For every asshole the free thinker’s equivalent of God gives you, He/She/Shim/It also gives you a Good Samaritan. This is a somehow, kind of, almost but not entirely unfair world.

This is the story of how i end up having my 20KG luggage on—-wait for it—- and had a not unpleasant thrill ride (literally. about 2 degree Celsius)  around Seoul city on—wait for it again— a scooter.


This is also a story of my…. believe it or not, Third Marriage Proposal. (First one here and here and Second one here.)

I will come to that later.


Most of the time i was shopping solo during my stay in Seoul.



Gratitude to Marie who intro’ed me to Red Mango. Best frozen yogurt ever.



Then of course there was Cold Stone.

Anyway, that’s besides the point. That was the starter of the story. Or dessert. Whichever comes first.

So, a big part of the story was omitted due to whatever reasons you will be thrilled to find out but which too bad i cannot divulge. However here’s another part of the story i am sharing.

It began with a pair of military boots. I passed by this shoe store, and the boots seller went all yasui desu yo! kawaii desuyo! on me, so i stopped and looked. I tried on this pair of military boots, which cost me 25,000 won, which i thought was a bloody steal, but i asked for discount anyway because, well, first of all i am a Malaysian, and secondly i wanted to practice my newly learnt Korean phrase (kakachulseyo) and the seller refused to give me any. So i paid him 25,000won and walked away.

As i walked away, he ran after me, and handed me the spare rubber thingie you put at the heel (wtf is that called?) and said i forgot to give you this. Then he asked me some questions, we talked a bit, and that’s how i met the Good Samaritan. Let’s call him GS.

The next thing i knew he totally like abandoned his store (leave it to his brother to jaga) and bought me coffee in a rooftop cafe, that cost half the price of my boots, and he insisted paying.

And i was like wtf. Just 5 minutes ago you refuse to give me discount on the boots. Proud to say that i briefly considered him mental. *practice skepticism wtf. Mommy said kenot trust stranger wtf.

I told him about my predicament with the hotels, and he went all LET ME FIND ONE FOR YOU with the determined-hold-your-shoulder-stare wtf. I was like, whatever la. We exchanged number and i went home and completely forgot about it.

The next day i received an excited text from him saying that he found four (!!!) hotels that was vacant, at one third the price of the hotel i was gonna check in that night. According to him he walked in to four (!!!!) hotels one by one and asked wtf. I was tempted to cancel my current booking, but then i heard stories about tourists getting drugged and wake up in a bath tub full of ice and discover a hole in their body and their kidney is gone wtf so i shuddered and thanked him for his kindness and said i am settling with the hotel i found.

Later in the evening i had to meet up with Aud who took some time off her company trip and went on a secret lover rendezvous with me.



was texting her

So we were going back to the same place where i bought my military boots because it’s so awesome and cheap. So we meet GS again and he was like wtf you guys are twins! We asked where is a good place for dinner, and he totally abandoned his store (and left the brother alone) and brought us to a Yakiniku place, which we later named it the Manzoku Restaurant cuz we were damn full and satisfied wtf.



manzoku desu wtf

And he insisted paying the bill and we insisted paying back and the insisting went on for a bit and Aud was like, FHL wei, so he sold you a pair of boots at 25000 won, bought you tea 15000 and now he is paying for a 50000 dinner? Wtf does he earn?

Seriously, if he does that to every girl who buys a pair of military boots from him, he is soon the most pokai Korean guy in Seoul.

Aud and i couldn’t stop wondering if his niceness was genuine. He looks kinda cute, to be honest, and he is just this cheerful, worry-free person who makes me despise my own skepticism. To cut the story short, that night he brought Aud and i shopping, and he helped us haggle price in Korean and i couldnt imagine how much money we have saved compared to if we shop on our own in Japanese and some frustrating finger action on a calculator.

And to cut the story shorter, we hung out every day after that. He skipped his work (one second, let me talk to my brother), cab all the way to our hotel, (cabs in Seoul not cheap!!!!) have lunch together, then go back to his shop to jaga abit, then will text and see where we were, then he would come all the way to join us.





