Cable phobia

September 30, 2005 in Cheese-offs

I have a new phobia already. It is called the cable phobia.
Whenever i see a cable now i cringe. Whenever i need to buy something that needs electric to function, i will pray that some one please wirelessify the whole universe.

Now, my tiny room, which i took a whole day to clean up 90% mess, still looks extremely in a mess, thanx to all my adorable cables. I have three cable extensions, each has four sockets. I think i need yet another, soon.

Check these cute cables out:

☆。Cable 1 connects an extension from extension 1 of the main power source on the wall.
☆。Cable 2 connects to another extention from extension 1 of the main power source on the wall.
☆。Cable 3 connects to my table lamp from extension 2.
☆。Cable 4 connects to my dear Commie Sony Vaio from extension 2.
☆。Cable 5 connects to my Webbit wireless (damn why is it called wireless when it still needs a cable) device to extension 2.
☆。Cable 6 connects to my teddy humidifier from extension 2.
☆。Cable 7 connects to my hair dryer from extension 3.
☆。Cable 8 connects to my camera charger from extension 3.

☆。Cable 10 connects to my new printer from extension 3.

Wait. You think thats all?

Look, there is a cable from the Webbit Wireless device that connects to Commie, a cable from Commie to the mousie, a cable from Commie to the printer, a cable from Commie to the camera…. etc etc etc etc…

Please! Someone salvage me from the cableful of mess! Would someone come out with some cable organizer before we finally reach the Ultimate Wireless Era?

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5 responses to “Cable phobia”

  1. errrbad says:

    as i m commenting this, we are aredi in the wireless era. Wellcome to the future. but u still need to plug the modem cable into the wifi router and the router still needs to plug into a power supply. O_o!!! so much for Wireless era.

  2. Simon Seow says:

    Well. If someone invent wireless electricity conductor it might be dangerous and we’ll get fried. So, I don’t think there will ever be wireless in term of conducting electricity.

  3. oblok says:

    I have cable phobia ;( if i see to many cables i go nuts. one of lifes biggest mysteries for me is this, when you get a few cables and neatly put them a trunk..or in your pocket, why do they always have to tangle up!
    i have a pc that conects to 6 different things wich use about 10 cables + tv, xbox, lamp, sound system with 6-7 cables..i try to hide them all but when i clean my room up i get desperate 😛

  4. cheesie says:

    oblok: omg. exactly my sentiment. why do they always get tangled up!!! Those handsfree, ipod cable etc. !!!

  5. Smh- says:

    I have Cable-phobia 😯 Just because of a nightmare 😥

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