Haih. Headache.

July 26, 2007 in Cheese-offs

Pun of the day:
Dior are crazy about the bag. 0.o

The most sought after item in Cheesie’s Wardrobe, ever.


Coco was trying to sell her original Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag on Wardrobe at RM700. The price was supposed to be negotiable, and interested buyers should email her directly for negotiation. However, there seemed to be an enormous amount of Dior fans who have waited ravenously to prey on the gorgeous bag. Some offered more than RM700, so she decided to auction it.

Man, the bidding was so intense at the last few minutes of closing!

It’s now gone as high as RM960 (Coco told me that some even offered more than one thousand) but the problem is, who should the item go to?

I set the closing time as 10.00PM. Of course the item will go to the one who bid the highest, naturally. However, to be fair, all bids after 10.00pm should not count. And there were more than 3 people who bid at the same time.




Does that mean that the item will go to the last person who bid on 9.59PM? Or the first person who bid on 10.00PM? (who happens to be the same person) OR the last person who bid on 10.00PM?

So confusing. 0.o

This is really a matter of technicality. And this is where millisecond actually matters.

After a looooong discussion, Coco and I have come to an agreement that the last person who bid on 9.59PM (Kanimaki) should win it. Sorry quipex, sorry styled_up and very very sorry Karen. 🙁

I’m very very sorry to those who loved to bring the gorgeous Dior baby home, but there can only be one winner. For those who didn’t get it, please please please don’t come and spray moldy cheese on my house or hire an assassin.

*Apolocheezes profusely*


More chun items are coming up soon, i promise.

P/S: Also on the way to posting my original short-legged photos. Stay cheesed.

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46 responses to “Haih. Headache.”

  1. cassie says:

    cool yet hottest bag ever ?

  2. That’s the only fair way. 10:00 is technically after 10pm, even if only by a few seconds. You made the correct decision.

  3. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    “The most sought after item in Cheesie’s Wardrobe, ever.”

    Totally agree with u,I saw tat too!Am so surprised,lol!

  4. coco says:

    im really really sory styled up n cheesie n karen n kimaki!
    very2 sory!

  5. coco says:

    n angel too!

  6. Ben Samin says:

    if i can’t use it as a saddle to go horse-riding……

  7. kcin says:

    walau! how much does an original costs?

  8. Karen says:

    Its ok, i understand tht. Congrat to Kanimaki and also thank to coco and Cheesie. 🙂

  9. Rose says:

    coco, just wondering.. why did you give such an offer ? you don’t like this bag?

  10. satkuru says:

    i am also curious on the original price of the bag 😛 the bag does look nice. no wonder ppl bid until like that 🙂

  11. astrosurge says:

    so intense til lidat? u shud consider setting up ur own auction site for the fashionistas…how about Cheesebay? 😀

  12. Kay says:

    I guess when it comes down to, what individual likes, some will go above and beyond to get it, not matter the price. Though I could pass on this one, not a bag that would make me drool 😛

  13. dave63 says:

    Karen was a good sport maybe later she will get her own bag. Hi Cheesie.

  14. sheon says:

    Do you have the “this is not a plastic bag” bag? that is sooo cool!

  15. Cozzie says:

    I think if there are conflicting bids, then the auction should be extended. It is just fair, reasons being: the time on their clock might be different to yours, this isnt an auto bidding system so you have to do it manually, streamyx issues, basically it’s a bid, not a race. And it isnt intentional and is in everyone’s best interest to extend it.

  16. jessie says:


    Nice!! =)
    Bidding can be fun huh??

