Girls are just bitchy.

July 22, 2008 in Cheesoron

Update: OMGOMGOMG CHRISTIAN BALE ARRESTED for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister!!! Who still think he is hot? I think Batman’s gone a little too siao and violent. Let’s vote for Hugh Jackman. Muahahha.

Mrs MayZhee Bale, How you plan to bale him out eh, got a good lawyer yet?


by nature.

And especially during PMS days. Period.

Oh. Pun optional.


You want cat-fight? I give you cat-fight. Nah.

I had a fight with May Zhee last night over two guys.


And i went on like this for half an hour, before i had to answer a call (no the caller wasn’t nature).

Cheesie: brb
Cheesie:come back fight with u again
Cheesie:ok back
Cheesie:hugh jackman.
Mayzhee: christian bale.
Mayzhee: HAH take that.
Cheesie: hugh jackman.
Cheesie: GET OVER IT.
Mayzhee:pls la batman would totally win wolverine in a fight
Cheesie:batman would so beg wolverine to shag him
Mayzhee:christian bale is billionaire
Cheesie: in scoop hugh jackman is an aristocrat
Mayzhee:christian bale can abscond entire russian ballet
Cheesie:hugh jackman took down the whole bank
Mayzhee:christian bale got bat mobile
Cheesie: *ponders what to type*
Mayzhee:NAH NAH you run out of points
Cheesie:hugh jackman can regenerate
Mayzhee:christian bale is rich!!!
Cheesie:hugh jackman is rich in real life also wtf.
Mayzhee: no no cannot we talking movie only
Cheesie:ooh. ok
Cheesie:hugh jackman got this indestructible metal alloy adamantium to his skeletal system.
Mayzhee:omgosh you go and google is it. cheating
Cheesie:wolverine is a wolf.
Cheesie:batman is a?
Cheesie:do you wanna *censored* a BAT?!?
Mayzhee:stop talking about bats and wolves la. we’re talking about CHRISTIAN BALE
Cheesie:running out of supporting point ah
Mayzhee:er me too -_-
Cheesie:ok ok lets kiss and make up
Mayzhee:but christian bale is still hotter right
Cheesie:no la
Cheesie:i think hugh jackman hotter
Mayzhee:ok ok i was just kidding. i think hugh jackman is the hottest and christian bale sucks and is ugly. and old.


No la. May Zhee did not say the last line. The chat is heavily edited ala MDG style. HAHAHA. Cut paste cut paste. Oh i wanna make May Zhee sound dumb. I like ah. Blow ah. 😀

Oh oh and i gave May zhee turquoise!!! The color that will look absolutely horrible on her. Now i know how fun it is to be a producer. HAHAHAHA!

At one point the argument went so out of the point it became totally obscene. Cannot post here.


Oh yea about my MSN nick. Ok. I’m as broke as backmountain now. Need some urgent fund to buy furniture. So far only 3 items got ticked off that Home Cheese Home Wish List.

I’m selling Cheddie’s Juicy Couture puppy carrier. Used only twice, less than 2 hours. As good as brand new. Interested [email protected]


P/S: Eh i took down the poll. It wasn’t working properly. Please comment to vote instead.

P/S2: Ok the poll is working again. Actually you just have to click on their faces!

Poll: Who do you think is hotter?

poll image

* Click on the answer on the image to submit your vote!


Now let’s vote. Please don’t disappoint me hor!

Hugh Jackman is like, so totally hotter. Like, seriously. I mean, really. Right? Right right right?

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  1. Omg FIRST!!!!111


  2. HUGH JACKMAN 2 lor…

  3. Hugh Jackman 3! HAHAAHA

  4. hugh jackman!!! or izit wolverine 4? i want his self healing power!!!!

  5. Prefer Hugh Jackman….can’t deal with bat guano, batmobile or no batmobile! =)

  6. Hugh Jackman FTW la. that makes 6 edi.


  7. i’ve been liking Hugh Jackman since ages ago.

    so… Hugh Jackman FTW!

  8. Omg can get image in comment one meh wtf.
    Yay i love you guys.

    Result: 7-0

    HAHAHHA. Eat that, May zhee.



  10. Chrisitan Bale. Christian Bale. HAHAHAHAHA 7 – 3

  11. Christian Bale.

    I am going to ask my husband to drive his bat mobile and run over you!!!!!!!!!!!!


    CHRISTIAN BALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ooooooomg u really doing it!!!! YOU MASKING ALL YOUR IP!!! I KNOW IT!!!!

