My Evil Altercheesego

June 26, 2006 in Really useless vain pix

Pun of the day:
My evil altercheesego needs to make up to me for mirroring my left sides.


Hey let’s continue the mourning.

Let’s be nostalgic for a day (though i’m nostalgic 365 days a year).

Two years ago, I was at a place where…

Ahn Jung Hwan kicked his balls (no pun intended).

Image hosting by Photobucket

Reminds me of the happy moments (both World Cup 2002 and my Korea trip) 🙁

Image hosting by Photobucket

*end of update*


Sometime ago, i was reading one of Xiaxue’s posts about her evil twin, and a surge of deja vu overwhelmed me.I couldn’t really figure out why, until i looked through some of my photos taken two years ago.
Ahhh. I came to a sudden realization. The post reminded me of my evil altercheesego.

The story goes like this.

On the night of June 23rd, 2004, Cheesie discovered that she was afflicted by severe panda eye syndrome, and splashed a dollop of eye cream to remedy it.

The next morning……

IMG_1679 copy by you.

IMG_1681a by you.

IMG_1693 copy by you.

IMG_1710 copy by you.

IMG_1698 copy by you.

IMG_1715 copy by you.

IMG_1687 copy by you.

IMG_1723 copy by you.


These pictures were really taken two years ago okay. And no i didn’t plan/direct it. Somehow I managed to make a crappy story out of these random pictures.

For more pictures of my trip to Korea, check out Cheescapade. =)

34 responses to “My Evil Altercheesego”

  1. kenneth says:

    hahaa.. looks abit different but still pretty 🙂 all good..

    haha korea! gah! i wanna go thr..

  2. nanni says:

    Your so incredibily pretty! You should be so lucky that you look like this. Do you think you, yourself is pretty?

  3. errrbad says:

    ur mirror image looks very convincingly cheesevil… good use of mirror image… u actually look diff from the otherside. 🙂

  4. cheesie says:

    Nanni: I don’t think i’m pretty, but i think i *can* look pretty. Everyone CAN look pretty, if only they know how to. =)

    Errbad: I look different from every angle. That’s how i developed multi-cheesegoes.

  5. ying ling says:

    you look nice on your left side too =)

  6. Hijackqueen says:

    Crappy yet entertaining. lol…

  7. clement says:

    ahahaha….the OS so funny….

    U r pretty…

  8. Matthew says:

    u look like Minnie Mouse

  9. angel says:

    cheesie is hot but is she flammable?

  10. cheesie says:

    Matt:How bout Minnie Bunny. I got bunny ears.

  11. can i be fren with you twin ar… she looks prettier than you…
    who’s hers name? can you introduce to all blogers ?

  12. cheesie says:

    Zha Xiang Jiao: It proves only one thing. Men like bad girls too. 🙁

  13. Anonymous says:

    Like your sporty look,it’s CUTE isn’t it? 🙂

  14. cheesie says:

    Anonie: Please identify yourself. If you are Kekeke, pls sign as one.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “Like your sporty look, it’s CUTE isn’t it? 🙂 ”

    it’s me wei!!!!!!!1111


  16. Anonymous says:

    and now i thought im the only one stalking here using “anonymous” 😛

    kekeke… again

  17. cheesie says:

    Kekeke: Thanx. =P Btw you are forgiven for all your unsigned comments in the Korean VS Switzerland Live Discussion Thread. I know it was damn kancheong. And all the caps forgiven too. 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    oh, where got time to sign that time?
    and the cap was a must,ok? =P

    btw, im not the one talking about Mozzie is hot in the last anonymous’ msg -__-lll


  19. lyn says:

    hey cheesie i think tt mayb u can cum up wif a post givin make up tips to girls since ur make up skills r reli damn gd!=)

  20. angel says:

    必须立刻补救 …
    否则后果不堪设想 …

  21. Leonard says:

    this is brilliant, i really hope there are really 2 of you…

    more feast for my eyes…

    it’s quite a good storyline you have here! 😉

  22. blah says:

    no offence ar, do u use photoshop on ur face? if not, u have really good skin.. and ur natural “tan” is nice too..

    so how do u look like without makeup?? =)

  23. errrbad says:

    4th day into mourning. Thank Cheesedess, u got some cute update from the pasts to keep us cheer up. 🙂
    My tongue so sore eating kimchi aredi :P, i can’t wait to restart my cheesie diet again.

    BTW, swissholes got kicked out by Ukraine(0-3 PSO)… good riddance … i m so happy for them.

  24. Matthew says:

    i bought a box of rats and mice. give me ur address so i can release them into ur house

  25. Terry says:

    Cheesie,you can give make up tips d or more like tutoring them since u have demand on it..:)

  26. Kelly says:

    i’ll join in the mourning… over aussie’s loss tho

    those photos r so nice and clear… great manipulation of the camera angle.. hehe

  27. MAHATHIR says:


  28. koyuuken says:

    You are a very very sweet girl

  29. L B says:

    Love the pictures! So cool!! Waaa… KIMCHI!

  30. ♥ Temptation says:

    CUTE. ahaha.

  31. mr.bbq says:

    God this has got to be my favourite post in Cheeserland, ever 🙂

  32. Alexandra says:

    Wawa, always so pretty! Unfair!

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