  17. mygixs says:

    should the highest bid win.. so if somebody offer the highest win.. not the last to bid

  18. Hayabusa says:

    Undoubtedly, undisputably, you’ve made the right choice… you said closes AT 2200, then shall it be… well, there’s only 1 bag & 1 winner, so… (scratching head for words, but failed to find any)… ok, you may find this offensive, as will some who read this comment will, i just understand why people would go chase after a bag thats not really big or anything & which the price is so god-damn high…

    alright, anyone not ok with this, feel free to blow fire right at my face…

  19. ARGH!!!!!! says:


    the seller contacted me to tell me i won the bag, we made arrangements to meet up and did the transaction. 4 hours later, she sms to tell me that someone else is actually the winner and that cheesie here has posted it up without properly confirming with her. (or else, why would she have made the transaction with me? they had the entire night and morning and afternoon to discuss it with each other to avoid any misunderstanding. i’m still waiting for cheesie to reply me email)

    so help me understand this or at least feel better? when i already paid for the bag, took time off to meet up with the seller, have the bag with me right now and well dare i say, OWN it? only to have the seller forcing me to give it back to her cause the involved party did not communicate well?

    i understand that this is not ebay and that probably no one expected this to happen, but it has! coco decided i was the winner and told me directly (i have no idea how her communication with cheesie went) and i am the rightful owner of the bag am i not? am i supposed to return it? i don’t want to cause i love the bag and i did not do anything wrong! it’s horrible having to return something i like so dearly! (albeit JUST a bag to some people)

    what do u guys think – now after hearing my side of the story?

  20. dior _lover says:

    shucks i really wanted this bag, but i was too late to the party 🙁

    if you already paid for it, and the seller agreed to sell it to you, i dont see the problem ?

  21. jennyyean says:

    whoa happening nya the auction. so cool

  22. cheesie says:

    Dear Styled_up,

    Once again i’d like to insist that i got her permission to announce the winner before i officially closed the bid. And we BOTH agree that the item should go to Kanimaki. (If you insist, i have screenshot of emails to attest to that). However, she did, instead, without my knowledge, meet you up and did the transaction (while Kanimaki was waiting for her to hand over the item).

    Of course that’s not your fault. I’ve sent both of you an email. Just like to clear it off with all of you once again.

  23. sandy says:

    can i liaise with you on selling my items if i do not have a msia bank account? do you have a singapore bank account, cheesie?

  24. cheesie says:

    Sandy: I accept paypal too. 🙂

  25. coco says:

    im the wrong one here
    b4 i went to work i did send an email to cheesie telling her tat i want to give the bag to the last person who bid for the bag,but since i have to hurry i dint consult her n juz asked my sis to bring the bag to klcc. i tought (this was my biggest mistake) cheesie will agree n tat matter was settled (b4 tat we do have confusion whether to gv the bag to the last person who bid at 959 or the last person who bid at 10) when i go online 4 awhile at 10 n saw wat cheesie sent me i feel so horrible already. had i known tis wud happen i really regret that mistake. i tried to refund.i called both parties today and begged to let it go.i think the matter is settled now…
    im really2 sorry cheesie coz i drag u into this.i want to b fair to all.. i hope u wont b mad at me n styled up n kimaki….all of u r really nice to me yet i did it n hurt u all.

  26. Karen says:

    To Hayabusa, it is not the matter of the size…. In fact, u should touch the bag once, the leather is damn damn soft…..

  27. coco says:

    plese guys watever happen yesterday its all my fault.its not cheesie’s fault. i will do whatever i can to clear up cheesie’s name and the wardrobe’s name. i hope u guys will forgive me n my stupid actions n myself who is originally stupid.ill compensate wat i did.

    once again, im really sorry. n i beg for forgiveness from u guys..i do hope this clear things up..

  28. Ivy says:

    ooo… a conflict happenning here…

  29. cheesie says:

    Coco: Don’t worry about it. Glad things are solved. 🙂

  30. adz says:

    is this authentic christian dior? why are u selling an authentic dior bag for so cheap? seems quite unbelivable…

  31. coco says:

    sory to styled up n kimaki coz i really hurt u both
    i messed things up 4 u guys
    n im really sorry
    i will make u fell better..plz wait 4 awile..