  14. See I blogged just ten minutes after you!!! I think this is the 53473th sign that we should be sisters!!!



  15. Eh you didn’t put in this part.

    mayzhee: Shit I mean Christian Bale. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME SAY.

    haha but then again that’s not going to be MDG style lor. They don’t bother to make the show funny and hilarious also.

  16. LOL! May Zhee made me come here to vote for Christian Bale.

    So Christian Bale that is.

    But then personally, I also think that Christian Bale is hotter than Hugh Jackman.

    Sorry Cheesie. I would vote for you, if you chose Brad Pitt against MZ’s Christian Bale. Teehee.

  17. michy: hmmph!!! Never mind. The truth will show.
    mayzhee: ahha that. ya, i left it out. Ok i go add that. 😛

  18. someone asked me to vote for Christian Bale *cough*

  19. YOU SELL OUT!!!!!!!


  21. Nicole is not a sellout!!! Don’t call sweet dear Nicole sellout ok.

    See she so mean Nicole go ask more people vote for Christian Bale ok.

  22. Why! i can re edit whatever i want! NYAAHAHAHHA

  23. You so low. I shall go bribe people also.


  24. Nicole IS a sell out. i know she secretly wants hugh jackman to shag her.

  25. Oh, Christian Bale is soooo hot. I would soooo wanna shag Christian Bale! Whoever votes for Hugh Jackman is a loser.


    No wait I take that back. Er whoever votes for Christian Bale will get … er … a kiss from me. -__-

  26. AHAHHAAH then i get limkokwing to vote for Christian Bale.

  27. Hugh Jackman yuuumnmnmmyyyy Christian can go BAIL out hahahaha!

  28. hahha funny!

    Jackman is HUGH while Christian BALEs in comparison. HAHHA I is SO GOOD

  29. for sure and comfirm is hugh jackman!!!
    He can act in any kind of role…
    from macho man to villian,….
    The prestige, Kate and Leopold, Xmen, Happy feet… every character seem stuniing and amazed.

  30. Wahaha for once you are actually unaccidentally punny.

  31. Ok no point bickering. Let me throw solid facts in your face to show you who is the clear winner here.

    1. Christian Bale is Gotham’s favorite Playboy. Wolverine? Some mutant with claws. Miao.
    2. Christian Bale got Bat Mobile. Wolverine must hitch a ride with other mutants or maybe stick his claws on some lorry and hitch a ride like that. Yucks.
    3. Ho. This one la. Clear winner. Go youtube and search for American Psycho Part 6 by the user blueorchid77 and see 2.36 minutes there. I got orgasms just by seeing that! HUR TAKE THAT.

    Has Hugh Jackman ever done such steamy sex scenes? I DON’T THINK SO LOR.

  32. TAn Yee Hou. wtf

  33. Oh! I admit defeat! Christian Bale is just TOO good! Please people! Don’t vote for Hugh Jackman ok! Vote for Christian Bale!

  34. where got! i can be punny if i wanted to ok. i’m just letting u and KY get all the glory first.

    then i’ll grab a HUGH BALE from JACK’s MAN and baptize him a CHRISTIAN lolol.

    ok is that a pun? it is right?

  35. Yee Hou I know you very good one. Go vote for Christian Bale. Pretty pretty please? *puppy dog eyes*

  36. Chris go away!!! How can you betray your own namesake!! Christopher = Christian.

  37. Wolves WIN!!!! X’men for X’mas Tree!

  38. There’s HUGH aircraft that doesn’t need to get government BALE out,
    JACKMAN for the win!

  39. wtf 50/50 now wtf wtf. i smell a RAT named Jay Chou Chou!

    eh KY i dun get urs la. wtf is a pun urgh!

  40. Hugh Jackman is Australian. Christian Bale is British. Everyone has the hots for British guys ok. Who likes Australian accent. G’day mate! *puke*

    Stupid KY.

    I also can think of pun what!!! Just you wait!!!

  41. Christian looks BALEfully at Hugh and Hugh, turned on, starts JACKing away.

    mr.bbq: and he looks balefully becauuuuuusse?
    one word: JEALOUSY
    over what? figure it out yourself =P wahaha!

  42. Enricoooo says:

    Wolverine: hi bat
    Batman: hi wolf
    Wolverine: u know what they r fighting hard on us.
    Batman: ya i know, i think this fight will be meaningless after 5 days. lol
    Wolverine: y 5 days?
    Batman: cos they r gals
    Wolverine: lol
    Batman: i’ll vote for Christian Bale since mayzhee love me so much.
    Wolverine: then i’ll vote for Hugh Jackman, right cheesie?

