Inhale Sharply

April 3, 2013 in Commercial Break



Because i’m about to tell you how you can have the best air to breathe for your own good health.


Remember i blogged about the hair dryer that doesn’t dry your hair?

Using the same Plasmacluster technology patented by Sharp, they actually have more than just a hair dryer.


After i started using the hair dryer, i was convinced that i needed every single household appliance in my home with Plasmacluster.

Plasmacluster Air Purifier.

IT WAS SOLD OUT FOR SO LONG! i couldn’t afford to miss it again so i bought two at one go lolol.


Also a microwave and frige (although nothing to do with Plasmacluster).

Even my TV is also wtf.

Now my whole house is looking really Sharp. That’s how much i love this brand wtf.

(NOT sponsored. Bought everything with my own money except the dryer.)

(Fine. The danna’s credit card.)


Ok let me refresh your memory again if you are lazy to read the previous post on Plasmacluster.

So many people touch my hair lol.

Anyway it wasn’t after two months before that post that Sharp finally sent me the pink hair dryer.

And after the first use…

What. sorcery. is. this.


Like salon blow hor? Actually all i did was simply blow-dry in my house leh! Plus that was right after i bleach-highlighted my hair.

I was convinced after just ONE try.


And then i recommended it to my hair stylist Amy from number76, and then they immediately bought 20 Sharp hair dryers lololol.

Now i only allow Sharp dryer on my hair when i’m in the salon lol.

If you wanna go try out you can go to Number76 la, then if you think it’s good then you can buy there on the spot also hahaha.


Ok enough about the hair dryer!

So Sharp was very happy that i’m so supportive, they invited me again for their second workshop.

Bobo was also there!


This time the focus is on the Plasmacluster hair dryer, AND the Plasmacluster air purifier.

Forgot how Plasmacluster works again? Nvm, give you 5 minutes to Google.







Welcome back.

Basically, the plasma device generates and emits the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature. And this technology is Sharp’s original air purifying technology that removes suspended airborne mold and viruses.


I have such bad sinus problem (the danna also), if i just go into a very slightly dusty room i will sneeze for the rest of the day. T___T

That’s why we bought two purifiers.

It can also get rid of any odor from the surrounding:


If the air is clean, the indicator is green.


When i spray a fragrance over the device, it immediately turns to red and works to get rid of the odor.

So no matter what odor it is, you can now be sure your home is odorless! Esp those who cook/smoke a lot 😀


And now they come in travel-size!!

Bobo got a pink one and i got blue 🙁

It works just like the regular Plasmacluster air purifier, except this is so mini you can bring it everywhere!

I am bringing it with me on the plane because air plane has the worst air ever. I will sneeze non stop until i run out of tissue paper and have to steal from the plane toilet wtf. #truestory

Then of course on that day there was the hair demo also!

By Steve from Number76, Mid Valley branch!

Didn’t realize my hair grew sooooo long.

I’m so so so lucky, without Number76 and Sharp dryer my hair can’t possibly still look so healthy.

Look for Steve at Mid Valley branch and ask him to blow hair for you lol


Bobo and i after Sharp hair dryer 😀

We also learnt that till today, more than 40 millions unit of Plasmacluster products are sold !!!!!emp2emp2emp2

Japanese companies like Toyota and Nissan has now got Plasmacluster unit pre-installed in the car, and many other industries are starting to embrace the technology as well.

When i told the danna the new things i learnt about Plasmacluster, he said, “Purasumakurasuta? My old apartment has it in the elevator.”

That’s how prevalent and major it has become. Next time i expect it to be like WiFi liddat, every place you go should have it!!!

Find out more about Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator products here! Really highly recommended!




40 responses to “Inhale Sharply”

  1. VsaJean says:

    Dear~!!!!nHow much is that hair dryer??nI’ve been wanting ever since you post the 1st blog entry about this!!nPlease let me know><

  2. Anonymous says:

    what’s the differnt between IGCM1 and IGDM1 (both portable)?

