Magic Jeans

July 24, 2007 in Just Punny

Pun of the day:
Guess it’s the jeans that make my legs so long.

(Double pun ok, albeit one recycled. I’m a cheesnius. Muahahah.)


I was searching for jean’s pictures and i saw these picture Jolin posed for Levi’s.

Very very pretty.


But i found something extremely disturbing. Especially in the picture below.

Jolin is only 158cm (she lied, however tall she claims she is).


Like earth worms liddat. So looooooooooong.




Ok. She exercises like mad everyday. She does yoga, she eats only steamed veggies, she’s did a nose job and a boob job and she probably donated 666 billion dollars in her previous life to deserve such a beautiful next life.

So she was born with this insanely proportionate body that makes her a 九头美女 (nine-head beauty, meaning she looks like her body is 9x her head’s length. This has nothing to do with actual height). But even so, her legs can’t look THAT long. Unless! Her head is as small as a kiwi.




I’m 100% sure that the picture has gone through excruciating digital surgery for that effect.

No. wait. Maybe it’s the jeans. Levi’s does hint that their divine denim can make girls look like they have pins that stretch on forever and ever, don’t they?


Yes, i’m 10000% sure that it’s the jeans. Levi’s jeans work like magic to your lower torso.

But guess what?




Yes, it’s my Guess jeans again. I think i just bought a pair of magic jeans. With my Guess jeans, my legs can stretch longer than Jolin’s. It’s true. I even have an ad for it.


Click for a larger image


I love Photoshop I love my jeans.




Eh. Clap la. I spent at least 3 hours posing and editing that picture okay.

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80 responses to “Magic Jeans”

  1. jessie says:

    * clap clap *

    N u do have nice long legs~~!! =)

  2. hao says:

    Wah, yours look longer than jolin’s XD

  3. greg says:

    jolin does look very good though…

  4. Porkie says:

    *claps wildly*

    Blavo dear!! Ehehehe.. now faster get back to taking more photos 😛

  5. May Zhee says:

    Jolin did a nose job! No denying that.

    Yours actually look a lot nicer than Jolin’s. Look at her hand. It closely resembles some devil’s claw. Yours seem more divine and ladylike. =)

    Sue me lor. I’m anti-Jolin.

  6. Jenchu says:

    Hahah! That’s an awesome parody 😛

    Must be the jeans. They’re lovely by the way 😉

  7. Not bad, not bad. Imagine what you could do if they were Levi’s though Cheesie.

  8. Ivy says:

    haha…your left leg look abit crooked…

    good photoshop skills… 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    Nice. I am always jealous to see people look good in jeans, as i will never become one of them.

  10. yung . says:

    *Claps* x 100
    *Audience scream* x 100
    *Cheering* x 100

    lolz. That Levis jeans got design for males ar? I wanna make my leg longer too!

  11. I am who I am says:

    Whoa! Leg so long till can’t fit into that ad properly. Bravo bravo! *Clap clap*

  12. FRESHOYSTERS says:

    *standing ovation*

    panjaaaaaangnya XD

  13. lollipop says:

    whoa! impressed! /claps
    u really go and pose like her and snap this pic.. hahaha! cant believe that 😀 anyway.. great effort.. the pic look nice.. =) cheers!

  14. clement says:

    clap x 10000…….geng….nicely done….email to Levis office, mayb u r the next model for their product…

  15. xy says:

    whoa! the award winning parody goes to…cheesie the goddess of cheese! *claps*…….

  16. Hayabusa says:

    woohoo… nice job man!!! very beautiful indeed. i wonder how it’d look like if you didn’t photoshop it… jolin very ke-lian leh… can only eat steamed stuff, she’s missing so much good food, unlike cheesie who can eat whatever, so i think you’re actually luckier weh… agree with clement, you should go ad for levi’s too. by the way, how tall are you actually?

  17. Karyn says:

    No way Jolin’s legs are that skinny!!! Like skeleton.

    Is it just me – or in your photo, one leg’s shorter than the other? =P

  18. jian says:

    wah… nice editing skill!! *amazed at the skill more than the model (cheesie)* XD hahaha

  19. Kerry says:

    Whoa how did you do it! Very pretty! Can you teach us?

  20. blurcase says:

    if you stretch out your left leg…it’s shorter than ur right….HAHAHAHHA

  21. jennyyean says:

    Kudos! Really well done haha. That pic of Jolin definitely fake. Don’t know how much photoshop they did. agree, why dont you show use how you did it? 😛

  22. kcin says:

    good photoshop skill 🙂
    and you really really got a lot of free time, don’t ya? 😛

  23. misha says:

    *jiejie cheesie* .. mish in KL now .. email me your contact number so that i can call you hehehee

  24. cassie says:

    that’s cool! can show the pic before ps?

  25. mun says:

    I guess it is also why the reason why more and more girls got anorexia :*( cheated by the airbrushed, gorgeous models in the Ads.