  43. He looks balefully because he is threatening Hugh la!!!!!!!! Hmmph.

    Enricoooo, yes mayzhee LOVE batman. Cheesie just … ok ok only towards Wolverine. Poor dude.

    Christian Bale got Lamborghini. What does Wolverine have? Claws.
    Christian Bale owns a whole restaurant. What does Wolverine have? Claws.
    Christian Bale gets all the girls. What does Wolverine have? Unrequited love from Jean Grey.
    Christian Bale looks so hot in a suit. Wolverine wears what? Ugly singlets.
    Christian Bale can throw fundraiser and enter in helicopter? What does Wolverine have? Claws.
    Christian Bale is a billionaire. Wolverine? Claws.

  44. By hime’s request.. Hugh Jackman ftw win.
    Sorry May Zhee 😛

  45. Unfair wei. I demand that the picture of Christian Bale be changed to a nicer one. The one on my MSN pic.

  46. As much as I like you both, I really think Christian Bale is HOTTER lor. (Mayzhee faster kiss me :P)

    Hugh Jackass like so old lehhh

  47. *boo* *hiss* *boo*

  48. *give grace oon big fat kiss* YAY!!! The Dark Knight shall prevail! *victory sakai dance*

  49. *thwack Porkie on the head with Batmobile*

  50. Oooh! I got a better one: Huge Jackass 😀

  51. christian bale was soooo unappealing in 3:10 to Yuma and The Machinist. eww. but still a good actor.

    therefore, hugh jackman wins based on movie role hotness. hahaha

  52. mashimeru says:

    Who is Christian Bale?
    Hugh Jackman for me any time.

  53. wah…thwack me on the head…
    i did say i vote for christian if you can bribe me with what i want 😛

  54. HAHAHAHAHAHA Grace you had me laughing at the Hugh Jackass thing. HAHAHAHAHAH I am still laughing.

    Porkie, I can’t kidnap Cheesie!! Everytime I try she calls the cops!!!

    emz but but but he makes it up in The Dark Knight what!!!

    Hmmph I will come back later when it becomes a battle that I am winning.

  55. May Zhee – kidnap her when she’s least expecting..use some bait or something mah..hehe. until then cannot help u win this vote 😛

  56. I say … ORLANDO BLOOM / Legolas! ok la.. after him would be Christian Bale. =) Huge jackman.. bit too scruffy for my liking.lolx. Srry cheesie

  57. lololol May Zhee you had me laughing non stop at the batman and wolverine comparison!

    Batman – cool. Wolverine – ugly singlet.
    Batman – rich. Wolverine – claws.
    Batman – all the hot girls. Wolverine – old hag.


  58. Hugh Jackman. Indestructible metal alloy adamantium skeletal systems ftw!

  59. But wolverine was a freak. Hence X-Men.

    Bruce Wayne is normal human with lotsa money who does charity and risks his life for the city at night! :D:D:D

  60. Personally, I like Wolverine. The Adamantium and regenerating power is awesome.

  61. I vote for Christian Bale!!!!! XD

  62. Hugh Jackman is totally hotter~ wooho. Wolverine ftw yo! ^^

  63. Hugh Jackman for me! ;D

  64. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Can I have both? :p

  65. Hughhhhhhhhhhhh Jackmannnnnnnn of coz!

  66. You’re all saying this because you haven’t watched batman yet ok. After you watch you all will totally change your mind in a heartbeat! Go watch tonight/tomorrow and tell me what you think la!!!

  67. I vote for mr.bbq & KY *LOL*

  68. May Zhee made me to do this.
    Hehehe!!! Christian Bale =D

  69. Breaking News: Christian Bale Arrested

  70. what the…..!

  71. u gals are so mo liu… -.-”
    vote for george w. bush!

  72. Hugh Jackman! coz his eyes are sooooooooooooooooooo very the mesmerizing *drools*


  74. Mayzhee: aiyo i kesian you Mrs Bale. What are you gonna do with ur husband’s absence. Got a good lawyer yet?

  75. Sigh don’t arrest my husband please. T_T Think of our bat babies.

    Thank you E Jen!! =D

  76. I have talked to my husband about this and he wants you all to focus on the word “alleged”.

    However he said that, if needed, we will hire the best lawyer in town to fight our case. We might even borrow from Xiaxue T____T I have agreed to stay by his side throughout this time of need because he is hot. And good in bed.

