Read blog post on the opening of Number76 Bangsar 1 and Number76 Bangsar 2.

So number76 has just launched its latest branch in KL center, Starhill Gallery.

While Bangsar 1 is all warm and cosy, Bangsar 2 is more towards raw, rustic chic. The latest Starhill Gallery branch is all about indulgence and luxury!


Visited it on the opening day.

The facade.

As usual it’s vintage wood-based theme makes it very signature number76.

Get a good view from inside too! Love the whole classy design of Starhill Gallery.

Lots of glass panels in addition to wooden drawers.


The latest feature is…

The multi-seat private space!

A spacious separated space with curtains and blinds for utmost privacy. I love it!!

It is enclosed yet spacious, you feel like you can just spend a whole comfortable afternoon there pampering your hair without much disturbance (some other branches are usually very very very busy and packed >.<).

Hair wash space is also well covered.

It’s really like a VIP treatment for every customer without any added cost! (I was shocked when i saw the price menu of another salon in Starhill Gallery.)


number76 Starhill Gallery Launch Party

So on the 8 September there was a grand opening reception!

Lots and lots of bouquet it looks like a florist XD

From Bobo who couldn’t make it to the party.

From Xiaxue, me and Qiu Qiu XD

Catering is sushi platters from Kaihomaru, very yummy!!

Fruit basket from Yummy Flowerz

76 watermelon lol

76 staff and guests

And ahhhhh so wish to have a glass of champagne T____T #pumpanddump

With Amy (from bangsar 2 branch)


And the stylists who would be based in Starhill Gallery branch: Yves and Odera san.

And Ivan who would soon debut as a stylist too! After years of 苦练 at number76 lolol.

Amy <3

Staff groufie

Also saw many familiar faces that night!





Emma. (So much awesome hair color in this picture!!!)

Superstars Kaka and Elfira

My favorite Hannah, who recently just got married!! So happy for her <3

And pink-haired Linora

And Aud!

And the crazy Komada san and Hayley from ISETAN lolol

Brian (and Aud cheating lolol)


That day was also Mid Autumn Festival! All guests brought home some really awesome door gifts!!

Tons of shampoo from different brands and also a mooncake 😀


And a Beauty Passport worth RM100!


Thank you number76!!!

Make your booking now!


S4, Pamper Floor
Starhill Gallery
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

tel: 0321416676

Open every day from 10AM to 10PM!


I’m going to visit soon for a hair-makover. What should i do????

And hope to see you there!