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Cuppie Day again!

April 25, 2006 in Happenings 15 Cheesed

It’s Tuesday the Cuppie day! Holy Cheese! However, Mozzie wasn’t very convinced that cheese and curry marry well. While someone ditched Japanese. Today we have a special guest. “No make up, no shoot,” she said. But i don’t care la, shoot saje. Eh i like her finger nails!! And her fingers damn cute too don’t […]

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Commercial break (peacock the young)

April 25, 2006 in Eccentric Ringoism 8 Cheesed

Ok. I must repeat, this is a commercial. [patronage] My blog template that looked like a piece of foxed up mozzarella in mozilla firefox is finally fixed! Thanx to Albert , better known as the senile peacock who has attempted so featherstakingly to fix it. You know what. Peacock is no longer senile! Together with […]

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Multiple Nudges (updated)

April 23, 2006 in Cheesellaneous 19 Cheesed

I accidentally stayed up late because of an interesting conversation i had with this friend about names (might blog about that later) and the differences between Singapore and Malaysia. Anycheese. It was about time to sleep and so i said to him but there was no reply. So. You may not send a nudge that […]

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Pink or Yellow?

April 21, 2006 in Cheesellaneous 20 Cheesed

Need some cheeseback. =D

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As Requested -_-lll

April 20, 2006 in Cheese-offs 19 Cheesed

The most sought after ARRRRGLY Maxis print. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . That’s after the shoot. You can see my hair all straight oredi, after soaking in the rain. But it was damn dry after the “roasting”. What the hell, freaking waste […]

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