This morning I woke up in a fantasy world.

I can’t believe I’m starting to get more juvenile than just bitching about some fifth grade losers.

I’m soon turning into a cheesetarded (actually cheese tart sounds yummy) 10 year old who plays with Barbie. Oh sorry, they play with My Scene Dolls now.

Tiara sent Princess the website sometime ago. And Princess sent it to me yesterday. We became so obsessed with it we wanted to make it the Stellar’s Guide to a Stellarific Living (Oh please don’t start it again, Mozzie).

It’s so nostalgic!!!

So Princess and Babybelle spent one and a half hour talking like this:

Babybelle: It reminds me of Polly Pockets!
Princess: Omg I love them! I have like 50 of those.
Babybelle: Whoooa jealousnya!!
Princess: I love My Little Pony too…
Babybelle: Omc I cheese them! And I so dig Little Pet Shop!
Princess: Me too!
Babybelle: I had a whole Pet Hospital…
Princess: Me tooooooooo!!! I made them my Barbies’ pets.
Babybelle: lol
Princess: But I so regret giving them away…
Babybelle: Me suu me suu!!


I can go on and on and on about it. I was a girly girl and still am. But you prolly don’t want to hear because you want to hear about Transformer. Hey i played Hot Wheels too you know. HeeHee.

My Scene is Stellar’s inspiration, and Stellar is a fulfillment to our unfinished childhood fantasy.

Dollies in My Scene live like a dream. And we want to live like a dream too. When we were younger, we played with dolls. We don’t play with dolls now. We ARE the dolls! We are IT (pun intended).

And what a perfect time for my iTune to play “Because I’m a Girl” from KISS. Love it like mad. Will play it another 26times.