    He said he is used to being misinterpreted and framed. That is his destiny. (Hello have you people even watched The Dark Knight?) Because today my husbad found out his limits, and that is, he can’t endure. “People are dying, May Zhee. What will you have me do?” My husband is not a hero, he is just … ok I forgot some of the lines in the movie.

    Whatever. We are going for a ride in the Batmobile now. Bye.

  77. Hugh Jackman. Just coz of Wolverine. 🙂

  78. Nah. Naked pic of Christian Bale. Let him redeem some points la. So kesian. Tsk.

  79. HUGH JACKMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. I think I’m kinda too late .. haha

  81. hugh jackman can also sing and play the piano (swoon)

  82. both are hot T___T

  83. thank you ah loooost! next time i put a poll and add myself to ppl like hugh jackman wahaha 😛

  84. If you watch Hugh Jackman in ‘Kate & Leopold’, you would vote for him. ;p

  85. Don’t want to vote ‘cos you put ugly photos for the poll 😛 (I prefer clean-shaven faces ma…)

  86. WTF! I cannot believe myself commenting on this all gal affair mess thingy (: P) chosing which hunk is better. Sigh. Protest. No VOTE from me. I’ m staying neutral to be safe.

  87. i love heath ledger!!!!

    eh… out of topic.

    lolz! no, i VOTE 1000TIMES FOR CHRISTIAN BALE. he is sooooooooooooo hot!

  88. WP YEAH ME TOO AND THAT’S WHAT I TOLD RINGO TOO!!! I prefer clean-shaven faces too. You see the photo in my MSN pic. Clean shaven Christian Bale. So ho right.

    Lynnz, *high five*

    Oei everybody please go watch The Dark Knight before voting thank you.

  89. i choose K E A N U R E E V E S.


  90. I like Hugh Jackman as magician in The Prestige but not as Wolverine wohh.. How to count that ah?
    May Zhee, have you seen Empire of The Sun. Christian Bale was still a young scrawny boy in that movie. watched that when I was a kid.. wahh time flies so fast.

  91. I like that wolf but I tervote for the bat lor. T.T Why I so blur one?

  92. #censored# says:

    so small 😛



  94. Suz, I didn’t! I only liked him because of this movie The Dark Knight. I didn’t even expect to like him. O.O

    #censored# WHAT SMALL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!? Big ok. That is when it’s not erecting some more. Hmmph.

  95. hey ringo. how are you doing? well ringo, editing is not a mere cut and paste thang ok. we did not sleep just to give u girls all the coverage needed. and trust me with so many clips that we have to look at it ain’t a walk in the park.

  96. I just swung by, but i’ll have to say, HUGE JACKMAN too.!! woohoo. lmao


  98. Definitely Hugh Jackman for me…*heart*

  99. hugh jackman!! sorry may zhee!!

    no lor i bet hugh jackman’s one bigger !!!

  100. Lifted off youtube,

    “Batman kicks other superheroes ASSES! He doesn’t rely on retarded powers that are just handed to him! He WORKED to get his skills! He fights so amazingly and is extremely intellegent. Also, good looking and a billionaire heheheheh LOL ”

    Emphasis on “doesn’t rely on retarded powers that are just handed to him”.

  101. 101 woot! Yay Hugh Jackman leading. 😀
    Thank you people love you all

  102. Jackman because he have HUGE stuff(girls like it HUGE,rite? heehee)

    Christian ??? boleh BALEk (pronounced as “balik”) … haha

  103. Yes May Zhee, I agree that your MSN pic is waaay better 😀

    But really quite close fight la these two 😛 No two-thirds majority lol

  104. Chocoholic says:

    No doubt bout it!! its Christian BALE!!! he’s smokin’ hawt in TDK…the ideal tall, dark & mysteriously man to many, i believe! He’s gorgeous…PERIOD! =D

  105. Chocoholic says:

    Sorry TYPO, minus ‘ly’..meant to say ‘Mysterious’…wanted to say ‘Mysteriously handsome’ before…lol…

  106. I pick HUGE!

  107. How much r u selling the bag for?

  108. of coz’s HUGH JACKMAN!!!..he’s like so gooood loooking *drool*..i TOTALLY 100000000….% agree with you Cheesie…


  110. what happens if i think both are hot? who to vote for?

  111. Hugh’s looking good in the trailer for Wolervine: Origins which will be out next summer! 😀

  112. Heath Ledger!! XD

  113. Haha very funny fighting conversation. 😀

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