Kaohsiung II

March 6, 2008 in Taiwan

This is a continuation from part I, another backdated entry! I’ll leave it to the post to entertain you, but in the meantime if you remember the Malaysian Dreamgirl thingie that she was eliminated from? Well, here’s the first part of the audition videos, and she appears for only ONE mere second, exactly at the 5:05minute-th. why liddat one u tell me :*(

Okay. This is the bane of all Cheesie’s Obsession with Nails.

The express nail art stall at Xin Jue Jiang night market.

Hundreds of designs to choose from! 🙂

Cheesie getting her nails done.

Pretty manicurist! I’m super amazed at how she can paint other people’s nails when she has super gorgeous nails herself. Super pro la.

Cheesie and her super gorgeous nails.

VV and her super gorgeous nails.

Snacktime!! This is the Taiwanese burger! 😀

Han Shen Mall and Xmas deco. I KNOW RIGHT THIS ENTRY IS SO LATE!

McD’s Happy Meal toys!

Cute right! I love the pink&black bunny (kitty?) and the Carrot Cat.

The last part of Kaohsiung up next. Stay cheesed!

Written 29/02/08 20:00.
That’s it la guys and girls, I just want to take this time to thank those who are patient with me. I haven’t even heard from her since Monday so I’m just as worried, just hoping she’s doing fine =) As cheesie-sama says then, stay cheesed for the last part of Kaohsiung!

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29 responses to “Kaohsiung II”

  1. May Zhee says:

    T.T I want the Happy Meal toys.

  2. mimi says:

    The Happy Meal toy is much more cuter than ours 🙁 Btw how much is ur nail art?

  3. yy says:

    u hvn’t even heard from her since monday…. is she travelling in outer space or what?…..curious leh

  4. aMiKo says:

    Hey… where is she ar? I am worried too… I can’t even call her… Is she okay?

  5. ahlost says:

    Eee.. I prefer VV’s.. Hehehe..

  6. sandy says:

    me too.. I prefer VV’s.. hehehe..

  7. June says:

    Wey! Our Hello Kitty ´toys in the Happy Meals are so… ugly x_____x That’s unfair. x____x

  8. xox says:

    Taiwanese burger? looks like pork buns…i see pork inside

  9. grace says:

    after seeing the video, i don’t like mun yee. she’s overconfident about her looks. but the girl before her was 1000 times worse. her outfit, her hair, the way she talks and the gum? seriously!

    btw, the girl you’re talking about is giselle, right?

  10. meredith says:

    The pink one is Kuromi and the Carrot cat is ChocoCat 😀 which makes me wondering, do you join message boards? like candytownmb.org or teahouse? coz once I swear I saw someone used an avatar from your pic lor XD

  11. sharon says:

    i think the kitty bunny’s name is called melody.
    or smth like that 😀

  12. JacQ says:

    The Hen Shen Mall has a hotel adjoining to it right? Did you stay at the hotel? Because its absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!! I stayed there two years ago, around Christmas/end of the year… hahaha Kinda like the same decorations!!!

    Taiwan is a really nice place, especially around December. Not too hot or too cold.

    I wanna go there again!!!!! hahaha.

  13. fashionasia says:

    ok….im suspecting that cheesie is being called back to malaysian dreamgirl….
    yes ? no? you know la reality tv sometimes does have a twist at the later episodes

  14. s!mple says:

    how come malaysia’s Mc D’s don’t have happy meals like those!?

  15. WP says:

    The happy meal toys are so cute!! I also want! 😛

  16. a k i says:

    nNNyyiahh cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    loveee taiwannnnn goodiieeee n foodieeeeee

  17. Cheryl C says:

    I miss Taiwan so so much. Must go back there for shopping especially at “Wu Fen Pu”. So cheap can die wei~

    By the way, saw MDG and I think you’ll probably appear in episode 2? And I also think they should improve on the lighting and editing. I so think I can do a better job in editing than that.

  18. sharon (^.^) says:

    wah rao.. i envy both of ur nails..

    vv’s so cute.. ur’s so pretty!

    how come Taiwan Mc Value meal goodies are soo cutee.. while here are like so stuck up.. -.-

  19. minnymin says:

    never think that nail polishing can be done in a pasar malam… hoho
    the mcd toys are sooooooo cute !!
    why malaysia like never had before these toys in mcd 1?? T.T

  20. ahlost says:

    Cheesie oh Cheesie.. Where are you?

  21. Simon Seow says:

    If the manucurist’s nails is not gorgeous, who wants to let them do their nails. Maybe she’s been cheesenapped.

  22. mr.bbq says:

    May Zhee: damn cute right
    mimi: check the Wardrobe, she’s starting a side business haha. very cheap too!
    yy: maybe 😐
    aMiKo: she should be, don’t worry. her phone will be uncontactable for the moment..
    ah lost, sandy: actually ya vv’s nail art cuter =P
    June: but you’re in Germany! not nice also ah over there?
    xox: not halal!
    grace: whatever are you talking about 😛
    meredith: for all you know, she could have! haha will ask her to reply u!
    sharon: such a nice name!
    JacQ: I want to go there too, i never been to taiwan 🙁
    s!mple: yaaa we should go complain and ask them to copy taiwan’s hor haha!
    WP: in france don’t have ar?
    a k i: who? cheesie or the food? hehe
    Cheryl C: i agree with you!
    sharon: stuck up means what 😛
    minnymin: their nail polishing stalls are like our mamak stalls lol!
    ahlost: cheesie cheesappeared :'(
    Simon Seow: true hor. ya cheesie is cheesnapped, how!

  23. mr.bbq says:

    mama cheesie: we all know how to vote wisely right?! COME PEOPLE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Have fun voting mama cheesie hehe, for me, I’ll be taking rocket to fly to my polling center!

    ps- going back seremban!

  24. Merrygoround says:

    I know where Cheesie is! Or at least, I suspect 🙂 Go to malaysiandreamgirl.tv and view “The Top 12” ! Cheesie’s picture is there leh! Maybe someone pulled out and she got called in? Mr bbq, am I right?

  25. Daph says:

    Congrats to Cheesie for getting into the top 12 of MDG =)
    Just saw her picture there as one of the top 12

  26. mr.bbq says:

    Merrygoround: right you are merrygoround!
    Daph: me too =P

  27. sharon (^.^) says:

    stuck up as in ‘so sucky’ hahaha.. i think.. nvm about that.. anyways am here wishing ringo all the best.

  28. mfcm says:

    Cute toys, TERRIBLY tacky nails.

  29. VV says:

    hey…someone’s name merrygoround? What a match to my tv programme name showing on jiayu tv…Our programme name “mary go round” …what a coincident~ ..hehe

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