Era Walk Fashion Show (Season Two)

August 2, 2006 in Malaysia / Useless fashion

Pun of the day:
Fashion is something that goes in one era and walks out the other.

For those who expected to see me at the blogger gathering in KLCC, i’m sorry i coudn’t make it. My Sunday couldn’t be busier.

But the strangest thing is, everybody thought that i was going except me.


FireAngel: coming today are u?
Cheesie: no wor
Cheesie: i wasnt even told about it
FireAngel: your name on the list wei!
Cheesie: i know
FireAngel: simply put names only.
FireAngel: wtf!11111one.
FireAngel: how can they just simply assume wan.
FireAngel: so u not going?
Cheesie: i got shows leh
FireAngel: tiu. kenot camwhore wif u adi
Cheesie: yalor. 🙁


On Sunday, i had a shoot in PJ early in the morning. And then rushed back down to Seremban for a second show at Era Walk.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments saying that the make up for the fashion show was horrible.

I know right! It was so damn kao i actually weighed 2kg heavier. And my hair! I could hear my hair weeping while it was enduring the cruel torture. They already styled my hair in the morning for the shoot.


It was already permed and sprayed and back-combed (to achieve the messy out-of-bed big hair look. I HATE this! It hurts and damages the hair so much, and takes FOREVER to de-tangle every strand of my anguished hair. HATE HATE HATE). Summore they were using the hottest perm because my hair is “healthy” so it needs more heat to make it stay!



But then this is beyond my control lor. You think do show very easy ah, walk walk walk only hor. See, our hair got tortured like (in) hell; got burned till chao da; then whirled in dark, stormy winds; then got stuck in combs, tangled, and also immersed in waxy goo. Then you have to spend another hundred bucks to do hair treatment. Not worth it, man.

Look at the hair. Beh tahan the messy curls. My curls are just like seaweed sheets. They become limp after only 5 minutes.

Need to curl again, because they said i looked as if i didn’t wash my hair after the previous show.
Giant Dash Underscore Dash, |||

Here comes the make up. If you think Season One’s make up was kua cheong, wait until you see this one. I think the organizers were deprived during their childhood. They never had the chance to explore their creativity via paintings and graffiti.

Presenting… the HORROR!

Their failed attempt at turning us into peacocks (slash hens slash chicks, whatever).

I think maybe we were actually guinea pigs in some mad experiment. My friend here was transformed into a walking Paddle Pop. Makes me wanna lick her up. 0_o

My double boiled curled hair. Doesn’t my hair look curlier than curly fries? Compare it with my post-show hair at the end of this entry.

I know the make up sucks. No need to rub it in already. -_-. Now for the onstage photos! Go, go! I mean, scroll, scroll! *Diverts attention*.






I damn love this LBD.

I felt good in it…

And paraded it confidently.

Mana tau…

I actually…

Made a major blunder…

I had a price tag attached on me!


You know, actually models can be kind of considered as walking mannequins. But this was just too much.

Damn pai seh lor.


But that’s it la.

At the end of the show, we had a good laugh about it.

Gains: $, new friends and damn lotsa photos.
Losses: tons of make up remover, tons of shampoo, conditioner and DIY hair mask, cranky and tulan hair (like crab sticks), and $ for hair treatment.

You do the math.

39 responses to “Era Walk Fashion Show (Season Two)”

  1. Terry says:

    Conclusion : not worhty going cuz’ after the calculations that u needed to spend on treatment for ur hair.It gonna cost u a bomb. Poor girl,you look the best in the 2nd pic. The rest well let it be 🙂 *cheese

  2. Porkie says:

    Second and Third rounds are best (outfit wise), though the make-up in the 3rd round didn’t look too good (granted make-up for all the round hasn’t been great but still). The photoshoot pics are nice, especially the 2nd one…gorgeous in that one – can’t believe its who you told me that shot them, well I can actually.. seen her work last year and it is good…cheesily good!!! Pre-show pics oso good..ahaha.. can say you look better pre-show than some of the show ones 🙂

  3. angel says:


    My hair are still very much healthy even though i’m severe lacking of human food…


  4. errrbad says:

    well… sometimes, it was nvr about the pay but the experiance.
    i m sure that’s why u did it.

    i like u in all the pics. especially the first 2. 🙂
    and yes… i love your your curls. 😀 too bad it’s only for 2 days.

