Era Walk Fashion Show

August 1, 2006 in Malaysia / Useless fashion

Pun of the day:
Even if a model gets upstaged at a fashion show, she shouldn’t look down at the audience.

202858873_90f7676fe4 by you.

202859669_9ba5ae369d by you.

202858868_4c45e3af6e by you.

202858872_16f5dbccb5 by you.

202859664_9e49c68021 by you.

202858867_2ee4d7aab8 by you.

202862923_30a9c295c6 by you.

202861454_f94895c13b by you.

202862924_67d4bd931f by you.

202861457_97f89d494f by you.

202862921_7c5141652f by you.

203665166_7ef6829984 by you.

203675543_bae45ed45b by you.

203665168_7bfa293c03 by you.

203665169_f0091bb288 by you.

203665170_0f261a5b2b by you.

203665165_da14a71901 by you.

204854499_389b76d852 by you.

203666829_209e25d181 by you.

203670397_f5889842c2 by you.

203670399_3f3e921c2e by you.

203666834_4cd905e1fc by you.

203666833_9fa2dde38b by you.

203672228_99d0786f73 by you.

203672229_ab66d7f108 by you.

203673394_f055cd4e06 by you.

203673399_7bda82c4bc by you.

203673398_b5606a3064 by you.

203675156_d2e3a61246 by you.

35 responses to “Era Walk Fashion Show”

  1. abraxis says:

    Wah! First one to cheese!

    So cheese-riffic lah! Nice cheese!

  2. Porkie says:

    What more can I say other than you look good.. seriously!! Great to see you on the catwalk again as well!! You look good up there, certainly better than a lot of others that appear. Its a shame that clients etc are so heightist, because you do really belong there 🙂

    Definitely liking the denim outfit the most, gives a youthful and energetic look compared to the rest! Looking forward as always to your next post, no need to rush ok.

  3. angel says:


    I’M BACK!




    i miss your cheesy posts..

  4. cheesie says:

    Welcome back. 🙂

  5. Paws says:

    Whats with the weird hairstyle ar :O?

  6. errrbad says:

    cool.. got ssn2 somemore. nice and sharp slr pics. 🙂

    nice cheese curls. always knew u look great in curls. 😀

  7. Bluey says:



    thankyou cheesie 😀 hot guy in army print!! !

    you look great too. i love the first outfit .. 😀

  8. s0hp0h says:

    nice!!! i like the last pic the most… ^^

  9. Terry says:

    Looking forward for Season 2.i wonder how will it be? 🙂

  10. Tristan says:

    wow…what kinda event was it?Fashion or hair?Looks gorgeous…

    did u hire a personal photographer all along with you all the time?how come all the photo u took look so pro. or issit PS jobs?-_-

  11. errrbad says:

    i think all of u shld know by now that cheesie’s mom is a very good photographer. 🙂

    cheesie’s mom can put many so called photographer to shame including myself. 🙂

  12. kcin says:

    i too agree that the last dress is the best….

  13. passer-by says:

    i think all the models have too much make-up on, especially the girl with the bright blue eye-shadow. *shudders* NO-ONE can pull off bright blue eye-shadow, except for maybe hookers and barbie- wannabes. 😛

  14. FeR says:

    is that baby faced girl from sban? i think she was from my school. my! how she’s grown!

    as usual, cheesy looks great. *hehe*

  15. joe17301 says:

    ya cheesie-sama look best there… so stupid requirement about height… bleh.
    Don’t matter, I know lot of us support you cheesie-sama.
    Thanks for lots of pictures 🙂

  16. gosh u look great! full time model ?

  17. damion says:

    best photo would be the last one…
    so natural… 😀

  18. Adrian C says:

    wth?! whats with the thick make up!? spoil only. 🙁

  19. enrico says:

    dislike the pinky one…a lil bit *&*^^* (ask me if u wanna know…LOL)
    the rest still ok, no no ….. the rest r great! LOL

  20. Sharon says:

    did anyone notice that one of the models has a layer of FAT swimming on around her belly? :S she desperately need to work on eliminating the FAT haha..

    and cheesie is incredibly thin! 😐

  21. cheesie says:

    passer-by&Adrian C: i agree with you all. The make up was way OTT. The make up for the second show was even scarier. O_O
    But is liddat lor. We don’t have a say also. Our job is just to parade whatever they put on us. 🙁

    enrico: No need to ask, i know! I can read your mind. 😉

    Sharon: She put on a bit of weight i think. But she has a very sweet smile. 🙂

  22. Hijackqueen says:

    errr… that girl so fat. can see the flabby tummy liao. and as usual, you looks good.

  23. Ainsley says:

    I love the third and fourth outfit, looks so good on you and i love your hair especially the last hairstyle. Are you gonna get the last outfit coz you look gorgeous in it and it suits you (you look gorgeous in everything else)?

  24. alyson says:

    hey there! been a reader of cheeserland for quite a long time and i’ve got to say, u look good!

    love ur flat tummy! u’re really slim o.O !

  25. enrico says:


    clever. 🙁

  26. naVICgaTOR says:

    u r so bad… published nice pic of u and not-so-nice pic of others…
    see now she got criticised….

  27. cheesie says:

    naVICgaTOR: They will post gorgeous pictures of themselves and ugly pictures of me in their blogs then. Fair game! 😀

  28. FireAngel says:

    OMG. The eyeshadow looks like it was applied by colorblind autistic retards. It made everybody look.. deranged.

    But you’re still hot. 🙂

  29. laundryamah says:

    AYO!! How did that fat girl standing next to you get to be a model? Her spare tyres were showing like mad! Me mother of 2 kids oso not so teruk ah!

  30. pH7 says:

    Dear Cheesie,
    Asked them to let you wear a wig next time if you have to get your hair perm again:)~*cabut*

  31. Selfairy says:

    Omg you have the perfect body. Look how flat your tummy is!! A navel ring would look so good on you..

  32. […] I started eating the plums one month ago, on the 31st of July, a day when i was desperately dying to lose that bit of stomach fat right before my Era Walk Fashion Show. […]

  33. 段誉 says:

    Cheers! I enjoy your show. How beautiful of you!

  34. love the last pic. your eyelashes look really long. (:

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