  26. Tribe 67 says:

    wow… Squeeze dou…
    Like dat also can, anyway very nice…
    Anyway cheesie, hav u ever tried sushi with cheese?
    come sushi groove…

  27. Asyraf Lee says:

    I love photoshop, it’s the best digital make up 😛

    btw, who’s that jolin?

  28. yapthomas says:

    photoshop pull the leg longer? 😛

  29. Kay says:

    lol…everything was fine, the girl looks great and then the picture of the long legs….
    your right… it look stretched 😛

  30. annasui says:

    can recommend yourself to guess to become spokesperson liao!
    asyraflee, jolin is famous taiwanese singer.

  31. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Wow,super long legs!!! *claping* 🙂

  32. XiaoJingLing says:

    told you you’d fall if lifting both legs at a time 😀

  33. sheon says:

    divine proportion: measure the total height of a person, H cm. Measure the distance from bottom of feet to navel, X cm. Measure distance top of head to navel, Y cm. X will be 1.61 times of Y.

  34. Rey says:

    Er.. seriously, how tall are you anyways? Hopefully you should be taller than Jolin

  35. ppg says:

    cool long legs babe~ XD

  36. Lissa says:

    personally i prefer the jeans you’re wearing. it has a slightly baggy look to it which seems more natural… and comfortable =

    and yes we all love photoshop…

  37. naeboo says:

    she also got her chipmunk cheeks done to slim her face la. 😛

  38. jam says:

    Clap! Clap! Bravo!!! Photoshop rocks…

  39. wah…super super super long..longer then my legs and i m 184 cm..

  40. vss3t says:

    after looking at Jolin’s adverts across all over the mags in msia, i nearly did tat pose and tried to photoshop it…but no avail.
    you definately fulfilled my dream!

  41. cheesie says:

    Jessie: They are fake! 0.o
    Hao: Ya lo. Magic of PS.
    greg: She is!!!
    Porkie: I’m done!
    May Zhee: *shocked* siao ah this is a compliment i cannot accept wei. I don’t particularly adore Jolin but i do think she is very pretty. Though i think she looked cuter before her, uhm, whatever-jobs.
    Jenchu: Thank you! Love the jeans too!
    Stevo: Amazingly this pair i found from Guess is cheaper than a decent Levi’s.
    Ivy: I know 🙁 That part is a bit tricky.
    Karen: All you need is a pair of jeans that fits and flatters you. 🙂

  42. cheesie says:

    Yung: Go to Levi’s la. I’m sure they have something you like.
    You are who you are: Yes that’s the whole point! Muahaha.
    Freshoyster: *bows* thanks thanks! *throws oysters around*
    lollipop: Thanks! Yea it’s not easy lo cuz have to pose exactly the same, though i just managed to mimic 90%.
    Clement: Whoaaa want meh
    xy: Do i get a cheese trophy? 😀
    Hayabusa: You dunno one. Every girl has her steamed veggies days. Just i’ve gone passed it.
    Karyn: It is indeed! The knees don’t align nicely. But that part is hard to PS.

  43. cheesie says:

    Kerry & jenny & cassie: Caaaaaan.
    blurcase: I know 😛
    kcin: Not a lot, no. just 24 hours a day. I wish i had 40.
    Misha sugar: I mailed you. Go cheese it out! 😀
    Mun: Agreed!
    Tribe 666: Yea i had a cheese and salmon maki i think. Philadelphia maki also got cheese! 🙂
    Asyraf: Whoa u still read my blog geh!!!666 Oh can’t agree more. In fact, i didn’t have a scrap of make up on. All make up was done digitally. Jolin is Taiwanese lollipop ayumi-wannabe singer.

  44. cheesie says:

    Yapthomas: Yes!
    Kay: Yay. my point made.
    Ying Bin: Hishiko is still in. 😀
    XiaoJingLing: Ooops. Not bad at least i fell with grace *snob*
    sheon: Thanks for the tip. Though i’d rather not know about it. Definitely don’t fit the bill haha.
    Rey: Just a wee bit la.
    ppg: Thanks.
    Lissa: I’m sure Jolin’s jeans wasn’t that fitting. IT’S ALL PHOTOSHOP!!! Grrr.
    Naeboo: Yea yea that too.
    Jam: Thanks jam!
    lotsofcravings: waa so tall. So u fit the divine proportion or not?!
    vss3t: Try it! Very easy nia. 🙂

  45. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Yea,she’s still in!I went 2 NTV7 studio at Shah Alam last nite 2 watch the recording. 🙂
    I’ve juz discovered something,ur ‘tattoo’ is slight higher than Jolin’s,hehe!