  5. enrico says:

    Applaud to the make up artists. i think i can do better via the leason from ch 31 First Women or First lady…

    they dun even know how to match the make up with the dress, green eye shadow with black one piece…. it’s match?? lol…not for me…

  6. Terry says:

    enrico : First Lady! 🙂

  7. bioweapon83 says:

    I like this Season 2 compare to that Season 1 .. Hmm got how many more Season to go? Felt like watching Lost got 5 Seasons all together.. But still can see the heavy eyeshadow OMG

  8. snow says:

    Are you sure you did gained weight coz seriously you look so slim and you have a perfect figure for a girl…not too skinny and definitely not fat. I wish i can be like you…*jealous lol* >_

  9. Albert Ng says:



  10. ve says:

    since u hv so many complained y stil take part in it…

  11. AvatarStormBringer says:

    Sorry to say this but… horrible makeup with horrible hairdo…

  12. Sharon says:

    i believe the “abundance and boldness” of makeup used is what you called haute couture 🙂 cheesie doesnt look so bad compared to the PaddlePop girl lol

    btw, can i know what is the brand of the collection? I like it!

  13. damion says:

    errrbad, i beg to differ, the curls only lasted less than an hour per day… the curls look damn nice in the beginning but as she said, look at the final photos where the curls are virtually and practically gone… which i think is a pity because i think those curls look nice on her as well..

  14. cheesie says:

    Angel: So, does it make good pasta? 😀
    bioweapon83: That’s all. End of the season. 🙂
    snow: Like all models, have to starve before shows la. And i’m trying on a new diet which is working good for me. 🙂
    Albert: FAILED attempt hor. So i din turn into a peacock. 😛
    Sharon: It’s for a boutique in Seremban called Sinyi.

  15. Tristan says:

    heh…how come u din parade wif tht guy wan?

    but u look nice in curly hair as well…except for that bundle of karipok on top and those paddlepop make up…pity ur healthy hair though!So long must need lotsa time to do treatment and moisturize!

  16. enrico says:

    thanks terry!!!!!

  17. Leonard says:

    really lei, the makeup is horrible…the first few picture without makeup is okay, with makeup, i can only shake head.

    so pretty and dun let ppl make u ugly lei…dont join next year. okie…haha

  18. syee says:


    the make up is indeed terrible….

  19. gwen says:

    the make up is terrible!
    but the LBD is OHsoGORGEOUS!

  20. Vain says:

    Hi sweetie, care to share yr diet?

  21. s0hp0h says:

    wahhahaha..paddle pop.. lolx

  22. Paws says:

    Chai leung =.=

  23. Melissa says:

    Heyy! I liked your second round outfit most. It’s sooo nice. ^^ Btw, did you get to keep the clothes you model?

  24. CraSH says:

    agreed.. too much make up and the hair is killing your natural looks…
    well at least you made some money… hopefully it is more than your comute, hair treatment and etc…

  25. joe17301 says:

    hi Cheesie-sama… can’t believe, I guess what is LBD before I saw picture. So proud of myself haha (stupid Joe… >_

  26. joe17301 says:

    And I forgot about that special character to end the post…

    I try again!

    hi Cheesie-sama… can’t believe, I guess what is LBD before I saw picture. So proud of myself haha (stupid Joe… X_X) BANZAI BANZAI!

    Anyway, you always look good ok. No matter what make up and hairstyle, still you’re cheesie-sama and look good 🙂

    Nevermind all the buaya and some of bad comment 😀 You are famous 😀

  27. jj says:

    all gosh, the makeup and hair is making u so ugly…….

  28. ShadowFox says:

    Aiyoyoo… kesian…. All of you really look like walking paddlepop ice creams.

    Paddle pop… Super Duper Yummy. kekeke.

    Bad lighting, bad time to shoot even.

    And very very very bad make-up.. 🙁

  29. stoney84 says:

    u gained fame as well…

  30. clymenia says:

    i think u must be having oily hair type… oily hair is very very hard n difficult to style.. da style wont hold n it is lifeless.. oily hair is da most challenging task for stylist to style..

  31. Dr. Tan says:

    Ooops.. I’m sorry I don’t know why didn’t the mail didn’t reach you.

  32. cely says:

    Arhh… Cheesie.. You dun look like you ! My gosh…

  33. vivien says:

    kesian…. the show torture your healthy hair only…. really not worth it la…. can see so obvious your hair separuh mati in the pix….

    oh yeah… very lousy makeup artists they had btw…..

  34. vivien says:

    btw take a good rest laa, ur 1st pix had very tired looking eyes… poor cheesie

  35. Selfairy says:

    Yeah, the makeup artists are either colorblind, or, they are trying to make all of you into peacocks slash models. Btw, they should do up your hair next time, I think you’d look good like that, instead of letting (all) your hair down. But yeah, curls are sexy… But you’re hot already;)


  36. Hijackqueen says:

    Wah, the eyeshadow really very kau. Nice meh? These ppl no taste issit.

  37. Charlotte says:

    Hii x You are one stunner . I love your hair . Its floorless. I wish i could look like you |@) xxx

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