Who else is sick?

July 28, 2008 in Cheesellaneous

Omg i’m like the 5th person i know of who’s having flu this week. But i’m okay, recovering. 🙂


I’m planning to re-activate Cheesie’s Wardrobe. Maybe like a revamp or something. I know, no update since eons ago. Been dormant for so long. Just updated a new French Maid Costume. Go check it out.

Lately very busy with…

Cleaning house! Oh my gouda i don’t know why my floor seems to be sticky no matter how many times i vacuum and mop it! God i’m turning into a grumpy housewife! O.o.

Okay okay.

*Puts on French Maid dress and start mopping away*

31 responses to “Who else is sick?”

  1. annant says:

    wah, a sexy maid …

  2. Jojo says:

    hope u get better soon! ^^

  3. candyclarie says:

    Get well soon. Cheers.

  4. Porkie says:

    Get well soon k..dun work too hard either hime, afterall you are sick 🙂

  5. chee hong says:

    (another blogger wiht flu here )

    Get well soon Ringo , and i think sleeping is the best remedy ?

  6. o m i e says:

    maybe it’s not the floor that’s sticky… maybe it’s your feet 😛

  7. KY says:

    stop eating murtabak!!

  8. cheesie says:

    Thank you people *sniff*

    KY: it’s Loh See Fun.

  9. lawless says:

    i hope u get well but if u dont, I m still interested in a discounted Chelsea match ticket.

  10. cheesie says:

    lawless: lol i dont care. I’m gonna be there to infect everyone. 😛

  11. green_racoon says:

    mebbe you should try to sweat it out?

  12. cheesie says:

    Racoon: omg why are you green? ARE YOU SICK TOO?!

  13. Porkie says:

    I’m still waiting to be infected 😛

  14. Idontwanttobename says:

    Get well soon..and give us a glimpse of your new place in your next entry !!!

  15. wend says:

    hi ringo,

    perhaps sometimes you used too much of the floor detergent? After mopping with the floor detergent, let it dry for a while and re-mop with just water. I think it will be less stickier despite the extra work 🙂

    get well soon

  16. Cecilia says:

    Hey Cheesy, sorry I don’t know your name … I’m apologize for what Gemma said to you yesterday … she’s my house mate and we’re both animal lovers – I guess that is how she got agitated by your comment… :0/

    Now that I think of it — I guess she was the one who bookmarked your page! Lol, I was thinking to myself, who in the house bookmarked it!!

    Ah, if you have times … I do have a (vegan) blog myself … check it out if you want to – it’s not that great!! ;0)

  17. cheesie says:

    idowantobenamed: ok i think bout that!
    wend: i very kiam one, i put very little only!
    Cecilia: lol no worries! I was just very curious. 🙂 You can call me Cheesie la it’s fine. Cheers.

  18. green_racoon says:

    hehehe…..yea..am sick also..

    boxes and boxes of tissue on my office table…somore kenot stop coughing :'(

  19. Kev. says:

    Woah… if you promise to wear your french maid costume, sit there and look pretty; i’ll help you clean your house. :p Anyway get better soon. Take care

  20. Ah Keong says:

    remember to post your picture with French Maid dress…… LOL

  21. VT says:

    hey i’ve been sicked for the last two weeks, flu-like symptoms with some infammation. blame it on the weather.

    btw, get well soon 😀

  22. UncleJosh says:

    hey hey… anyway of contacting you or something? >.

  23. Sugar says:

    we had heat wave in london during the last weekend and so many people got flu / fever coz they couldnt cope with the rare, hot weather…

    it was as hot as 28’c!!!

    beh… i bet they will become dry meat instantly if they goes to malaysia…

  24. Simon Seow says:

    My puppy is sick. Have been vomiting worms yesterday. I think it’s time to get him to the vet for de-worming and vaccination.

  25. Calvin says:

    im going for the chelsea match as well, driving from kuantan at 4.30pm (sigh, cannot take leave. sick oso work)……oso infected with flu, cough, sore throat and fever. seemed like the virus infected most chelsea supporters….arsenal/liverpool fans…you all bomoh us or wat? but wth!….chelsea is here. im gonna have drogba and terry sign on my ass cheeks…lol. cheers and god bless…..

  26. mr.bbq says:

    am going to chelsea match too! hope to see you guys there 😀

  27. Spectre says:

    Whoah,lot like nearly everyone (me included) is sick .Solution,follow doctor advice for lot’sa R&R, takes your medicine on time and alway keep visiting cheeserland to stay in shape n healthy.

    PS: Ringo, you should outsource house cleaning duties lol?

  28. cheesie says:

    spectre: i damn hope i can! lol. ANyone interested?

  29. Huai Bin says:

    Since you’re starting up The Wardrobe again, what do you think about the suggestion I put forth? 😉

  30. cheesie says:

    Huai Bin: !! Hush hush! Cannot tell anyone!

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