Aud and i both looked half zombie after a tiring night.



(Ok this is a story within the story. While two of us were eating, a dude just walked over, bent down at our table, and said, “phone number.”

Aud and i stared at each other in shock dunno what to reply. And he repeated, “phone number”. Wtf? Does he expect to just squat down besides two hungry girls having breakfast and get their phone numbers?

Ok he did. -_-

This was Aud typing my Korean phone number to him. He called on the spot but i left my Korean phone in the hotel so he thought we gave him a fake number and he walked away. HAHAHAHA.

But seriously, why some Korean guys so creepy one???

Ok back to main story)



Ok wait, more picture first.



This is another stupid story. Ok so one day Aud and i were supposed to go Samcheongdong to meet someone, and we were in a rush so we hailed a cab so i told the driver Samcheongdong. He then sent us to the Samcheongdong subway station, where COEX is.

We were like, oh that was fast! So we paid and left. Then we couldn’t find the person we wanted to meet, because apparently the taxi driver took us to the wrong place. He sent us to SamSEONGdong. Not SamCHEONGdong. Fuck this shit wei! The Korean and their places names wtf!!!!!!!!

In the end we had to take like 45 minutes subway to the correct Samcheongdong FOL.





These are like the only camwhore pix we got because other pictures were with someone else which we didn’t manage to get in the end *another side of the long story FOL.



And they have this F all Korean doggies’ L. T___T


So like, Seriously, GS was really nice. He was like our full time tour guide. Except he has a full time job too. But he skipped it for us.  Who the hell does that! Everytime Aud and I went to his store to look for him we feel super paiseh to see his brother. Like he was giving us the  wtf did you do to my brother you evil bitches death stare T___T and on the last day, he insisted giving each of us a pair of free boots WTF. We were like no no no no no no no no *looks at his brother NO NO NO NO we could imagine his brother angrily cross off the inventory cursing AH SHIBAL two more pairs of boots gone FTS!


It was unbelivable. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would be so nice to two strangers!

Ok he may fancy me, but what can he possibly want from me? All i did was buy a pair of boots from him. And he gave me another pair of boots (buy one free one wtf), be our translator and tour guide, and a wonderful shopping buddy. To be honest he was like one of the nicest humans i’ve ever met. It really doesn’t take a lot to be a nice guy, considering all the assholes i have met over the years. But seriously, i haven’t met anyone THIS NICE.



And he took a lot of pictures for us.



Ok this one i took one.







On the last day he skipped his work again, came to our hotel to look for Aud and i for lunch, she had a much earlier flight than me and then some drama happened because the bus from our hotel couldnt go to Incheon airport so he made like a million phone calls to make sure she is safely driven to the correct bus station.



And Foruchizu parted hence T______T. For like one day.

And then GS teman me shopping for the last 5 hours i had before my flight back.



On his scooter wtf.



And he helped me transport my luggage to his store to keep before i left for the airport. That’s the story of my 20KG luggage and a HUGE My Melody Bag on a scooter wtf.



Also there was some celebrity appearence that’s why so many people.



Whoever they are.

We were in such a rush! He dropped me off at Itaewon for a couple of hours he rushed back for work then come pick me up we went to Namdaemmon cuz i’ve never been there then i wanted to rush to Myeongdong to buy a top that i regretted not buying earlier wtf then more drama happened.


Tyre punctured. FOL max.

So we had to take rush hour subway to Myeondong, i bought my top which i end up not liking so much anyway fml, then had dinner, then it’s time i left.

Anyway, until i left for my flight, all this while he asked nothing of me. I couldn’t imagine how someone can treat me so nice without wanting anything in return. It is really hard to find a guy who would even make an effort nowadays (or wouldn’t make an effort without wanting to know “well, what’s in for me?”), and this was really something beyond my comprehension.

We had sometime before my bus to the airport arrived.

And i suddenly felt slightly sentimental. That is when he popped the question.


“Would you please marry me?”

I chocked on air and died.

“Just joking.”

Phew ok i undied.

So he sent me off and i came back to Malaysia and i never saw him again.

The End.

True story.