Would you put a pair of nice, long fluffy ears above your head to get a designer bag?

Man. I would trade my ears for a designer bag.

It is actually a kinda, sorta, not so known secret that i’m, in fact, a delusional bunni.

Most of the time insanely obsessed with cheese.

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A not so tame one. Insanely violent when hungry.

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Suicidal even, sometimes.

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The only time when she is not spectacularly confused and suicidal, is when, she is murderous.

She will wake up from her hallucination and realize that she, in actual fact, ceases to exist as a bunni, she will go crazy and murder one just to get her balance of mind back.

bm (10) by you.

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Until she discovered Playboy. It changed her bunni life forever.



She decided that the best thing about being a bunny (when all evil traits are hidden) is that, she gets to win a designer handbag. No Cheat One™.

Cheesie is now a pleasant, decent (albeit may or may not be Cheat One™) Playboy bunny. Basked in their brand new line of men’s fragrances.

4 different scents: Hollywood, Vegas, Miami and Malibu. Cheesie Bunni’s favorite is Hollywood. Well, which bunni doesn’t love attention? 😀

More about the fragrance HERE.

Anyway, let me get back to the important point.

So you girls out there, this is your chance.

Playboy has not forgotten about you wants to reward all the girls that come to the road show as Playboy Bunnies!

The Reward:

Burberry handbag.


Prada handbag.

If you want to be the proud owner of the above handbags (sadly i only got to hold it for like, 30 seconds sob T_T), just show up at the road show at that time in your sexiest Playboy Bunny outfit. The most voted favourite “bunny” from the crowd wins one of the lovely babies!


Is okay if you don’t have a bunny costume because!

Playboy will be giving out bunny ears!

You just need to come in a simple outfit like this (hot short skirt, any top of your choice, and a pair of heels), then register as a bunny at the Playboy road show.

There will only be 30 bunny ears provided to the first 30 hotties and only girls with the bunny ears will be qualified to win these luxury handbags. Each bunny registered will also be presented a Playboy Gift Pack worth RM70.

So remember to mark this date down!

4-6PM on 10th Oct 2009, Sat @ Mid valley

Well, even though the bags are for the girls to win only (life is unfair, i know), guys are more than welcome to come to the event because GUESS WHAT there will be a bloody Lamborghini at the roadshow, so if you dudes wanna check the lambo out, you can even have a chance to take a picture inside the car with Playboy bunnies escorting them. Your 5 minutes glam of being a Playboy yo!

Cheesie Bunni will be there too. See you!

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