It was late March in Tokyo.

It was still early but the main sakura trees in Yoyogi park started to bloom.

About two weeks before that i was with RinRin for Kawazuzakura hanami date. Then a few days later, i was also in Yoyogi for a full bloom date with Number76 Tokyo team. Then a week later i had a late hanami date with QiuQiu lol. I think i must have come to Yoyogi not less than 5 or 6 times! So i saw yoyogi park from botak (bald) to early bloom to a sea of sakura (in the sky) until a pool of sakura (on the ground). I think other than the cleaners working inside the park, nobody has gone hanami more times than me in Tokyo wtf.

I just feel so lucky. Really so, SO lucky. Usually a normal working person in Tokyo go for hanami maybe twice (company and family), maximum in a year? But my sole itinerary in the entire month was so see as much sakura as possible.


Did you know?

The danna told me that he saw a piece of news somewhere that, the average life of a cherry-blossom tree is about 60-70 years (of course it depends on the species), and most of the common cherry-blossom you see now were planted after World War II, which makes them about 70 years old now. Which means suddenly all these trees may just all die together and there will be more more sakura left until they plant new ones wtf. Which means if you want to see sakura YOU’D BETTER TO GO NEXT YEAR.

Haha or for all you know i may be bluffing you just so you can contribute to Japan’s economy lol.


Or you can just keep reading this blog la.

Casual coordinate for hanami

With izu, Risako (Scawaii model)!

It was a weekend so even though it wasn’t yet full bloom, the park was full of picnic mats!

Our mat.

I really appreciate whoever organizes a hanami. It is tough work!! I heard Izu’s friend was here to fight for a good spot 7am in the morning, then started setting up.

Risako and Izu’s fur baby. How i wish i could bring Champon here too!! (I couldn’t because he hasn’t finished his vaccination.)


Preparing food.

Usually we just let the guys do everything lol.

And usually everyone drinks beer and get really high in the afternoon (then break into songs or dance haha). I was sooooooo craving for a cheap champagne (or all the sakura special edition cocktails!!!!!!) but Junya was still inside my belly i didn’t want him to get drunk  T____T.



Risako’s chihuahua.

Haha my pink camera at the background doing a timelapse video. You can watch it here.

Lot of snacks!

Izu and her Dachschund Donna. She is 17 years old!!!!!!! But she looks so so so young! So not only human in Japan live longer and look younger, animals too i guess.

(Also i added a few imaginary animals to 凑热闹。)



Group picture

Later on Risako and Izu and i went for a stroll in the park to take photos.

Izu and Donna


Toilet break but there was a loooooooong queue!

Mobile toilets are usually set up just specially for sakura seasons in Japan. Looking at how many people were using it we really really cringed the moment we went in. But it really wasn’t that bad!


Patrol Dog.

Sakura ♡

The park was so so so so nice for pictures!

Took like a million pictures XD

Pretty? :3


Me with Donna

Bumped into Melody Yoko!

Last picture ^^







A day after, i heard that Nakameguro was on the first day of full bloom! The danna had work and RinRin had a shoot, so i went alone anyway XD

A lot of people!!!!!

So surrounded by blissfulness!!!! ♡♡♡

First full bloom selfie XD


This is where it took another timelapse video, it turned out super awesome.


Sakura sunset ♡

The yellow man, know what his job is?

There’s a sign on his back saying “Let me help you press the shutter!” So basically his job was just walking around and help people take pictures. How sweet! Anyway i had my selfie camera so it’s okay lol.

Bumped into a friend so had snacks together!

Night sakura ♡



That’s all for today! Many more sakura post to spam you guys 😀