December 27, 2007 in UK

Some pictures taken in Bristol, England.


Few days after the trip, Michelle MSNed me.

“Hey Ringo, by any chance were you in Bristol last Saturday?”
“Omg. How would you know!”
“Omg! I saw someone awfully familiar and i thought it was you!”
“Omg! What are you doing there!”
“I came here for studies, remember?”
“Why didn’t you come up to me and say hi!”
“I didn’t believe it could be you, like, what are the odds!”
“Yea. Cheesh. What are the odds!”

Of two KL girls bumping into each other in a land 8272288361 miles away from home?

Lovely B&B


*Gasp* Rasp on a tree.

Failed attempt to grow the ogre horns.

Beautiful Bristol.

Colorful restaurant.

Bristol was just a stopover to this secret place we wanted to go. And it was the perfect place for someone like me. Stay cheesed to find out more about this secret place! 🙂

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26 responses to “Bristol”

  1. Karyn says:

    Must be a cheese factory or something like that lol

  2. May Zhee says:

    Your horns are beautiful. =)

  3. May Zhee says:


  4. cheesie says:

    Karyn: 😛
    Mayzhee: I wanna see your left face shoot! Seems like we cant be good camwhore buddies. 🙁

  5. May Zhee says:

    The magazine will kill me if I make the photos public before they publish it.

    Haha, you’re lucky to have found your good angle. I am still indecisive. =(

  6. cheesie says:

    Eh true. Hush hush la send to me. I wont show anyone one. I think you should stick to right side! 🙂

  7. jam says:

    The world is so small!

  8. jane says:

    always loved ur photos! 🙂

  9. doll says:

    ditto what jane said..always loved ur photos!

  10. chris says:

    Shame on you, Ringo!! Use the metric system you, American imperialist! You were in Britain for heaven’s sake! kilometers not miles!!! …….. heh. xD

  11. fwah. your travel pictures macham never ending leh.. everytime i read, it’s still the travel posts! LOL. recent update leh.. I wanna see how your hair looks like all permed. =p

  12. pj says:

    oceana is a club 😛

  13. mrbherng says:

    Just an hour from Bristol and had never stepped beyond it’s coach station, train station or airport =P Shame on me.

    Btw, isn’t oceana a club???

    P.S. to chris: UK is the one who uses miles, yards, stones and everything old fashioned… not the States.

  14. Linus Chung says:

    Hey cheese…

    I think we shared a few messages over friendster a long while ago….Linus here…Ithink I got to know you through Terry. To remind you… frog, sepet , filmmaker? issit you i wonder?
    If it is…a belated merry christmas to you and hugs for being away all these years.


  15. Porkie says:

    ROFLMCAO @ UK is the one that uses kms! 😛

  16. sheon says:

    raspberries are everywhere!! ??

    you know what? i think you should be an actress…….really……..

  17. Esther says:

    wow… Bristol IS beautiful!

  18. chris says:

    did i make a fool out of myself…? …shame on me..*PIAK*PIAK*…slapping face

  19. Nana says:

    i love your lovely pictures so much 🙂

  20. johnny says:

    Bristol is dead… boring. Only thing good is the petrol stop on the journey out to the South west coasts.. kekeke… Try to make ur way quickly to the nearest civilization… namely London!!

  21. katz says:

    Oceana is a club..super big club, it has bars..nightclubs..and restaurant…

  22. Mandy says:

    Oceana’s a club love! x

  23. xox says:

    why didnt you update your shoutout…it’s been quite a while

  24. JeromeFo says:

    Omg! Bristol is so beautiful….!!!!
    Will be my turn to go there on coming Monday…
    Nice pics of Bristol.
    Happy NewYear~

  25. Annd says:

    i adore your nails, you should let them grow like before, they look lovely!

    Cheesie: i just did a super awesome nail job! 😀

  26. Annd says:

    nail job? 🙂 whats that?

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