Pun of the day:
Even if a model gets upstaged at a fashion show, she shouldn’t look down at the audience.

202858873_90f7676fe4 by you.

202859669_9ba5ae369d by you.

202858868_4c45e3af6e by you.

202858872_16f5dbccb5 by you.

202859664_9e49c68021 by you.

202858867_2ee4d7aab8 by you.

202862923_30a9c295c6 by you.

202861454_f94895c13b by you.

202862924_67d4bd931f by you.

202861457_97f89d494f by you.

202862921_7c5141652f by you.

203665166_7ef6829984 by you.

203675543_bae45ed45b by you.

203665168_7bfa293c03 by you.

203665169_f0091bb288 by you.

203665170_0f261a5b2b by you.

203665165_da14a71901 by you.

204854499_389b76d852 by you.

203666829_209e25d181 by you.

203670397_f5889842c2 by you.

203670399_3f3e921c2e by you.

203666834_4cd905e1fc by you.

203666833_9fa2dde38b by you.

203672228_99d0786f73 by you.

203672229_ab66d7f108 by you.

203673394_f055cd4e06 by you.

203673399_7bda82c4bc by you.

203673398_b5606a3064 by you.

203675156_d2e3a61246 by you.

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