I just did the most unbelievable thing yesterday.


I sold a stupid bag originally worth five pounds for RM600 in my Wardrobe. Man. It’s better than eBay.

The closing-bid dilemma happened, just like the last time I helped Coco auction her Dior bag off. Read the story HERE.


Anyway, I was so overwhelmed!

When I auctioned the bag off, I was hesitant and skeptical myself. Okay. So this bag is an original Anya Hindmarch Porkie queued hours in front of Sainsbury as early as 5a.m. for it. So it flew 14 hours straight from London to KL. So it is a limited edition bag you can not get it anywhere else now.


So what?

“Got people want to buy meh?” I asked Porkie, frowned.
“Don’t care. Just, please don’t sell it too cheap. I’ve seen people auctioning it at more than 100 pounds.”


Fui. I mean, I didn’t expect to fetch that kind of crazy response la, still I hoped that the offer is at least worth Porkie’s painstaking effort lo.




Who would pay more than what it’s worth for something so clichéd, so everywhere-to-be-seen especially around Petaling Street and pasar malam?

Apparently, it IS worth that much.

I was really so surprised that most of the bidders were guys. And what I felt truly touched is that, they all bid so crazily with a sole purpose—to please their beloved wives, to give them as a belated Xmas or new year pressie.

So sweet!




Unfortunately there was only one bag.

I’ve mailed the two highest bidders then and I decided to give it to S, simply because I could do the transaction COD and I needed the cash right the moment and also, I was leaving town the next day so better that I settled everything right then. Also, the Dior bag case has set a precedent which the item will always go to the last bid on 9:59pm, because technically, at 10:00:00:00:00 pm (if you wanna be an anal accurist who aspires to have a career in Greenwich in the future), the bid closes. So yea. Also my apology to K from Singapore who did not win the bid. Hope you can find other items you love in the future!



Back to the story. So I met up with the guy who’s supposed to pick the bag up on behalf of his bro-in-law at Mc Donald’s.

I took out the bag and handed it to him for inspection.

“It’s 100% original, here’s the tag and here’s the receipt”, I said.
“Okay,” he flipped it inside out, checked the tag, turned to me, looking a little clueless.

I paused for him to continue.




“Do you have a plastic bag for it?”




Like, that’s the whole point right, not using a plastic bag. Anyway, I gave him a fabric bag to put the non-plastic bag into.

Btw S, I’ve thrown in a little personal gift along with the bag. I hope your wife likes it. 🙂



I’m on a last minute trip to Kaohsiung today! Gonna spend my new year eve in Taipei again. Damn happy.

Will blog soon. Stay cheesed!