WTC!!! MDG, what is the MATTER with you?!

March 29, 2008 in MDG Drama

LIKE HELLO?! How can ANYONE make this kind of GLARING MISTAKE? Wake up PLEASE!

Sigh. ANYHOO! (SMALL update: Timothy from NN met Ringo in MDG, read all about it here!)

Naughty Cheese

I do believe I’ve spotted a naughty cheese 😉


Damn I feel like a bimbo blogger lol. Anyway guys, here’s the answer to the questions in the previous post:

1. Ringo is the littlest girl in the picture, on your far right! How did she end up gorgeous is a complete mystery 😐

2. For those who guessed Sailormoon, you’re absolutely correct!! I shall be sending your prizes straight into your inboxes 😀
Yes this means you too, KY. Dont gloat pls.

3. The last picture actually shows Ringo wearing her a wig! At that time, long hair was forbidden in her school.
So that was when she started dreaming of herself with long, healthy ebony hair that she had, before it got cut lol


Winners, be proud of yourselves 😀 And finally… guys and gals… an all important date is coming soon near you… Just e-mail it to [email protected]!

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  1. Wah..posted on 5.29a.m. zomg.

    And what an ABSURD mistake to make omg.

  2. oh u were so tiny!! 😀

  3. LOL at the mistake man..

    why do you spot a naughty cheese?

  4. I noticed too laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh gawddddd

  5. WHY of all the names, they put Cindy?!?!….. 🙁

    Are they celebrating Cheesie’s bday at the dream house? :p

  6. omg…..lets go sue them….:)

  7. it’s always very easy to remember her birthday..1 day after april FOOL

  8. Maybe the producers want Cindy to get some votes this week…? 😛

  9. Why can’t I gloat nowwwwww?

  10. hanis’ commentaries get better and better! and bah, cindy’s still in. guess she provides the drama quotient.

  11. KY, go read the previous post, there’s an answer for u.

  12. walao can see a lot of ppl disliking Cindy..they even made an episode full of ppl bitching abt her..e-drama..

  13. omg, she’s going to spend her birthday inside the Dhouse..

  14. rely dislike cindy so much specially after watching episode7-3 her phone conversation with her dad. grrr…

  15. jean,
    Is this about my mahjong size computer? 😛

  16. ahhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE RINGO’s SUMMER PICTURES!! i feel the energy in it! I WANT TO VOTE FOR HER, but i cant… (in Aus)… sigh…

    Good luck Ringo!!

  17. can i vote with my malaysia sim card while i’m in overseas?? i really want ringo to stay in the competition..
    i hope cindy will be voted out next week.

  18. fc – you can..i did until i ran out of credit 🙂

  19. guys, if you live oversease, you CAN do something if you want to! if you have paypal, send in your money through to this address: christopher @ and I will use the credits to vote on your behalf!

    i thought SPIDERMAN

    Imma bad guesser.

    Mii GAWWDDD!

    Cheesie looked very naughty with her killer glare!

  21. bahhh i hope my paypal is verified in time though. xD

    and her bday gonna be on wed rite? =( cant spend with her family then…

    oh well, i read timothy post and i find that being neutral is always good LOL.

    Good that ringo is neutral xD

  22. Will be sending my wishes tomorrow afternoon. Btw. I’ve got a chance to chat with Ringo on her 15 minutes of Internet usage. Read all bout it here. I only get like 2 minutes.

  23. Logic
    SOme gal* took the shoe and she put it BACK on the shelf. =(means she does not want it)
    THen comes anoher gal* who took it to try.

    And that some gal* fpught for the shoe with another gal who din give her back the shoe.
    LIke hello, even my younger sister knows wat is I DUN WAN i put it back on the shelf which means the shoe is free for anyone else .

    And that somegal goes on -gnihctib- abt others.zzz

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