  15. RMilner says:

    Ringo or Apple is a nice name.

  16. Randomness says:

    why not just ring-a-ling??

  17. KY says:

    R you serious!?

  18. ahlost says:

    Rin sounds better 🙂

  19. ANdyStorm says:

    Hey!!! Nice meeting you at the PRADA LG event 🙂

  20. Tommy says:

    Let’s see Rin sound like a great name but when I call you just ‘R’ it make me imagine about those US rapper with a big gold R hanging from your neck. haha

  21. DSvT says:

    whatever it’d changed, you’re you…
    remember this…

  22. pattirmina says:

    i still like your name, Ringo. It’s unique. =)

  23. Jeremy says:

    Lol, Rin is better, its short and more feminine than Ring. But I still prefer R, R FTW! Lol….

  24. Jade Zheng says:

    See that’s why~ Since last time I’d like 2 call U “Ring A Ring (a Roses)” LOL! Ring be it. Rin is like… Urin(e). =S Ring is cincin ok. hahaha!

    • cheesie says:

      OOOOOOOMG you know how Dom always liked to call me Ring Ring and you Cin Cin??? And you know Cincin means cock in japanese? and we make cock ring. WAHHAHA. Eh wanna call them out for makan?

  25. Huai Bin says:

    Rin! I vote for Rin, pronounced Rin as in tamaRINd. 🙂

  26. Michelle says:

    Like the character L in death note, you can become R.

    Ryu is nice. 😀 But it’s a guy’s name…

  27. panda says:

    but then hor…wht if somene wants to annoy u…so they start calling u “Ring-a-Ling” ?? XD

  28. Cecilia says:

    Ummm, LOL! The name, RING still scares the shit outta me … ya know, the jap horror movie “THE RING” O.O I think i will call u Rin … i sounds cool 😉

  29. peanut says:

    haha.. wat if later evolve into Lin instead of Rin. some of the words used in chinese common name appear as bad words in russian language. at least urs is apple 🙂

  30. Rose says:

    BOO. ( ok epic fail. i suck at scaring people. trust me. ): )
    Rin’s better, 😀
    If Ring rite.. later someone seriously wanna annoy you, they go ‘Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone~’.

  31. Rose says:

    omg my flag’s Austrailia when i’m in Malaysia ? O_O
    -ignores it anyway-

  32. Jay says:

    Why would you want to change your name just because of confusion with apple in Japanese? りんごはかわいいじゃん. I’ll just know you as R, I guess that won’t dissapear xoxo

  33. sarah says:

    What about changing your name from ringo to rei (‘ray’) ? ree is okay too =) I prefer ree to ring/rin.

  34. sabrina says:

    hey cheesie!
    I thought it was Haku who lost his childhood memory? Did I miss anything out from the movie >< Anyways Rin is a cute name, I can pronounce it the way you want it! 😀

  35. asada says:


  36. Chea Yee says:

    Heh… Ya… Ringo does mean apple in japanese….

    I only passed by Osaka on train and catch a ferry back to Busan…. didn’t actually manage to travel around there.

    Sometimes our perspective change when we travel to a different country, and realise that others (who are almost similar to us) have a different look on things which we might have thought was normal.

    Even Valentine’s Day is different in Korea… I like the idea of a Chocolate Day, White Chocolate Day, and Black Day. takes the pressure off from what normal Valentines’ Day here in Malaysia or Australia is like.

  37. my blog says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

  38. choonhong says:

    … my name bcomes ” oh! conn hog” 🙁

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