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Not taking any responsibility for your appetite after these posts.



So we are back in Japan after what felt like centuries!!! My pregnancy nausea was so bad that i was secretly worried that the whole world will crumble as i no longer can enjoy all my fav food in Japan.

But… it is Japan after all.

The danna asked what i wanted to eat for the first meal. It took me forever to answer. How to decide!!! I want EVERYTHING! So he drove us straight to Tsukiji Fish Market after we landed in Narita early in the morning.

But… not for sushi.

It is this old, traditional gyudon (beef rice bowl) which is quite famous. It was raining miserably so a steaming hot bowl of gyudon is really perfect. The darker bowol on the right is simmered horumon (beef insides), it’s so so rich!

Actually it may sound condescending but i really hate touristic places in Japan. As we were queuing up, we got cut queue several times (don’t blame them, because everyone left a gap between the line so that we don’t block the road. They just shove in right in between the gap). Being Japanese nobody said anything, but being Malaysian i was quite angry so i just told them to go behind lol. They did so it was fine.

And then!!! Suddenly some tourist aunties from China just passed by the stall right, (you see the pic above, there’s this chopstick tin on the table) they anyhow just stole the chopsticks and left wtf. Then the Obasan eye damn sharp, she fumed and shouted “no, no, no, NO”, and stared at the tourist aunty, and they reluctantly put back and feigned ignorance LIKE THEY DIDN’T KNOW THE CHOPSTICKS ARE NOT TO BE STOLEN.

I was so shocked cuz i have never seen a Japanese obasan get angry before lol. They are always too kind and nice. But some nasty tourists made them quite alertly fierce now. Somehow i feel slightly sad that the Japanese “Omotenashi” spirit (the spirit of selfless hospitality  is dampened cuz they have to be alert of people who take advantage of that.

And then the following days i was always alone because the danna was super busy with work this time. My bfast from the combini!

I think i overbought lol. I try to eat healthier now because for months i was surviving on nothing and some peanut butter toast (morning sickness is a bitch). Why i loooooooooooooove Japan is that you can even get a healthy balance diet surviving just on tapao food from convenient stores.

Oden is great for warming the tummy and onigiri to fill it up! Egg and milk is obviously compulsory and the milk. THE MILK! I hate to drink plain milk (yucks) but this Meiji Milk. Omg. I want to thank all the cows in Japan for they are the best.

And then there are actually salads with different label on it, this one is rich in iron, which is great for pregnancy!


At night we had a double date! Met Hannah and her hubby for Yakiniku.



Japanese cows are god-like. Although i guess i’m not supposed to eat god.


Danna’s fav Nagasaki Chanpon with seasonal oysters at Ringer’s Hut.

I ordered Gyoza <3


The next day i had lunch alone. This trip is a little lonely because RinRin returned back to USA so i lost my lunch + shopping + picnic + trying-everything-cute buddy T_____T.

Anyway this is a chain gyutan shop called Negishi! Been craving for this forever.


One of my good friends said how when he goes to Japan he always focus only on Ramen!!! Sushi!!! Yakiniku!!! And totally forgot about the other side of amazing foodgasmness, which are Japanese fruits. And this time he is gonna splurge on some ridiculously expensive fruits.

This box of Ichigo costs about RM37. But there are others that are labelled as high as 8000 yen (RM200+). Maybe don’t need to go so extreme la but do try the middle-range one!

When i posted this one Instagram a lot of people commented that it looks so perfect so it must be non-natural/ genetically modified/grown in some bodily harmful way, whatever. Cuz nothing can be so perfect. Haih. I feel bad for them. I wish they come to a fruit farm in Japan and see it for themselves. There is a reason why all locally grown crops, vegetables and fruits are more expensive than imported ones in Japan. Have you guys ever heard of this Japanese movie called “Kiseki No Ringo” (Miracle Apples)? Watch it. True story.


As usual, Motsunabe for dinner.

Some sashimi

And Natto Tamagoyaki. I love it! Dare you? 😀


Mentaiko Tamagoyaki.


Next morning i had fruit&vegetable juice, Meiji milk, and super gigantic salmon onigiri. Previously went overboard and cannot finish all the bfast XD


Snack time at the park i had Tarako onigiri lol


And Ichigo from Nagasaki!!


Then lunch at Nalu cafe. My fav Omuraisu!!

Man it does look like have a pregnant appetite wtf. Anyway wrist very pain now i rest first.


Seems like there’s a Part 2 after all. Update again soon!






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