I love Taipei 3

April 22, 2007 in Taiwan

Connection cheesed up at my place! Been begging to use Yuen Yuen’s lappie. He plays some stupid “Conquer” online game for a few months already. If i accidentally close it he will kill me by throwing me into a pool of parsley juice. Have to be so careful ok!

Anycheese. Some Cheescapade photos!

KLIA with Kiki and Erm, Takashi T.`OMC so happy!

Half way flying, I was watching X Men II. Suddenly some people got noisy. With my earpiece on also can hear ok! Some shouted and some exclaimed, and then several China Airlines chicks approched hastily.

So scary! Some terrorists brought anthrax onboard or what?!?666

I turned around and GUESS WHAT I SAW?


A guy proposing to his girlfriend on the plane! There were at least 10 of his friends cheering for him and sorta “forced” the girl to say yes. The girl was overwhelmed la and she cried. Awww. Then they started to sing “明 天 我 要 嫁 给 你 啦 ” (Tomorrow I’m gonna marry you) and the China Airlines chicks brought them some wine and a bouquet of flowers! I wonder how they managed to get the flowers on board without the girl noticing!


Nowadays want to get a wife also not easy wei. Have to be damn creative!

Arriving Taipei at 8pm, and we headed straight to the famous Ah Zhong Mee Suah!



They don’t even have proper tables yet everyone was queuing up!


The one without parsley was mine. Can’t believe Kiki actually said it tasted better with it!

And of course, Takoyaki!!


Then we bought this “Spiral Chips”. It’s amazing! I have no idea how they make it without breaking the chips!


And so many flavors to choose from! Curry, plum, wasabi, CHEESE! Whatever you choose, just don’t choose “mix flavor”.


Because! The lady sprinkles the chips with whatever flavored powders and the powder gets through and falls onto a tray. I’m guessing she uses the powder in the tray later on as “mix flavor”! Just guessing, ok!


She sprinkled so much of it! Kiki and I kept choking on the powder.

7-Eleven in Taipei!!!


They have so many nice bentos (Lunch boxes. In this case, supper boxes)! Try going to a 7-11 in KL and see what you get. A bunch of smoking asses outside and some curry puffs, if you’re lucky.


I picked this box.


So cute the packing!


And so many kinds of sauces!

The best thing i bought that day…

Cute. Fluffy. Racoon. Slippers! WITH TAILS!


I still can’t decide if it’s racoon or red panda.

For those who have ordered and paid for your costumes, very very sorry i haven’t had time to send them out yet. Will do it ASAP! Thanks acheese!

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24 responses to “I love Taipei 3”

  1. nini says:

    i luv ur panda slippers

  2. mun says:

    Wah…I also like the raccoon slippers…..soooo cute…..sooo cute on Cheesie….I’ve never been to Taiwan before and always wanted to go there to see see, walk walk and eat eat…..Thanks for sharing the pics with us….At least it satisfy abit by looking at the pics…^^
    Can’t wait for you to post up the stuff that you bought back from Taiwan…Hope you’ve sorted your most of your things out by now.

  3. Paul says:

    Whoa. Kiki looks beautiful. Can I marry her?

  4. Cozzie says:

    my god, how i miss good Chinese food =( how long did you spend there?

  5. clement says:

    Ohhhhh….. i wan to eat those as my supper in my dream tonight…

  6. clement says:

    kiki is pretty…

  7. jaded says:

    u just made me hungry… >.

  8. Dave63 says:

    Way cool photo Ringo, Love the racoon slippers. How do you think your BF will propose to you? OMG I cant belive I asked, Cheese you later

  9. sugar says:

    what a romantic way to propose. but if the girl isnt ready for marriage, it could turn out quite embarrasing…

    didnt you try the taiwan-famous smelly toh fu 臭豆腐 and fried oyster 蚵仔煎?

  10. cheesie says:

    Paul: She’s getting married.
    Cozzie: 5 days!
    sugar: I ate 臭豆腐! Not smelly at all! And 蚵仔mee suah.

  11. sheon says:

    I am still undecided on which is cuter in the last pic……Cheesie or the raccons?

  12. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Ringo If I proposed to you on a plane would you say YES???? *probably not*
    Hahaha Now really not easy to get a wife arrr cuz girls become more and more demanding hor…. =P
    Maybe SHould try to propose to RIngo on a cruise leh……….^^ maybe she say, YES ^^
    =P hahaha

  13. Hijackqueen says:

    Woa! Very unique chips wor. And I think that is racoon.

  14. Someone says:

    Aww the slippers are so adorable, the chips looks delicious >_>

  15. Converse says:

    Parsley is good food, you don’t know how to appreciate it! D:

  16. Taipei says:

    i love you two !

  17. lovegoddess says:

    all the pics taiwanese yummy snacks & foodies is making me so hungry!!

    on the costumes, a million thanks for your uber-fast delivery Cheesie 🙂 you Rock !

  18. sakakida says:

    huh kiki getting married? are you serious?

  19. pmc says:

    I wonder how he will divorce her?

    You hear big noise, you look over man opening the door all his friends grab the wife and toss her out? LOL

    **Racoon** They will protect your feet with their itty bitty sharp teeth 🙂

  20. siong1987 says:

    “Nowadays want to get a wife also not easy wei. Have to be damn creative!” – Quote of the post.

  21. angelyn says:

    pmc, heartless leh u! ppl not married yet n you talk abt divorce, hehe…anyway u hav sense of humour.

  22. Fwa says:

    Ha ha… I totally posted where I didn’t mean to. 😛 if you don’t have a system that let’s you know when a message is posted, check the comments for your karaoke sins entry. xD I posted there, like a dummy.

  23. Ivy says:

    I wanna eat spiral chips.. I must visit Taiwan in future when I have enough money.

  24. That is kind of shocking, the nail thing…

    Cool though!


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