  46. GorgeousAyuMe says:

    i saw that at levis mid valley if i’m not mistaken. that jolin legs disturb me also. O_O kinda scary i think. if they surely have the jeans that could make my legs that way, i want 10 of them. seriously! -_-“

  47. Thanis says:

    Nice one! Now if I could fotoshop my tummy away and make my face look thinner … hmm ….. *opens fotoshop*

  48. Ben Samin says:

    hey chessie, your name is ringo?? wow! that’s a cooler name! : )
    I got your comment on drawing being a talent that fades. How about this. We’ll try and practice for a month or so, and see how the result comes out. if it sucks, we’ll scrap drawing forever. kaw-tim, leng lui?


  49. yung says:

    i love the puns~ made my day =)
    and ur entries are very interesting ^^
    nice jeans =P
    i’ll visit ya often~
    and i’ll link ya if u don’t mind =)

  50. Peter says:

    Jolin pretty? Er no thanks

  51. keel says:

    why her legs so long? because she’s wearing magic jeans loh!im sure that photo had been edited with photoshop before pubished…hahaha!

  52. misha says:

    *jiejie cheesie* nice talking to you on the phone .. you sounded soo sweet!

  53. sheon says:

    Cheesie: divine proportion applies for almost anything! arm length, facial features, fingers..etc etc…..cant run out one……..

  54. fish fish says:

    拍手!! 綺麗な足です。

    Cheesie, I linked your cheddie’s post to my latest post, hope you don’t mind.

  55. doll says:

    wow, agree with yingbinsousa who has sharp eyes.:)

  56. jessie says:


    Uh huh!!
    I saw some of ur other pics too~~
    N ur legs do look amazing~~
    Without photoshop~~ =)


    To a sexy gurl~~!!

  57. viviensiu says:

    *clap clap* (LOL)

    eh dun just photoshop mah, pose a real one in the Guess jeans for us 🙂

    my fave pair of jeans is bought from Treats, RM59.90 I think. The only pair of skinny jeans that clings so sexily to my legs. I

  58. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Doll:Thank u,thank u!Hehe! 🙂

  59. lovegoddess says:

    u look very pretty in d ‘cheesie style’ ad 😉

  60. cheesie says:

    Ying Bin: Good luck to her and yes, observant you are! 🙂
    GorgeousAyuMe: In the magazines, the ad is a double-page spread, so part of the jeans got stuck in at the binding. Therefore it’s only logical they stretch it longer so that it doesn’t appear shorter than original.
    Thanis: Of course you can! 😀
    Ben Samin: Cannot la nowadays ppl draw using computer d. And! What an excuse to give up drawing! Hmmph!
    Yung: Thank you! Link ahead, my pleasure!
    Peter: Maybe she’s just not your type. 🙂
    keel: No doubt about that.
    Mandy: Thank you!
    Misha: You’re tooooooooo sweeeeeeeet! *develops diabetes* When can i bring you for cheesecake?
    sheon: 🙁
    fish fish: Arigatou! Of course, go ahead. 🙂
    doll: Meticulous girl she is!
    jessie: where gooooot! My legs have to stretch at least 40% more to be considered long.
    Viviensiu: Eh? your comment not complete? Where’s Treats?! Ya i will post the pix soon. 🙂
    Lovegoddess: U have to do my meme. Wahahha.

  61. misha says:

    *jiejie cheesie* don’t know whennnnnnnnnnnn but soon I hope! Otherwise we will meet up the next trip I come back to KL again ok ?

  62. MonkeyWong says:

    Wah! Good one! Can put monkey head or not? 😛

  63. Porkie says:

    Cheesie-dear – nemai Levis or GUESS jeans lah.. should be aiming higher end..hehe.. think you could sell higher end brands better 😉

    Misha, koko porkie wanna meet you too.. your jiejie always got sweet things to say.. i bring you both out to eat one whole cheesecake when im back, can ah? 🙂

  64. sheon says:

    I WANT CHEESECAKE ALSO!!! *sulks*………………hahahahahahahhahaa

  65. misha says:

    *korkor porkie* hahaha .. you are asking jiejie cheesie for a date ar ?

  66. jfoll says:

    you look like jolin in that picture. =) thanks for your tag over at my side. i always read your blog and i love your pun of the day. =)

  67. Chee Hsien says:

    *clap clap clap clap* 😀

  68. clement says:

    aiyo… nice to be a baby… cheese cake to eat….

  69. Oli says:


  70. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Porkie: I’m actually a baby still,lol!R u gonna bring me along too?Haha! :p

  71. Rose says:

    LoL.. now i know what you mean by fake… hahahahaha…

  72. satkuru says:

    wow now that’s long ! hahaha

  73. Porkie says:

    Misha – hehe..who knows but cannot be date with you and cheddie there lah 😉
    Ying – onli a bebe ah? ok lah i will consider it..hehe..

  74. lasilasi says:

    haha really really loooong….

  75. Lala says:

    CLAP CLAP!! =)

  76. milky says:

    what can i say…you r awesome ~~

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