  32. coco says:

    lol its kanimaki

  33. sheon says:

    miscommunication……… 🙂 that happens to everyone all the time………

  34. styled_up says:

    ** the bag is authentic cause i had the transaction done at klcc to have the bag checked by the dior staff themself. they did not see any flaws for it to be a fake and concluded it to only be genuine.

    as for everyone else, i truly am sorry for what has happened. this misunderstanding has gone out of proportion causing so many innocent party to be upset and disappointed.

    cheesie: i got your email and i’ve already replied you. i’m so sorry for the blown-up issue and i understand that it is not your fault or intention for this to happen. i truly believe it to be a miscommunication due to time. again, so sorry. i do still love your blog! 😉

    karen: thank you karen for being so kind and letting the bag go to me in the end. i hope that you can understand as to why i was so adamant about not letting the bag go considering i have already paid for it and accepted the bag going through the entire transaction fairly only to be told later that there had been a mistake. i truly appreciate your act and thank you once again.

    coco: i’m so so sorry too for not giving in. (coco did persuade me to return the bag as she was in a huge dilemma. i just did not see the point as to why i had to return it when i had already bought and paid for it as b*tchy as i may sound, over a bag especially. girls LOVE their handbags btw, so boys if you’re reading this i would get it if you actually don’t get it) i seriously have no idea regarding your communication with cheesie and definitely did not predict this to have happened at all!

    all in all, i apologise again and thank you everyone for sorting out this matter. it has caused a headache to all parties as said by cheesie and i definitely hope that it will never-ever happen again.

    haih. all over a dior gaucho.

    it’s worth it… i suppose? 😉

  35. kanimaki says:

    truthfully I just waited for the announcement on this blog to see who officially wins the bag. but it proves to be the unwise way because in the end i still don’t get the bag. what is the next thing i should do? to sue? i am not taking it so extreme but should cos its all in black and white even if this is an auction held in a blog. it’s very sad to not get anything even if you win the bid 🙁

    well coco promised to make it up, i’ll just let it slip.

  36. Porkie says:

    I believe that it still should be the way kanimaki. The winner should be announced on the blog before anything else is done – any form of payment etc. At least its clear for all to see. In light of the mass bidding thing at closing. If 10pm is the closing time then thats it..no more bids whether they come at 10pm or after.

    The situation was pretty ugly but thankfully its all resolved now.

  37. clement says:

    wah,….this deal so kan zheong meh……=.=

  38. cheesie says:

    Kay: Can’t seem to leave a comment on your blog (cuz i lazy nak sign in my Xanga account). Anyway just wanna comment that Pearly is lovely. What doggie is she?

    Cozzie: I did consider doing that, but reckoned that the outcome will still be the same. It’s just gonna make things more complicated. But yea you made your point.

    mygixs: Not if there’s a deadline for the auction. 🙂

    Hayabusa: haiyo. Just like you guys are obsessed about Ferraris. 🙂

    Styled_up: Not your fault. Don’t feel bad about it.

    kanimaki: I’m sure she will.

  39. cheesie says:

    Porkie: Agreed. Perhaps we should revise the rules a little. But yea. Glad everything is over. 🙂

  40. Calvinsanity says:

    i’m a guy…but i think the bag looks really awesome!

  41. Joan wong says:

    ppl grow up ! Yesterday is still a bag
    Today its still a Bag
    Tomorrow its still a Bag
    When u die its still a stupid Bag

    Get a life and grow up. Learn to move on and do more important things in life.

  42. Cheese Supporter says:

    What? Like posting a ranting comment? Is that a more important thing to do? The parties involved had every right to have a say on this post. So why don’t you just butt out and why don’t you get a life instead of telling others to do so?

  43. Hayabusa says:

    in case you don’t know, i don’t fancy ferraries or lamborghinies or whatsoever high power sport car you can think of… just a little bump in the middle of the road, & its enough to bengkok the whole rim beyond repair, but well whatever, i guess everyone has their on likes & dislikes…

  44. ♥ Temptation says:

    I WANT. D:

  45. joey says:

    dear cheeser,

    may i know where did you get your nails done? any idea where do they have cheap and good nail art over KL?

  46. cheesie says:

    Joey: I did my fingernails in Taiwan. There’s no nail art in KL that is cheap, better DIY! 🙂

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