December 3, 2007 in Cheesoron

I have no idea what this person is at.



He/she/shim/it wrote this as the first post and the last. I think he/she/shim/it probably died of dyslexia or cheezophrenia because sometimes it’s cheesedland, sometimes it’s cheeserland. The title says Furte, but the author is Fulte.


Like, yay, someone out there actually shares my undying obsession? Should i be happy or something? I think or something.

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  1. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Tis is funny! 😀

  2. No no… Do we consider this as sharing obsession or… I’m thinking of something else which is not so positive though 🙁

  3. i been a constant visitor here eventhough i don post comment here dat often, but hell, wat is this? is cheerserland being pirated? o_0

  4. The result is so not positive.
    Hi Ringo, I’ve been following your blog for a long, long time!

  5. hahaha.
    someone’s trying to copy cheeserland, that is! =D

  6. Ying Bin: I’m not sure about that! lol
    Penny: Yea but it’s not doing me any harm so. 🙂
    Silky la: I know but i remember you! 😀
    Isaki: Thank you! Very happy to know some people haven’t ditched this lousy blog yet!
    Cherlyn: More like nothing much to do lo. Siao!

  7. I spy with my little eye…something beginning with ‘copy’ and ending with ‘cat’. >_

  8. luckily no one comes up with *LOL*

    I think that person is trying to get attention..

  9. he is one confused and loco cheesestalker …:P


  10. alamak, like that also got fake one ar, siao!

  11. oh no. i went thru smth like this too. and it’s funny and man, do i feel honoured. but for this… i don’t know if you should feel honoured. this is so damn fake. you da real cheeser, man!

  12. hhahaha cheezophrenia thats a good one! 🙂

  13. No no…cheesie…you got it all wrong…and you are responsible for this too… this guy/gal has been infected by EnCheesiolitis, which originated straight from cheeserland. Symptoms include seeing cheese everywhere, and desire to eat nothing but cheese. And for all cheesie fans out there…beware… who knows you will be the next victim..hehe

  14. hahahahaha cheeseseen !

  15. I think I got EnCheesiolitis wtf damn hard to spell kay!

  16. Plagiarize much? What a fake.

  17. P/S: Need to meet up soon (without youknowho). Your prezzie collecting dust.

  18. “Should i be happy or something? I think or something.”

    teehee LOL

  19. heidi: More like copyrat because cat don’t like cheese. hehe
    ahlost: or rosedwong! Or Losewong!
    x: How sure are you it’s a he? 😀
    yang: Egg also got lo.
    Estelle: Haha thanks. I don’t feel honored. More like annoyed.
    Sam: Thanks!
    Van: lol. So shall i dedicate my next 10 years of life looking for a cure to save the world?
    amanda: incheese.
    chris: Then you should have had dyslexia checked altogether.
    ching: Ok darling. Without youknowho it is. Hush hush.
    pinkpau: Good luck to your uni application!!!

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