My Wedding

March 12, 2007 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

(If i ever get married la.)

Of course, i will invite all of you, cheesable or uncheesable, to my wedding cheesemony.


The venue won’t be your typical boring church or some lousy chinese restaurant with lotsa “yam-seng yam-seng” going on one. Siao. Give some class please.

Instead it would be:

Or something of the like. A cheese resort is good.


Where you can help yourself to some first-class fondue buffet


Of course there will be this very cheesilicious wedding cake made of the creamiest and most expensive cheeses

while listening to specially compiled wedding theme songs by the world’s cheesiest artists.

Hopefully, i have enough cheese dough to afford one of those very beautiful cheese cars that i can park very specially!

Liddat only got FACE ma!
And i’ll park right in front of the hotel/resort’s main entrance. HORIZONTALLY. So that all my guests will have to worship the ground it parks on.


Then the cheesemony begins…

Pastor to Groom: What pledge do you give of the sincericheese of your vows?
Groom: A ring.

Pastor to Bride: Do you accept this ring as a pledge of the sincericheese of the groom’s vows?
Bride: I cheese. null

(OMC my hubby’s gonna love me till the end of cheesedom, i’m such a good wife who saves him so much money from buying diamonds that we can’t eat.)



My hubby and i will make our vows. If i can invite Wallace & Gromit to be our witnesses it will be very shiok la. But if they’re too busy with their anti-pesto project also never mind. At least we are wed in the sight of the almighty Cheesus Crust.

And we’ll live cheesily ever after. (Hopefully lo.)


Oh ya. Remember there’s a dress code for this special occasion.

For guys

For girls

You all are gonna wear like this hor.

37 responses to “My Wedding”

  1. WY says:

    Hmm.. Your imaginative skills are great!

  2. Dave63 says:

    You are and simply will be “Your Cheesieness”, All hail the power of Cheese. What about the Cheesemaids, how wil they dress? p.s. who is the lucky Cheese that will buy you that georgeous ring?

  3. Kate says:

    woah, this is cool.
    drowning with cheese. especially the cheezels ring and dress code.
    Itz a good thing to plan ahead.

  4. Madame serena mozarella says:

    i look into my crystal ball ….. and i see…. Cheesie walking down the cheesey aisle.. looking cheesily pretty, cheesielubtely ravishing . YOU WILL GET MARRIED CHEESIE.. 🙂

    browsing yr blog each time makes me craze for my fav cheese..mozarella & cheesecakes !! can’t do cheese fondue though……. too rich….. d lemakness.. tummy can’t digest T__T

    cute post 🙂 the 4-tiered wedding cheese cake looks delish ! but dont think its real – styrofoam painted like cheese??

  5. Chris says:

    the cake so cute, got mouse holding the cake!

  6. joe17301 says:


    You are strange. But I love you anyway.



  7. rainyuki says:

    Oh gawd… don’t tell me. Cheese carpet too?!?!?!

  8. viviensiu says:

    LOL! very creative wedding idea, you cheesypuns are back! 😀

  9. yvonne says:

    i tot fondue house closed ady…
    still operating merh..???

  10. kcin says:

    if really got such wedding, can enter Ripley’s Believe It or Not already…
    Believe it…

  11. naVICgaTOR says:

    What a great place to hold a wedding… Fond of U House~!

  12. sheon says:

    OMC….!! Cheese fondue?! now, isnt that just sheer brilliance! and the cheeseblocks wedding cake is damn nice woi………but…with so many cheesiefans, will a cake that size be enough to go around?

  13. Converse says:

    That cheezels ring probably wouldn’t last more than a day each time 😀

    And omg you didn’t state how the wedding gown might look like, cheese gown? xD

  14. speearr says:

    what a cheesy entry! betcha u’ll end up with the guy with the diamond ring, not the cheezel! lol…

  15. Penny says:

    Yeah the Fondue Hse is no longer there….I really miss it so so so much… *sigh* By any chance if any of you spotted new Fondue House pls pls keep me inform ya….

  16. Ivy says:

    I like cheese very much too… However, the cheese cake looks like yellow sponge… Please serve blueberry cheese cakes from Secret Recipe leh…

  17. baby sa says:

    good idea.then you shall give everyone a box of kenko diet plum as door gift to shed away all the calories:p

  18. Cozzie says:

    I cant help but feel that it slowly but surely gets more cheesy with each idea. If this were only your wedding, I shiver at the thought of your honeymoon(or cheesemoon). My good your cheesiness has gotten to me!

  19. Mirimite says:

    Give you & your groom wedding present of Hello Panda (Cheese flavoured of course)! Can get them in Miri (along with Steak, BBQ and the usual Strawberry & Chocolate Hello Panda).

  20. CheesieFanBoy says:

    wah dun get married arrrr unless the groom is muah, thats right…yours truely………..hehehe
    but you seriously dun expect ppl to dress that way hor……….I mean cheese on the head is embarassing enough…….cheese bewbs cover?? wht if people eat through it?? @@”

  21. jen says:

    i think your blog is entertaining, but it’s offensive when you use other poeple’s religion as a joke.

  22. viviensiu says:

    jen: i’m sure she don’t mean it offensively, compare to some bloggers she’s quite ok at the religion thingy already 😛

  23. John says:

    What is life if not to be joking? 🙂 This world would do well to be more open, light and less terse towards others.

    Truly, it is understood. Do not take things so serious in all ways.
    I for one… am quite (still) unmistakably smitten with cheesie and her ways.
    Cheese on! – Couple of my favs are Pepperjack, and Gouda.
    You should have a special – gouda buddha for the occasion of all occasions… 🙂
    Peace, Light, and Love to You All!!!
    ~~~ ~~ ~

  24. waNLei says:

    i lik the cheesilicious wedding cake much !!! :p

  25. Betty says:

    Where is this fondue place?!

    How come it escaped my notice??

    Where is it, Cheesie? Tell please? *begs*

  26. cheesie says:

    Betty: Went there several months ago in Hartamas, but some readers above commented that it has closed down.

  27. Paul says:

    Just amazed that you could find so many cheesy photos 😛 And that wedding cake looks amazing!

  28. jen says:

    john, i didn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any jokes, i’m merely suggesting that religion is not something to be made fun of. =)

  29. smelly pooch says:

    haha.. u like cheese so much.. maybe u’ll need to marry a rat next time!
    and ur wedding gift is gonna be affordable, a big slice of brie and a pack of cheezels haha

    then i’ll invite you to my wedding and you’ll need to give me the normal angpow

    woo hoo. just found a way to make money!

  30. Cowie says:

    I am cow, you are made from my milk, so part of me is you, therefore lets get married~!!! What are you waiting for?

    Proposed to me immediately bah~!!

  31. cheesie says:

    Cowie: That’ll just make you my mom, Cowie.

  32. rachel says:

    hahaa.. very entertaining la !!!

  33. Cowie says:

    Darn~! How abt in an adverse way… no cow no cheese? so you must have me.. buahaha.. so lets get married. lala~!!

  34. John says:

    Mine was really only a suggestion also. If those who purport to follow
    in the way… cant take it, they fell asleep too soon. Willing spirit, Weak flesh, tends to do that.
    Not actually a joke though. Humorous – yes.

    As far as Religion… No comment. But I get ya.

    Never underestimate – The power of Cheeeese. 🙂
    That Fondue looks great, finger roll dippin time!


  35. Albert Ng says:

    …or would that make your mom a c… nevermind. Hi aunty! *waves*

  36. cheesie says:

    Albert: She’s a Taurean.

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