Big Mama is such a heap of bull shit. Don’t like that? How bout a pool of cow dung? Or a pile of buffalo poo?

I think a 2.8 rating from IMDB does it enough justice already.

The movie has so many hoooooles that if it is a piece of Emmentaler, I suppose it is habitable for ten thousand mice.

Those flaws, for example…… Urgh. Why do I even bother to kacau the peaceful sweet dreams of those ten thousand rodents?

I picked on Fright Pran because it has the potential of being a bowl of doubled boiled bird’s nest soup. With aloe and chestnut cream.

People will carefully pick every tiny bird’s hair out of the nest until it is free of debris.

But would you nip those tapeworms out of a heap of elephant feces so that you can make yourself a bowl of double boiled elephant dung sweet soup with S.O.S pad for topping?