  3. cassandra ng says:

    cheesie can I know how long have you been growing your hair until this long? 😀

  4. Low says:

    Hi. Is the travel size purifier available in the market yet

  5. Marie Maklo says:

    Omg really want the travel size one 😀 Are they available in other colours too?

  6. isabellmiao says:

    Ugh. I’m so going to buy the hair dryer and the portable air purifier after this..

  7. Yen says:

    hello, I love your hair, my comment might not be related to your post, but I wanted to find out how you maintain your hair? It’s long and healthy and alot. What shampoo did you use? My hair is very less and abit dry. 🙁 Hope to see your reply soon. 🙂

  8. C H I Q E S S says:

    That travel-size air purifier is such a cool idea!! WANTS! 🙂

  9. ch3rylism says:

    How much is the air purifier?

  10. Manon says:

    I want the plasmakarusta hairdryer tooooo!! :(nAnd this is totally unrelated but I mentioned you in my last blog post (its about where you can buy a cat shaped bag, similar to one you have – not slander!) Hope you don’t mind..! :3nnManonn

  11. Alice Kamiya says:

    Sharp, sharp, sharp everywhere! lol We don’t have this brand in France or I would try it!

  12. san says:

    where could i get travel-size air purifier? :C

  13. iamginny says:

    Where can i buy the cute portable air purifier??? and which model of the air purifier u and Bobo holding?

  14. Cassie says:

    Wow u like Sharp brand so much. haha. Ur hair is really so pretty~~

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ur Danna is 76style CEO Hama-san!?! Tats explain ur hair is so well taken care of by e team of stylist…

  16. Nova says:

    I am living in Singapore… Wonder if they have it here… I really wanted the magic hairdryer and purifier as well.. But, I wonder too where to get it in Msia? Though I did go KL occasionally.. Cheesie~ Please do let us know!!! We wana support Sharp’s awesomeness!!

  17. Pugcrush says:

    your hair is sooo pretty! :3 I’m kinda jealous! ;)

  18. Sue Ping says:

    Hi cheesie, juz wan to know are u using the hair dryer as well? As your hair are so long, do u need long time to dry them? Because I’m using those saloon type hair dryer as their blower are stronger, those market branding hair dryer blower quite small. Pls advise. Thanks alot!

  19. Alexis van den Berg says:

    Wow that sounds amazing!! I really want one now :3

  20. Cheesie says:

    Go get one! I love it!

  21. Cheesie says:

    Actually this sharp dryer is the most effective dryer so far, dries my hair so much faster than many other ones I used before! And the heat is not extremely high 😀

  22. Cheesie says:

    Maintenance 😀

  23. Cheesie says:

    Thanks !!! 😀 can just get it from major home appliance stores ah, like Best Denki etc 😀

  24. Cheesie says:

    Lol who say wan

  25. Cheesie says:

    Yes I do 😀

  26. Cheesie says:

    That’s the smallest one! 😀

  27. Cheesie says:

    Electronic stores will have it 🙂

  28. Cheesie says:

    Lolol good one

  29. Cheesie says:

    Oooh thanks a lot!

  30. Cheesie says:

    It’s about 499 I think!

  31. Cheesie says:

    Go get!! I’m addicted to it lol

  32. Cheesie says:

    Sorry for the late reply!! I always go to my salon and do maintenance 😀

  33. Cheesie says:

    Do it 😀

  34. Cheesie says:

    Yeah they have it in pink and white!!

  35. Cheesie says:

    I never cut it for many years lol

  36. Cheesie says:

    I think is 499!!

  37. Cheesie says:

    OMG I’m not very sure, so sorry! You can go to nearest sharp counter and ask! 😀

  38. caryn says:

    sob its so expensive ..=((

  39. Val says:

    Hi Cheesie, nnCan I know which model is the sharp air purifier (not the portable one but stand one)nnThank you!nnPS: you look great

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