Japanese School Girl Season 2

March 15, 2007 in Useless fashion

My altercheesego emerged.

Cheesy thanks to Velocity studio, Excalibur, and Taisu who wore the same color as mine that day. Otsukaresamadeshita!

The outfit is up for bidding at Cheesie’s Wardrobe.

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  1. My goodness Ms. Cheesiemotto your beautiful! She blinded Me with science.

  2. So cute! Really looks like japanese girl. 🙂

  3. ugly.very ugly.

  4. mingy: ugly is ur heart, that is y u see things ugly!

  5. You look better with your hair let down

  6. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Looking good! 🙂

  7. Cowilicious~!! *bite bite*

  8. Somehow the picture with your fringe let down makes it more disappointing compared to your old hairstyle…

    Or it could be just me. :/

  9. yeah, i actually agree wif converse. i like your old hair better.

  10. The second pic is my favorite………..everything is pink! Yikes…..hehehe……

  11. the last photo looks realli funny.. =(

  12. undeniable

  13. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Errrrmm its true you look better with your hair let down……..Doing the pig tail just doesnt suit you……and a pink…school uniform??? man….what would the japs think of next???ppink sailor outfits?? >.

  14. a Japanese school girl outfit… well done.. you just made a lot of people very very happy today cheesie

  15. nice~ japanese cute costume, it just made my day

  16. malay school girl! 🙂 too tanned to be japanese… japanese tend to have smaller noses too! but still cheesie is cantik la!!

  17. CheesieFanBoy, why you says “japs”? Why you think it’s ok? Please, stop using that word in posting.

    Anyway, cheesie looks good in this outfit~ Thanks, cheesie for sharing more pictures about your interesting life^^

  18. Awww no longer with the photographer named Self Timer. *sniff*

  19. farrell baby, you are so behind fashion. it’s trendy nowaday in japan to be tanned. and cheesie here is naturally honey glazed (as opposed to tan bed glazed!) alrite.

  20. tanned with coloured hair was the fashion the last time i was there.
    cheesie looks cheesilicious!

  21. annie, it is true that it’s no trendy to b tanned in japan now. but bear in mind that japanese r born fair. so they hav to go for regular tanning session to remain tanned. nevertheless, they will see remain fair most of the time. not to that tanned like cheesie.

  22. erm…you might find that tanned is STILL one of the sub cultures in Japan just like Gothic Lolita etc..so you can still say it is trendy and popular. Just because you don’t read hear about it as much doesn’t mean it still isn’t…things don’t have to be mainstream or maybe for some people it does. BTW..there are naturally tanned Japanese too, if you know where in Japan to look you’ll find them.

    Anyway, does all this even matter? Dear Cheesie is tanned yet still as gorgeous as ever.. End Of.

  23. Tanning is definitely sub-culture in Japan… why? Of course, because most city Japanese aren’t tanned so… if you are tanned, then fashionable. But village Japanese who work in fields all day can be very tanned.

    And, I agree with Porkie… Cheesie is still as pretty as ever so, it’s not important ^^

  24. hmm… well beauty is subjective! 🙂 ringo looks fine… just depends on whos judging! sme ppl like fair, others like tanned- so we have a diverse range of opinions!! but the consensus is that……. ringo is malaysian, however jap she tries to be….. and that by some standards she looks good, to others who favor fair skin and smaller noses, she doesnt. to me she looks cantik! (from a malaysian perspective speaking)

  25. hey cute looking girl, you have nice dress, don’t you have another dress school,

  26. i think your 1st set of school girl pix looks better… by the way, i don’t know if others agree or notice this, you some what look like amber chia from afar…

  27. yikes, after reading others’ post, people do know you look like amber chia after all… anyway, hope to see more of tour pix…

  28. u look cute… i lik janpanese , especialy anime girl… try new costumes !

  29. Celestia-Astrid says:

    I love this beautiful serafuku. I’m envious! As for the people who made ‘… ugly …’ comments, (politely put) they are bozo’s.

  30. a.k.a zenith M.B says:

    so cute… very cute….wwwwwww

  31. Selamat siang, salam kenal…
    Baru hari ini saya baca blog ini, ketemu di yahoo 😀

    Si Cantik

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